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Toast Time Torrent Download [License]

Toast Time Torrent Download [License]

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About This Game

Toast Time is a throwback to the golden age of video games where old-school homebrew titles fused arcade action with a distinctly British sense of humour.


An appetising arena shoot-em-up garnished with tower-defence elements and served warm with awesome-sauce (probably syrup).

Inter-dimensional time-blob beasties have sailed the cosmos in pursuit of spare time, and now they've found it, tasted it, on an idyllic Monday morning.

Assume the role of TERRY (toast-ejecting recoil & reload system), a humble and solitary toaster with an uncontrollable love for English breakfasts, hats and scheduling.

Click to launch toast, crumpets and magnitudes of other breakfast paraphernalia at the beasties. Bounce around and crush them with your hot metallic mass. Tip over bins, and use the environments to your advantage. Drink a little coffee and go a little crazy. Do everything it takes to defend toast time – you are Monday morning's final hope. Have your toast and eat it.

Feature List:

  • 54 action-packed missions.
  • 16 exciting bread-based weapons.
  • Iron man survival mode & bonus COFFEE TIME mode.
  • Loads of colourful hats and customisations.
  • Addictive and original gameplay mechanics.
  • Steam Achievements, Leaderboards, Stats, Cloud Save & Trading Cards.
  • Super-slick audio and calibrated soundtrack -- each level has its own piece of music.

Title: Toast Time
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Strategy
Force Of Habit
Force Of Habit
Release Date: 27 Aug, 2014


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It's pretty good. 10\/10 Would bread again.. You like toast, right? You wake up in the morning, pop your bread in the toaster. Maybe put a spread of some kind on it.

Well too bad! Minions are here to ruin your breakfast.
Are you going to let that happen?

Fight back with your 8-bit toaster oven!
Outfit him with unlocked hats and clothing! (I prefer the Monocle and Top Hat)
Shoot toast like projectiles at various baddies!
Break crates to get awesome power ups!
Upgrade your bread to exploding bagels, rapid fire english muffins, or the fire baguettes like missles!
Prevent the enemy from reaching the alarm clock!
SAVE YOUR BREAKFAST!!!. I always wanted to be a british-humored toaster! So this game exists. 9.6\/10. A enjoyable minigame, where mechanics are based on inertia and tower defense. You are a little toaster that must defend a clock from some... lemons? garlic? (i don't know) until the clock discharges its power.

Something tells me this game is focused to use with a touch pad, but anyway, i did'nt find it very annoying to use with the mose.

The "8-bit" like music is catchy and changes very often in the game.

For me, is not worth $5 dolars, but for a $1.25 is worthy to try something diferent. At least 20 minutes of enjoyment.. Are you a toaster? Are you out of bread? Fear not, this game will exceed you needs for toast. Imagine a caffeine addict on drugs shooting breadcrumbs at little things that try to touch your clock while shooting himself around by the recoil.. Are you a toaster? Are you out of bread? Fear not, this game will exceed you needs for toast. Imagine a caffeine addict on drugs shooting breadcrumbs at little things that try to touch your clock while shooting himself around by the recoil.. 10\/10 Would bread again.. I like breakfast. 10\/10

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