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Ride out into the Old West as a U.S. marshal in the biggest interactive novel ever made!

Tin Star is an interactive western mystery novel where your choices 5d3b920ae0

Title: Tin Star
Genre: Indie, RPG
Hosted Games
Hosted Games
Release Date: 21 Feb, 2014


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I loved this CYOA story. The characters felt real, the plots were interesting and in depth and didn't feel like a bunch of tropes. I felt like I had choice in the game, and that my personality was truly up to me. I felt heartwarmed at points and when it ended I even felt a little sad to say goodbye to the characters and their stories. Also has a mouse you can keep as a pet.. This is one of the few reviews I've actually written. Tin Star is superbly written, emotionally engaging, and demands the player consider his actions accordingly due to the severe consequences of going "Rambo". I deeply enjoyed playing this interactive storytelling game. If you're sick of flat, two dimensional characters from the triple A series, give this a whirl.. Firstly I would like to note that I stumbled opon this Game out of chance from pure bordom seeking a new game worthy pf a dollar or two, Tin Star blew my mind and exeeds all expectations promiced by the develiper, not only did Tin Star keep me on my toes it made me second guess my decisions and disscuss my last chapter to my partner long after I completed said Chapter, Tin Star invigorates your imagination and allows you to fully immerse yourself in an 1866? World. I support Special Needs Kids and I have given the rains to a few children who don't particulary enjoy reading, with a little assistance they as I do love the book and the story that begins to unfold by the thought of your decisions. I know I am Rambling never the less I love this Tec Baised Game 10 Polished Tin Stars out of 10 Dead Raiders.. Regerdless of the fact of how many words this game boats or how many times you can replay it, this game is not SIMPLY a game, it is a story, a novel with the aspects of a game, and it was and is beautiful every time you play through it, because you begin to become your character and embrace them, they stop reflecting you and you start reflecting them. Basically, buy the game, it's super amazing.. I've played a number of these text adventure games, and not just from Hosted. They've been somewhat of a passion of mine; the idea of controlling a story is a great one, and a text based game allows for more depth in every choice whereas other games may not. That being said, Tin Star is one of the greatest "choose your own adventure" games I have ever played. The claim that this game has over a million words sounds like there will be long, boring paragraphs of unnessesary flavor text, but that's not the case at all. Sure, the game can be long winded, but only when describing an important scene. Words aren't thrown about carelessly and are used to craft the expierence at nearly every turn. This game is long in the best way, always dropping new and intriguing characters and challenges for you to overcome as the Marshal of Lander County. It's great, and don't let that long word count put you off. There is a lot of GREAT content to be had here. That said, the story itself it stellar. Without spoiling much, you are the new Federal Marshal of Lander County, a wild western place out around Nevada. You will face a multitude of interesting problems, facing off with interesting villians, making great friends, battling the elements, and truly role-playing your own character. I'm serious when I say this is a true RPG. You create your own backstory and name; they don't make you play as a pre-existing character like some of them. You can be as mean or kind as you want, as persuasive, intimidating, or deceptive as you want. You can use your head, friends, or just your guns to overcome you problems. You have stats to level that affect things, hundreds of choices, big and small, that affect who you are, how people thinkg about you, and how the world changes. I have NEVER seen this much freedom in one of these games. Sure, the progression of the story is linear, as you will always face the same setpieces in the same order, but you have so much freedome when it comes to tackling everything. I mean, when dealing with potentially dangerous situations, you almost always have the option to just say "u2665u2665u2665u2665it" and pull your pistol and start shooting. You could talk everyone down, or try to, but why do that when your choice of four or five pistols is hanging on your hip? Hell, I'm fairly certain you can kill half the named characters in the game by just shooting them when you first meet, and I'm not talking about the bad guys! I can't recommend Tin Star enough if you are a fan of these games, and if you aren't a fan, this will make you one. Go play it, and become the sheriff you want to be. It's awesome.. I'm not one for novels and stories. I'm the person that prefers to watch movies instead. I would never have expected t enjoy this game so much. It looks so simple yet you can spend so much time on it. It's that 'choose your adventure' book you had as a kid with much more paths consequences and even stats. There's more RPG elements in this game than any game out nowadays that has an alignment system and is 100% story driven. Each action you take generally has a consequence and it'll put you into situations that will make you really ponder about how to go about things. The writing is also quite brilliant minus a few grammatical errors. 9/10 for a game like this. I would say this game is worth the full price tag, and you'd be a fool not to grab it when it's on sale if RPG is your thing.

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