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Total War: WARHAMMER - The King And The Warlord Download For PS4

Total War: WARHAMMER - The King And The Warlord Download For PS4

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About This Content

The King & The Warlord is the second Lords Pack for Total War: WARHAMMER. Bolstering the forces of both The Greenskins and The Dwarfs, it introduces famous rival characters, new iconic units and new battle maps from the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles to your Grand Campaigns and Custom/Multiplayer battles.

Two new Legendary Lords…
…with new quest chains, magic items and skill trees
Two new additional Lord types
Six all-new battlefield units
22 all-new elite Regiments of Renown

The time is nigh for Clan Angrund to reclaim Karak Eight Peaks from the Grobi despoilers! Belegar Ironhammer, clan leader and direct descendant of King Lunn, the last Dwarf to rule the ancestral hold, has inherited a bitter legacy of hatred and resentment. Even now he marshals his throng, making ready to strike out from Karak Izor. With the spirits of his fabled ancestors returned to fight by his side, Belegar will see his oaths fulfilled, and pass into legend himself.

Meanwhile Skarsnik, the self-proclaimed Night-Goblin warlord of Karak Eight Peaks, has taken leave of the hold. On a squig-hunting excursion in the Grey Mountains east of Brettonia, he operates from his base at Karak Azgaraz when word reaches him of Belegar’s intent. Worse still, the tricksy Goblins minding Karak Eight Peaks have taken the hold in defiance of Skarsnik’s iron will. Intolerable, sneaky, mutinous gits!

Two legends, then: both hell-bent on claiming the ancient Dwarf-Hold for themselves. Their destinies entwined, The King and the Warlord must face one another in a final, desperate battle to determine the true ruler of Karak Eight Peaks.

New Legendary Lords

Belegar Ironhammer, True King of The Eight Peaks

Ancestral heir of Karak Eight Peaks, King Belegar has a terrible and glorious destiny to fulfil. He has sworn an oath to reclaim the fallen Dwarf Hold from the Greenskin usurpers, despite the mountainous odds he faces.

Karak Eight Peaks represents more than Belegar’s birthright however. In terms of prestige and wealth it is second only to Karaz-a-Karak itself, and if Belegar can reclaim it in the name of Clan Angrund, he will gain access to the ancestral tombs and the rich trove of ancient and powerful rune-weapons which lies within…

Unique start-position
Belegar begins the Grand Campaign with ownership of the walled settlement of Karak Izor in Border Princes territory.

Campaign bonuses
When chosen to lead a Grand Campaign, Belegar begins play with the spirits of his Ancestors as his companion Heroes. King Lunn The Ironhammer (Thane), Halkenhaf Stonebeard (Thane), Dramar Hammerfist (Master Engineer) and Throni Ironbrow (Runesmith) are Ethereal Heroes, with all the benefits the Ethereal trait provides.

Belegar gains early access to the new Dwarf Rangers through the Ranger Outpost building. He also has the Siege Attacker trait, enabling him to attack walled cities without building siege equipment first. Until he captures Karak Eight Peaks however, Belegar suffers increased unit upkeep costs to his army.

Belegar may embark on quests to attain his two legendary items, The Shield of Defiance, and the powerful ancestral rune-weapon The Hammer of Angrund.

Skarsnik, Warlord of The Eight Peaks

Skarsnik is the chieftain of the Crooked Moon Tribe, and is widely acknowledged as the most powerful Night Goblin in the World’s Edge Mountains. This reputation was earned through devious machinations, relentless spite, and a wholesale brutality rare even among his pernicious race.

A vicious melee fighter in his own right, what makes him truly formidable is his favoured pet, the Giant Cave Squig Gobbla. The beast’s colossal teeth and voracious appetite make it a horrifying spectacle on the battlefield; to Gobbla, enemy units are as much a perambulating smorgasboard as a physical foe.

Unique start-position
Skarsnik begins in Karak Azgaraz in the West Grey Mountains, having left Karak Eight Peaks to go Squig hunting.

Campaign bonuses
When chosen to lead a Grand Campaign, Skarsnik begins play with his vicious Giant Cave Squig Gobbla, who never leaves his side, and a Goblin Big Boss hero. Skarsnik also has unique skills which buff Goblin units, bring reduced upkeep costs for Goblin units, and his particularly sneaky nature means his Heroes’ actions cost less and garner greater experience gains.

Skarsnik can only recruit Orcs in Karak Eight Peaks however, which he must first recapture from mutinous elements of his tribe.

Skarsnik may embark upon a quest for his legendary weapon, Skarsnik’s Prodder. This vicious, halberd-style weapon is capable of unleashing an area-affect burst of powerful magic missiles.

New Lords

Dwarfen Runelords are among the most skilled practitioners of the Runic Arts. As they lead their armies into battle, they call upon the power of these runes to invigorate friendly units and hinder their foes. Runelords also have access to a new mount; at level 6, they may unlock and ride The Anvil of Doom into battle. This unique chariot empowers the Runelord’s runic abilities and increases his damage resistance.

Night Goblin Warboss
Spiteful, conniving and capricious, Night Goblin Warbosses can unlock unique skills which enhance the capabilities of Goblin, Night Goblin and Squig units, and imbue their entire army with poison attacks. At level 12, they can be mounted on Great Cave Squigs, providing the Warboss with greater damage resistance, speed and attack power.

New units

Crooked Moon

Squig herd
War beasts, Anti-infantry, Vanguard Deployment

Found in the caves deep beneath the World’s Edge Mountains, Squigs are improbable beasts. Part fungus and part flesh with spheroid bodies and a hopping gait, one might view them from a distance as comical. In close proximity however, they are anything but. As their beady eyes fasten on a target, they bound forward pell-mell, opening their gaping maws to reveal row upon row of dagger-like teeth. Prodded into battle by their Night Goblin herders, they make a swift and vicious anti-infantry force.

Night Goblin Squig Hoppers
Cavalry, anti-infantry, Vanguard Deployment, Poison Attacks

It takes a particularly unhinged individual to leap atop a Squig and ride it into battle. Fortunately, this is a defining characteristic of Night Goblins. Goaded onward by their squawking, cackling riders, such Squigs are driven at breakneck speed – swifter than their unsaddled counterparts – and consequently strike with renewed ferocity.

Nasty Skulkers
Sneaky infantry, Vanguard Deployment, Stalk, Armour Piercing

Nobody skulks like a Goblin, and the Nasty Skulkers are the very skulkiest. Armed with razor-sharp daggers, they sneak deep into the field before a battle and lie in wait. When the time is right, they leap out and strike, causing lethal armour piercing damage before scurrying away under a confounding cloud of smoke. It’s all too easy to dismiss the average goblin as a spineless wretch, but when a Nasty Skulker springs from nowhere to land on your shoulders, it’s enough to challenge your assumptions… should you survive the encounter.

Clan Angrund

Rangers (upgradeable with Great Weapons)
Ranged/melee, fast, Vanguard Deployment, can Stalk

The long-range eyes and ears of a Dwarf Throng, Rangers are accustomed to operating alone, often deep in enemy territory. Expert crossbowmen, they make superb ambushers – waiting patiently for the enemy to manoeuvre into their firing lines before letting fly with a cloud of thudding bolts. Should the enemy draw close, they are well-drilled melee combatants too, especially when armed with Great Weapons.

Bugman’s Rangers
Ranged/melee, fast, Vanguard Deployment, can Stalk Eternal vengeance-seekers for the destruction of their master’s fabled brewery, these veteran warriors often arrive unannounced before a battle to bear grim tidings, before joining the Throng for the fight ahead. They are peerless Rangers in their own right, though the unit never travels without the fortifying power of Bugman’s most potent brews. Such liquid fortification can transform their fighting abilities.

Bolt Thrower
Field artillery, armour-piercing

Tried and true, many clans still employ the Bolt Thrower, a war machine the Dwarfs have used since the days of the Ancestor Gods. Essentially oversized crossbows, they are accurate and reliable, hurling massive, razor-sharp bolts capable of piercing even the toughest armour.

New Unique building Chain

The settlement of Karak Eight Peaks offers a unique Karak Eight Peaks building chain, the benefits of which differ depending on whether it is captured by Clan Angrund or The Crooked Moon Tribe.

If built by Clan Angrund, the benefits are as follows:
  • Level 1 focuses on making Karak Eight Peaks more defensible, giving unit stat bonuses when under siege.
  • Level 2 focuses on rebuilding the Karak, giving large public order bonuses, unit experience for various units and reductions in corruption.
  • Level 3 marks the recovery of the Ancestor Tombs, and supplies Ancestor Weapons for military units in nearby provinces, imbuing them with magical attacks. Level 3 also ramps up unit experience and public order bonuses.

If built by The Crooked Moon Tribe, the benefits are as follows:
  • Level 1 focuses on making Karak Eight Peaks unassailable, as The Tribe expects Clan Angrund to attempt to retake it. This confers a massive siege holdout time bonus and zero attrition suffered during sieges.
  • Level 2 confers Obedience bonuses to the region and enhances unit experience for Goblins.
  • Level 3 gives starting-level bonus experience to heroes, global experience gains for all units and reduces Dwarf morale in surrounding regions.

New Dwarf Building Chain

Ranger Outpost (T1) -> Ranger Barracks (T3)
The Ranger chain initially provides recruitment of crossbow-wielding rangers, and later, Rangers armed with Great Weapons, and the elite Bugman’s Rangers.

New Dwarf Techs
Vanguard Proficiency: improves melee defence and speed for Ranger units
Rat Poison: reduces factionwide corruption, improves income from mines and quarries, and keeps fabled ‘man-sized rats’ at bay

New Greenskin Building

Squig Cages (T3)
The new Squig Cages building enables recruitment of Squig Herds and Night Goblin Squig Hoppers.

New techs
Squig Ridin’: in concert with the Squig Cages building, unlocks recruitment of Night Goblin Squig Hoppers.

Regiments of Renown

These are elite units – legendary within the annals of the Old World – whose statistics are much-improved over those of their standard counterparts. They can be unlocked for recruitment when the Lord under your command has attained the sufficient skill level, and are instantly recruited from the special Regiments of Renown recruitment menu into his army. In this respect they differ from standard units, which spend at least one turn in the recruitment queue.

Alongside enhanced stats and top-tier (level 9) veterancy, each Regiment of Renown also has one or more special abilities its standard-roster counterpart does not.


Ulthuar’s Rangers (Rangers w/Great Weapons)
Decreases enemy missile deflection and resistance

Peak Gate Guard (Hammerers)
Magic attacks, Immune To Psychology, Sunder Armour

Gob-Lobber (Grudge Thrower)
Enhanced Morale, reduces target Morale on impact, screaming Goblin ammo

Skyhammer (Gyrobomber)
multiple bombs per drop

Ekrund Miners (Miners w/Blasting Charges)
Frenzy, increased Blasting Charge ammo

Warriors of Dragonfire Pass (Dwarf Warriors)
Anti-infantry, Flaming Attacks

The Skolder Guard (Irondrakes)
Armour Piercing projectiles, Physical Resistance

Norgrimling’s Ironbreakers (Ironbreakers)
Vanguard Deployment, Immune To Psychology, increased unit size

Dragonback Slayers (Slayers)
Charge Defence, Physical Resistance, Fire Resistance, reduces targets speed, increases target flammability

The Old Grumblers (Longbeards w/Great Weapons)
AOE ally Fatigue augment


Da Rusty Arrers (Night Goblin Archers)
Armour sundering ranged attacks, Poison melee attacks

Moon-Howlers (Goblin Wolf Riders)

Deff Creepers (Goblin Spider Riders)
Regeneration, Stalk

Teef Robbers (Goblin Wolf Chariot)
Vanguard Deployment, Hide In Forest

Morgrub’s Mangy Marauders (Goblin Wolf Archers)
Immune to psychology, Armour-piercing projectiles

Hammer Of Gork (Goblin Rock Lobber)
Debuff to target’s Missile Accuracy Melee Defence and Melee Attack, Poison Attacks)

Durkit’s Squigs (Night Goblin Squig Hoppers)
Missile Resistance

Da Eight Peaks Loonies (Nigh Goblin Fanatics)
Unbreakable, Dwarf-on-a-chain!

Broken Tusks Mob (Orc Boar Boy Big ‘Uns)
Armoured, Encourage

Krimson Killerz (Black Orcs)
Anti-Infantry, dual-wielding Great Weapons, AOE attacks

Da Warlord’s Boyz (Night Goblins)
Immune To Psychology, Sunder Armour

Venom Arachnarok Queen (Arachnarok Spider)
Can summon spider hatchlings unit to battle b4d347fde0

Title: Total War: WARHAMMER - The King and the Warlord
Genre: Action, Strategy
CREATIVE ASSEMBLY, Feral Interactive (Linux), Feral Interactive (Mac)
SEGA, Feral Interactive (Linux), Feral Interactive (Mac)
Total War, Warhammer
Release Date: 20 Oct, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7 64Bit
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 3.0Ghz
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Graphics: (DirectX 11) AMD Radeon HD 5770 1024MB | NVIDIA GTS 450 1024MB | Intel HD4000 @720P
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 35 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: *PC Integrated graphics chipsets require 4 GB RAM, e.g. Intel HD series.


Squiggs, that is all i have to say. Really enjoing this so far. Always wished for greensking armies based around goblins but it was so cost-inefective compared to regular ork armies that I gave up.
This though with their bonusses to goblins finnaly made them worthwhile.

I see this more as adding new race - Goblins - to the game because honestly who of you fielded goblin based armies when playing as Greenskin when you had option to go for orcs.

And boy, are these goblins hilarious. Squigs for days! Goblins on squigs for days!. Ok here my review\/ opinion on this DLC. i based my review on the normal grand campaign.i finished Clan Angrund and i am currently finishing Crooked Moon.

Like all my reviews its long, but detailed the best as i can described i am goind to compare this whit the Grim and the Grave(for this purpose it will abreviated as Grim\/grave) since its the most similar DLC.

Ok ,for this DLC you will get units of Renown for Greenskins and Dwarfs also you will get 2 new legendary Heroes Skarnick and Belegar Iron Hammer same as grim\/grave but additionally each have their own campaigns as a separate factio this is where the value truly shines and it content is more than Grim\/Grave DLC and the Chaos DLC ill explain whti detail below.

It also adds new units to the exisiting factions of Greenskins and Dwarfs.

The unique thing about this DLC is that unlike previous DLC (grim\/grave) the new Lords start in different locations than their parent company and play differently and dont have access to the rest of the Legendary Heroes of the parent faction unless you confederate, both factions have heavy penalty on them beacuse they dont hold Karak Eight peaks. the main difference is that you need to retake Karak Eigh Peaks which in turn eliminates their penalty.ill explain below

New Units, 3 for the GS 2 for the Dwarfs. and one new lord for each faction. i wont explainthis beacuse it says on the DLC description.

Penalty- you dont hold Karak Eight peaks you suffer 50% upkeed to units if you dont hold Karak Eight peaks. very harsh but a fun challenge at least to me since Dwarfs were to damn easy due to their quality troops combined whit their various economic Upgrades.

Unique bonus- You start whit 4 Etheral(cause fear and almost inmmune to physical damage and they dont break) Dwarfs heroes 2 thanes, 1 engenier, 1 runelord these heroes are etheral which they cannot die only by ONE WAY and that is if the army is eliminated that its attached to it will die, also they dont cost upkeep. take care of them well once dead you cannot recruit them back and they are KEY to make bearable Clan Angrund 50% upkeed.these faction also has bonus the new units Rangers.

Penalty- NO ORKS ,only Goblin until karak eight speaks is captured. even then you will get a unique building that lets you recruit Orks only on Karak Eight Peaks and by levels each level unlocks a new Ork unit. be warned these levels are expensive an take a lot of time so even them you will play whit Orks very late.

Unique Bonus- you start whit a goblin big boss hero,they have cheap recruitment and cheaper upkeep on goblin units only normal goblinsGobs,Gobs, archers, Gob Wolf rider, Gob Wolf Archer. i love playign whit goblins so to me this factions was the most fun of the two. but in late game makes it very difficult to fight Chaos thats where it get intesresting and hard. your two banes in this faction are the Chaos Warriors and the Dwarfs Gobs are awesome to me but they lack againts armored units. this factions requires you to play more whit tactics and make the most out of your gobs.

Even if you dont play much whit Greenskisn and Dwarfs i recommend you get it, beacuse you have 2 different way of playing one of the main factions.

And for Greenskins and Dwarfs players i highlty recommend it for 8$ it pack a lot of content compared whit the Grim\/ of the best DLC so far released.


TIPS FOR THE NEW FACTIONS- i do this beacuse many of the newer players found it hard and i want them to ease into it.

CLAN ANGRUND-Here is what worked for me .
1- Research quickly all economic\/ public order bonuses firts.
2- Make a Thane Hero scout, and so you can meet factions and make trade agreements you will need it. the other thane for public order, the Runelord attach to Belegar army. the Engeneir deploy on the settlements you want to build since he efforts a discount.
3- makes friednship and trade agrements BUT not military alliance whit nearby dwarfs you cant to confederate whit them.
3- Quickly take the rest of your providence from the nearby Broken Nose Greenskins.
4- Make your firts providence into a military providence whit some economic buildings,keep your army very small only one army for now.
5-quickly take out crooked moon in the east and take its providence once you take it turn it into your Economic providence whit WALLS. if it Skarnicks takes the providence to the east you will have problems, he can spawn 3 fully stackked goblin army that cause a lot of trouble.
7- try to confederate by now the nearby Karak Hirn dwarfs to the west the one whit the green rune flag and eliminate the one settlement green skin. turn that providence into economic providence whit now ill be easier.
8- By now you can field a CHEAP second army and open some research on military.
6- Dont make lot of enemies, 2 enemies max.
7- Dont let Grudges pile up it will be a nightmare lot of rebellions.
8- you can leave the cheap army home if you have lot of rebellions, if not take it whit you on the next step.
9-by now you can cross the sea and take the Ekrund providence to the west and turn the entire providence into a military walled settlement that will be your beach point to take Karak Eight Peaks.
10-take Karak Eigth peaks by now you can play however you want.
12- When chaos message appear leave and army on your home providences as defence.

CROOKED MOON-i havent finished yer but there only one terrain left.
1-Quickly take the firts providence this wil be your home, turn it into a military providence and walled it.
2-send your Goblin big boss to scout and isolated GS tribes like the Red Eye tribe to the far west near the vampire counts. it tend to confederate quickly and then make contact whit the Skullsmahers in the far east near Brettonia
3-Since goblins are cheap spawn armies up to 3.early game is no problem for you expand quickly one army to the Empire and the 2 to retake the Karak Horn setlements.
4-Dont let The Empire gain ground defeat their early armies and raze their setlements for money. leave altdorf alone by that time they will be seriuosly weak and likely sue for peace later.
5-Quickly go for Angrund take him out as fast as you can.this providence turn it into military since Estalia and border princes tend to attack.
5-move into Karak Hirn if you are at war whit them already when you take it turn it into a Economic providence.
6- By now confederate Red eye that pace is rich turn it into walled Economic providence the army you will adquire for them use it to put out rebellions this wil be yoru cash cow.if Spider venom is not done declare war on then or confederate. you can also confederate
7-When you ahve yoru home providences secure(Black mountains,the vaults,souther grey mountains) like take the western badlands and turn that whole providence into military buildings especially Ekrund where you can spawn much needed Savage Orks agaitns the Dwarfs.
8- Unlike Angrund if your tatcics are good you dont Karak Eight peaks that much, you can take that time to try and eliminate Dwarfs they will make your life imposible make friends whit Greenskins and help them out since you have gobs only.later squash Green skins truste me they are easier to deal whit than Dwarfs.
9- chaos comes that when it gets hard if they target you. units cuase fear and are armoured but your units are cheaper and you can wither the enemy ina defensive war. leave 2 armies in yoru Home prodividences.they will rarely attack the Badlands firts.

Other TIPS for Crooked moon
1- Use Skulkers(must have) Night goblin Fanatics,Spider Riders, Aracnnoks ,Giants,trollss and catapults. againts Chaos and Dwarfs.
2- Normal Gobs,Gobs archers,Wolf Riders, againts Empires providences, Estalia, Tilea, Brettonia other Greenskins.. Good DLC. Aside of all the new cool Lords, Heroes, Units and re-skins one of the most important part is better objective\/quest system.
Previously quests were simple: move character to such area or win this battle. However, now you have to actually think how to achieve objective: Conquer Karak Eight Peaks. You have so many choice at your starting location, have to think about strategic decisions: conquer nearby enemies or try straight run for the Karak Eight Peaks. Weaken your future opponents or make allies with them. Tully wish all future DLCs will have such path - with a goal in the end, but total freedom on the way to it.. Adds more than 8 hours of play value. Worth the price.

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