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Original Title: The Catwalk

Genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,Sci-Fi
































A mysterious wave is headed toward Enterprise. An alien shuttle warns the crew that the radiation will kill them and seeks shelter aboard ship. With only hours to prepare, ship's control is rerouted and Enterprise personnel take refuge in the highly-insulated, close-quartered catwalk. Soon it is discovered that the alien passengers are immune to the radiation and lied their way into hiding on Enterprise, which has been boarded and commandeered by aliens who assumed it to be abandoned.
After receiving a warning about a radioactive storm approaching Enterprise, the crew is forced to take shelter in the ship's catwalk.
In Catwalk, one of the more story-driven episodes of Enterprise's second season, the entire crew finds itself accompanying a small crew from an alien ship into one of Engineering's heavily shielded catwalks above the warpcore to ride out a radioactive storm which would - apparently - kill them all if they were directly exposed. Soon enough, aliens from the same species infiltrate the radiation-exposed portions of the ship.

Bottom-line: Archer and the crew must figure out a way to regain control of their ship.

Essentially, this is a subtle recycle of one of TOS' best episodes and a plot that was used in Voyager at least twice. Could have been much more interesting as a two-part arc. Why the first crew of aliens would be seeking protection from a storm which poses no threat to them is not examined, and it is not explained why Archer remains so trusting after having had problems with virtually every alien species he has encountered thus far (are we supposed to simply believe that the entire federation was completely naive before Kirk and Spock?) Captain Archer is advised by three aliens that a dangerous storm is heading toward The Enterprise and will reach the ship in a couple of hours. T'Pol confirms that the radiation would be lethal for the crew, and Trip proposes to use the shielded catwalk to lodge the crew and the aliens that asked for shelter for eight days. However it would be necessary to shutdown the reactor to decrease the ambient temperature and move the controls to the remote location. Without any other alternative, Archer accepts the proposal. Three days later, Trip finds that the Enterprise has been invaded by aliens that want to deplete the ship.

"The Catwalk" is a good episode, where Archer and the crew need to retrieve the command of the Enterprise in a very dangerous situation. T'Pol in the end fraternizes with the rest of the crew, I am not sure whether following orders or feeling the need of sharing her attention with the other humans. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "A Passarela" ("The Catwalk")

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