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The (mis)adventures of Vinty, a nobody who thinks she's s 5d3b920ae0

Title: Without Within
Genre: Free to Play, Indie
Release Date: 22 Jan, 2015

English,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

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It's fun :d. Vinty has little motivation and even less money. She's late on her rent and no one is buying her calligraphy. There are five decision points in the story; choose to be lazy or selfish at any one of them and you're quickly sent to a screen that says "BAD END". But, if she perseveres and holds true to herself . . then the story abruptly ends anyway, about five minutes in. There's just no point to this story, and nothing to recommend it. The artwork is bland. It could at least have wrapped up with a feel-good ending, something nice happening to inspire Vinty and help her find a new direction for her life; but instead I can't decide whether the ending is a joke that doesn't work or the developer just got tired of the story. The funniest part of this is that there are prominent "Q.Save", "Q.Load", "Save", and "Load" buttons for a game that can be played through to the "good" end in less than five minutes and which can be clicked through to the end in less than fifteen seconds.. I really enjoyed this short little visual novel. The story was good and I like the art style. Artists will definitely appreciate the story.. Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it. - Lou Holtz Without Within is more of a short introduction rather than a full visual novel, to Vinty's story; and it is the first of InvertMouse's VNs that I've enjoyed. It has a charming narrative, and lets you decide whether you'd be interested in Vinty's journey in following games for yourself; since it is free. Well, here in this 20-minute narrative, you'll take a glimpse to Miss Vinty's life. One would like to say she is a calligrapher extraordinaire, but nope, she really is not. She is simply a young woman who tries to keep her dreams of becoming a world renown calligraphy artist alive, while she struggles to make ends meet. Her reality is full of responsibilities, harsh comments and random trolls, so she starts questioning what might be wrong about her luck. Is her work that awful, or is she doing something wrong? The game mostly consists of cartoony anime artwork and uplifting midi music as display. The narrative mainly relies on humor, pop culture references and a series of smart remarks as Vinty's own impressions; and before you can count to three, you finish the game. You are given choice options 5 time throughout the game, yet the right option is always more than obvious. The wrong choice will immediately roll the game to a bad end where you'll be explained that being a jerk never bear rewards; and the right option will make progress with the story. Oh, and the actual ending is another joke on poor Vinty's life. Is it extraordinary? Not really. Is it funny? Somewhat it is since it brings a smile or two on your face. Is it sincere? Yeah, and that is the charm of Without Within . Vinty's aspirations and her journey to become a famous calligrapher mirrors on the developer mostly. The game autocritiques on itself and its creator, revealing hardships of any kind of creative career in 21st century. It serves to be an honest, even self-mocking open letter about personal experience, a struggle between dreams and reality. Not for fabulous artworks or imaginative story, but for that, for the simple honesty of it, I loved Without Within . Well, I'm off to play the second part of this game, since it's 3rd installment is to hit Steam store in a couple weeks. Try this one for free and see for yourself.. pursue your goals even if you a trashcan

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