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Zombie Exodus Ativador Download [cheat]

Zombie Exodus Ativador Download [cheat]

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About This Game

Could you survive a zombie apocalypse?

"Zombie Exodus" is a thrilling 750,000-word interactive survival-horror novel by Jim Dattilo, where your choices control the story. It's entirely text-based--without animation or sound effects--and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

It starts with a daring escape from your zombie-infested city, and it ends at Zombie Exodus, when a horde of zombies swarms outlying settlements like locusts.

Will you be a soldier, athlete, carpenter, minister, or scientist? Play as male or female, gay or straight, and even find romance in the post-apocalypse.

Are you ready for Zombie Exodus? 7aa9394dea

Title: Zombie Exodus
Genre: Indie, RPG
Hosted Games
Hosted Games
Release Date: 4 Dec, 2011


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Fantastic game!. It's just good.. A really really good text based "Choose Your Own (survival) Adventure".

First chapter didn´t impress me that much but hot damn IT GETS SO GOOD. I LOVE IT.
That said if you aren´t into reading this isn´t your game honey.

First CYOA of my library I actually felt I MUST recommend.. Better gameplay and a far better story than ZombiU, Dead State & other high profile zombie games out there, so yeah this game rules!!!

The narrative really makes you feel like you are there from the thrill and the dread of fighting the undead to the desperation and accomplishment of surviving in a world full of danger and uncertainty, the companionship and drama of the day to day amongst your fellow survivors and of course the excitment of new found love and friendship.. 9/10

Excellent read, and great if you are familiar with and like other Choice of / Hosted titles. Zombie Exodus is definitely one of the longer ones with 5 different parts and many different endings. The characters are interesting, and it is easy to become attached or even hate some of them. There's a good amount of customization for your character and 4 different romance options. How you treat your fellow survivors can make them like you, respect you or even hate you, which alters the story in different ways. There's a lot of death (as to be expected in a zombie survival story), which can be quite sad, but it is not a scary read pretty much at all if you are worried about that. Maybe a little creepy at best in some instances.

The only real negative is that I wish you could save whenever you wanted or that when you accidentally die, you would restart right before that decision. There was a certain section where I couldn't figure out what to do and kept dying. As a result, I had to restart the chapter over and over again which became extremely frustrating. Do not let this deter you from trying this one out, however, as if you reach a part you can't get past, there are many guides to this game online.. FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!

I love choose your own adventure, and consequence-based gaming... I also love a game that has the courage to stand on it's own without bells and whistles, or even graphics.... and this game would be GREAT in that regard...


NO SAVE FUNCTION!? IN 2016!? WHAT THE HELL IS THE DEVELOPER THINKING!? Sure, you can start the game in later chapters you've gotten to, but without the inventory you brought with you or any impact on your humanity carrying over... WHY HAVE A HUMANITY METER IF YOU CAN'T SAVE IT!?

As it stands, you have TWO OPTIONS to play this game (three if you decide to take a pass):
2) Disabuse yourself of the notion that many of the decisions you make are of any consequence (what equipment to choose, hard choices that effect your humanity) as that and who knows what else is swept clean every time you play.

I was so sad, almost horrified (and not in the way a zombie game should be) that something so lazy, so awful, should be visited on a game like this.

I want reading games, and choose your own adventure games to thrive... the one thing it doesn't need is POOR IMPLEMENTATION.

For shame. Was having a good time until I put it down, convincing myself "that CAN'T BE what they mean, that all your progress is deleted every time you restart) -- came back to see indeed the game delivers on an entirely different nightmare than promised, then I uninstalled.

To not implement a means to save progress in a game like this, on steam... is just disgusting and lazy. Even books have bookmarks. This game can't even be bothered to give you that.

Booooo. Booooo.

Boo.. The game is well worth the purchase price. I really enjoyed it's story and what it had to offer and it really had a good feeling of making your choices matter (although some people are just destined to die it seems).

Definitely check it out!. This game is exactly as it seems a novel where you make many of the choices. It is a great game. The only negative things that come to the mind are the few typos and it can be tiny bit bland at some points,. This was my 2nd choose your own adventure game. The story is long so has a lot of replayability with so many options.. As a writer myself, i commend these people!

This game is scary addicting, its impressively long. I am unsure how many different endings there are.

The characters are very well done! (Mindy is awesome), marathoned this game in a 6-8 hour session, will play again and again until i feel like ive gotten the most out of it! I think i found a new genre to immerse myself in.

If you enjoy reading, and zombies, give this a go...with the price it is, you really have nothing to lose!

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