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Throw Anything Activation Code [hacked]

Throw Anything Activation Code [hacked]

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About This Game

There is nowhere to run... and nowhere to hide as zombies climb up the walls hoping to satisfy their appetite for brains. The only way to survive: reload your guns, destroy all furniture in the room, grab them all, and throw anything you can find to take them down.. and we mean ANYTHING.
Face off against starving zombies in high-rise buildings across the globe in the VR action defense game, Throw Anything!

ㆍEnjoy laying waste to fully destructible environments!

ㆍThrow any object within reach – humans included!

ㆍTake on 6 challenging stages about to be overrun by the zombie horde!

ㆍDefeat 5 mid bosses and 6 powerful “main” bosses!

ㆍCollect ancient relics to save the world!

ㆍDefeat zombies and get powerful weapons as rewards!

ㆍTest your limits at various difficulty levels!

The mysterious “Scientist X” has decided to play God – conducting secret, forbidden experiments in secluded laboratories throughout the world.. To conquer whole world by spreading zombie virus using ubiquitous cube..

However, five scientist who oppose X's terrible plan divide ubiquitous cube into 5 pieces and hid throughout the world and enraged mystery Scientist X invades the world using zombies to find cube!

The world is quickly being overrun by these undead abominations – turning everyday peace into a never ending cycle of pain and suffering.

Get secret missions from Secret Delivery Agency (SDA) and collect cubes to save the world from zombie horde!


Title: Throw Anything
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Visual Light
Visual Light
Release Date: 26 Jul, 2018

English,French,German,Russian,Japanese,Traditional Chinese,Thai,Korean

This game has a lot of interesting ideas, but ultimately asks you to throw everything SO FAST that it's hard to enjoy it. While the game is certainly challenging in that regard, I never felt like I wanted to get better at it.

It also forces you to use about half of the playspace since the front half will be taken up by the zombies crawling up the wall and over your balcony. Makes for a cramp experience.

Every level has an NPC screaming at you to NOT throw ANYTHING, no matter how big, small or frequently you're throwing. It becomes grating fast.. I believe low-polygon have it's own feature such as well-matched sd character and unsubstantial saturation. Throw anything include all of them in VR!
Maybe the deduction point of this game is it's difficulty. I couldn't go more than stage 3. But time will solve this problem.. Maybe the graphic is not high-quality, but I like low-poly game!
The gameplay is much more fun than just watching.
When I kill multiple zombies at once, I feel relieve from stress.
Throw your NPC who disturbs you.
stage 3 was quite hard but I made it!
Wish there's item to kill multiple zombies at once such as bigger flamethrower
If you are good at VR game, try this!. This is one of the first VR games I've played, but it is really fun.
I had to get used to throwing things, but with some practice, it gets easier.
One thing I didn't like was when the zombies get real close to you, they almost completely block your view, but it's not a problem if you can keep them at bay! haha
Other than that, I really loved playing it. I especially liked the stage with many rifles because shooting is much easier for me than throwing and the guns are very accurate in this game.
I also like the visual style and speed of the game. The environments and characters are interesting and cool. The speed of the game is perfect. You never get bored while figuring out how to interact with your surroundings while keeping the zombies off your back.
There are plenty of things to figure out to keep you playing and coming back for more so replayability is good!
Overall, this is a fun game and I'd recommend it to anyone who has a VR set!

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