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VirtualHere For Steam Link Torrent Download [pack]

VirtualHere For Steam Link Torrent Download [pack]

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About This Software

VirtualHere allows you to use the XBox One Wireless Controller, steering wheels, microphone, headphones, flight sticks, PS3 controllers, bluetooth adapters, and many other USB devices directly on your Steam Link!

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VirtualHere improves the compatibility of most gaming controllers because it transmits the actual USB signal between the Steam Link and the remote pc. The remote PC thinks the gaming controller is local to it, whereas really its plugged into your Steam Link. VirtualHere uses the Steam Link network connection as a USB cable and you can share up to 3 devices at a time with VirtualHere 7ad7b8b382

Title: VirtualHere For Steam Link
Genre: Utilities
VirtualHere Pty. Ltd.
VirtualHere Pty. Ltd.
Release Date: 10 Jun, 2016


  • OS: Windows XP


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Don't expect too much of this software, but it does what is advertised. Made me finally get my mic working with my Steamlink. I've tried anything and everything to get it working, but after just buying VirtualHere and setting my Steamlink up with my USB Blue microphone, it just works. ++Review from me tbh.

P.S. Don't try to use this for your 'gaming' mouse btw, just plug that in regularly in your steamlink. If used through VirtualHere, it starts to have insane input lag. But for micorophones it's perfect.. Won't work. No support. Negative rating. Done.. This works perfectly on my system. I have the network going through a cheap router and powerline adapters and there is no problem whatsoever.. Hello fellow steam link users! Why would you need this software for your steam link?
Several reason here below.

1. ***TEAMSPEAK & other VOIP Support with connected headsets***
***Make Sure you choose your headsets as playback device In Windows***

2. Third Party Controller Support (Saiteks, Logitech 3D Pro, Ect)

3. Third Party Headset/Mic Support.

4. Valve taking too long to support these options, Virtualhere stepped up.

Teamspeak was good enough reason to justify the $20 pricetag for me, not to mention my controller hotkeys for voice activation works. I was stunned and excited that I can truly use my steam link to its full potention now!. It run so much better than the free version!
It used to lag all the time when playing graphic intensive games!

I launched the same game that I had the issues and everything seems fixed!
The price tag is really high but it the only option for me to play using a wireless xbox one controller.

. Surprise! It doesn’t work. Soooooo predictable Steam.. this is awesome. Using headphones, and joystick / throttle all on USB through steam link. amazing technology.. Didn't work quite as expected for me. I got my link a couple of years ago hoping to be able to link up my existing xb1 controllers to it and play away at my TV, turned out the link wouldn't accept the microsoft wireless adaptor. Fast forward to now, and VirtualHere would have you believe that they have the true answer to your prayers but by god it is a complete pain in the backside to use. Both from initial setup to each time you use it, it's a pain. Getting two controllers to work took forever and wouldn't be a simple thing to repeat each time I want to use it.
This setup is a lost cause and my steam link has gone nearly unused because of it.
VirtualHere is about half way there on solving the problem. Not enough to warrant the cost. I refunded.. So far works as advertised with my Xbox One Controller and the wireless adapter for it. I didn't experience any input lag as others have reported. I did have some initial difficulty setting everything up. When I first got this software, I had to wire the controller to select devices to be used with the virtual here program. After I unwired the controller though, the software didn't acknowledge my wireless adapter right away and I had to mess with the adapter and powering the controller on and off a few times to get it to work. So far no issues since then, but I will update further if I run into any.

Updated VirtualHere Client to 3.8.9:
Fixes an issue where an in-use gaming device may prevent windows from shutting down quickly. Updated VirtualHere to 4.5.4:
This should fix the Notification popup issue that people were reporting.. Updated client to 4.4.0:
Updated the virtualhere client to 4.4.0 this has a few minor fixes. VirtualHere now integrated with Steam Link Raspberry Pi build:
VirtualHere is now integrated into the Steam Link Raspberry Pi Edition.

So if you own VirtualHere already you have access to this platform now as well, (for no additional charge)

The Pi3 has a quad-core fast CPU and VirtualHere runs well on it.. Updated VirtualHere client to 4.5.2:
Update the virtualhere client to 4.5.2 which provides the following changes:

* Added ability to see latency graph
* Slightly improved performance
* Added fix to improve support for certain devices. Updated VirtualHere Client to 3.8.7:
I managed to reproduce a BSOD when disconnecting an xbox one wireless controller, so this update should fix this. Updated VirtualHere Client to 4.3.7:
This version has the following changes

1. Compatible with T300RS wheel
2. The virtualhere drivers are now Microsoft Quality Certified and signed with their certificate
3. Fixed a potential BSOD
4. Fixed an issue with microphone ghosting if the connection is dropped while recording
5. Pulled support for mac osx for the time being
. Updated client to 3.8.5:
This improves general stability and fixes an osx kernel panic in the osx client. Updated Virtualhere Client to 4.2.9:
Fixed support for microphones directly plugged into wired xbox controller

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