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About This Game

Your attention is invited to an exciting logical game about vampires, which will force you to make a lot of effort to pass difficult levels.


  • Logical game
  • Multiple levels
  • Interesting idea
  • Many achievements
  • Suitable for children

Have you ever wanted to watch how vampires hunt their victims? To take part in this difficult process for the purpose also it's necessary to solve logic problems? If so, then you are interested in the correct game. After all, here you have to solve difficult puzzles about how to get to the victim, you do not have to be trapped yourself, have time to eat before competitors this may not be so easy as it seems at first glance, go through many levels and infect the vampirism of all potential victims!


Title: Vampires!
Genre: Casual, Indie
For Kids
For Kids
Release Date: 6 Oct, 2017


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Core2Duo
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD2000
  • Storage: 600 MB available space
  • Sound Card: any

English,French,Italian,German,Greek,Simplified Chinese,Portuguese,Russian,Turkish,Japanese

Fun little quick game. Took about a 1\/2 hour to beat and get all achievements. Interesting idea. Has some nice rock \/ paper \/ scissors dynamics that make you think but over all it is not very hard. Has potientially to have some much more interesting and difficult levels but these levels, only about 3 actually challenged me.. It´s allright if you want somthing to do for up to 30min. Nice little game, easy 100%. Fine short game but again from this developer its overprice.. Simple game,simple mechanics.I like it. Overall 7/10.. Concise and straight to the point: this game is great, but I'm going for a negative review.
Well, it costs 2\u20ac, and it is the SAME game ripped off from Kongregate, where you can play it for free (it's called Vampire Physics there by the way).
I'm going a little bit into the details in reviewing this game, but I'm gonna keep the judgement negative since I'm playing something that I paid for and that I have already played lots of time being a 10-years Kongregate\/Flash user.
This game is one of those cut the rope\/physics Flash games, and in this case you'll control a vampire and you'll have to touch the humans in order to turn them into vampires; you'll have to cut ropes, time the cutting of the wooden blocks and so on even 'cos you'll have priests (here with some asset change but anyways) that will kill you and of course garlic to avoid, plus the moon which will cover\/uncover and trasform werewolves and other things you'll get in the game in case you'll buy it!
The game itself is nice; graphics look a little bit too "mobile-phone" but overall the physics and everything else runs ok.
But it's the same free game that eight years ago three developers freely created for Kongregate and other websites.
I don't know if these developers on Steam have only copied the asset, bought it, made graphics changes and so on - they added a translation which is full of errors from the first phrase both in Italian and French - but anyways, I'm feeling a little bit angry since I don't think it's ok to rip off completely a game that you can play for free on Flash websites with only changes in the graphics and little things here and there.
Back to the game, as I said you'll have lots of levels in which your vampire head\/ball will have to touch all the humans and it will require some skills and timing, it's a very nice kind of puzzle\/logic game.
But really, since the developers are completely different and it seems that here on Steam they just ported an asset and left everything as you can play for free, I would suggest you not to play this game but to go on Kongregate or ArmorGames or wherever you want and play through 50 free levels without spending 2\u20ac, since it's exactly the same; same mechanics, same enemies, same puzzles and so on.
I recognize that they have bought the asset from Unity3D and such but many levels are the exact same, just the graphics differs.
It's an unusual review for me since I usually take into account only the Steam experience of a player but 2\u20ac for a game that can be played for free without any kind of difference apart something in the graphics well, it has to be pointed out.
Nothing much to say apart from this, as I said already the game runs smoothly, the physics and the puzzles are nice, there's everything that I already played on Flash lots of years ago. If you buy this you'll surely do a good thing for your gaming experience since it's a nice physics\/logic game, but be aware that you can play this entirely for free on other websites and this bothers me a little bit.
Even if it's not against any law (I think, although the levels are literally the same so.. Idk) I don't like that much that you have to pay 2\u20ac\/$ for something that on another website you can have for free without any other benefit, it doesn't even have trading cards.. so, my negative review is just for everything I tried to explain. The game is good, but it's not for free and it's available for free (legitimately of course, not through emulation or Idk what) under the name Vampire Physics on lots of other websites.. and to be a little bit fussy, this one doesn't even have R for restart as the Flash versions which is something quite mandatory in physics\/puzzle games. Anyways, hoping to have made something good as always for other players, keep it up :). It's a quick, cute little game. Definitely not a unique experience; you can find similar (and, honestly, better) games for free on the internet if you're interested.

DEFINITELY recommend for achievement hunting. There are almost 50 in-game achievements and they're all incredibly easy to do.

The mechanics are a bit clumsy. I got past a couple levels using actions and glitches that I don't think the creators intended for me to use. It also has the unfortunate feature of *telling* you that you passed a level but not allowing you to move to the next one if something happens to your vampires after you pass.

All in all, not bad for the 50 cents I spent on it but not anything special.

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