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Welcome to The Happy Hereafter, a casual sim in which you guide the ne 5d3b920ae0

Title: The Happy Hereafter
Genre: Casual, Strategy
Alawar, Mirball Games
Buka Entertainment
Release Date: 2 Oct, 2013


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics:


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The Happy Hereafter is essentially Virtual Villagers - Lite set in Halloween Town. Don't get me wrong, it's a good game on its own. But there are a few lacking components and bugs that make it not as impressive as other similar titles in the genre. For starters, it's incredibly short. So short, that I finished it in two nights. If you follow the quest order you can probably get another hour or so out of it, but that isn't a good thing. There are a lot of stretches of time where you're doing nothing but waiting. It certainly isn't as long or as tedious as Facebook games, but it lacks item collection or achievements like Virtual Villagers to help pass the time. If I had known from the start to improve resource gathering facilities the second the tech was available, I probably could have shaved off almost another hour of play. Second, the bugs. And there are more than a few that can be annoying, if not progress slowing. On occasion there are times where villagers stop gathering from resources at the bottom of the map. While it makes sense for them to stop gathering when a resource has run dry and is in the process of regenerating, they don't always stop for this reason. I found myself at the start of the game constantly having to reassign someone to harvest wood at trees because they just decided to stop working after collecting one load. With a little luck I was able to get them to automatically harvest, as they are supposed to, but it did get annoying and tedious, especially at the start when you are entirely reliant on these nodes for resources. Another bug that is annoying, but not game breaking in any way, re units sliding around or getting stuck on decorations. Sometimes when you tell a unit to harvest something, it will show the gathering animation but they will slide all the way back to the town square. This doesn't prevent them from completing their job, but it is annoying. Also, idle units have a habit of getting stuck under things. Benches, lights, buildings. It is easily fixed by picking them up and telling them to do something, and doesn't harm your production since they were idle, but it is another minor annoyance that one would think could be easily fixed. The characters are interesting and it's obvious that a great deal of effort was put into their creation, but they are sadly under-utilized. Each character has one, maybe two quest chains, that are incredibly short, and then they are never used again. The mermaid has I think 3 or 4 quests, spread across two "chains." I say "chains" simply because the first chain has 2-3 quests for her and the second is a single quest given by the witch. Once completed you will never see her again. It's sad to see detailed characters and environments used so sparingly. Ultimately, I have to say this game is a "Pass." While it can be fun, for its length, bugs, and simple play-style, there are just better games of the same genre. At sale price, it was a nice distraction; at full price it would still be ok, but for a few dollars more you can get similar games with more depth and over-all entertainment.. Definately worth the dollar I paid for it! It's a cute game, and the environment and sounds make it easy to play from beginning to end. I found it easy on the head. Ya know those times when you just wanna chill out, but not play anything intense. this is the kinda game that's good for that. You basically get asked to do tasks to unlock areas and buildings then more tasks to level them up. There are a couple of bugs but nothing to your panties in a bunch over. ;P I showed one possible bug area in the Part 1 of my full playthrough. There is also a misleading mission asking you to fill an order for 5 units of wood (should have been worded "Planks" of wood). Here's Part 12 of the playthrough I made to clear up any confusion about it. It also contains the Fake Gold Mission. In short.. Nice little casual builder/sim for when you're in the mood for an easier game. It is polished, and I encountered no bugs. Even if you consider yourself a hardcore gamer, sometimes you just want something easy you can do while also doing something else, like catching up on your TV backlog.. This game was a disappointment for me. Not because the game is bad, it's not great, it is a fun casual strategy game, but it was a disappointment because it was a downgrade from a previous Alawar/Buka Entertainment game. The Promised Land is a previous game from Alawar/Buka that was released in 2012, it was a game that I really enjoyed for what it was. With this game I was hoping for more of the same but maybe a bit bigger of a scale or maybe with some more depth. The Happy Hereafter however seems to be a downgrade on The Promised Land rather than improving on the formula that made me a fan . For this review I'll touch on a few of the points that I felt really soured me on this game compared to the one that made me buy this game. So the game is about starting off a colony, managing the workers that you have to finish tasks given to you so you can upgrade your buildings and continue progressing. Right off the start the worker system showed a big downgrade from the previous game. The workers are all generic and it doesn't matter what each one is doing, in The Promised Land, each character had a description, stats and preferred job(as well as disliked job). Each worker in The Happy Hereafter is interchangeable, it doesn't matter what job each is doing and you can just throw them wherever and it doesn't make much difference. In The Promised Land you had to plan out where each new worker went and what the best fit was to maximize their ability to collect resources and perform the best for your colony. Each worker in The Promised Land could also gain experience making them better at certain tasks which again added depth in worker placement. Workers could also be stationed in one area and they would continually work that area and if they ran out of resources they would patiently wait till resources spawned again. In The Happy Hereafter if a worker tries to collect resources from a depleted area they will just wander back to town and if you didn't notice it (there is a pumpkin head character they hide behind) then you have an idle working doing nothing. And lastly on the workers, You can not assign more than one worker to collect resources from an area other than the very last resource you can collect, it really prevents you from progressing and puts you in a situation you don't need as many workers as you could have space for as most of them will stand around doing nothing. There isn't really as much story as The Promised Land either, there wasn't much in The Promised Land either to be fair but again something lacking in this title. Art is great in both games, again not much of difference or upgrade, but it's not terrible and is nice to look at. It was pretty good in their previous game so why mess with it. There is also random enemies that will try to pillage your storage area. These are more annoying then fun to deal with. They are also incredibly easy to deal with and pose no real threat, a couple of clicks and your back to the game. The resources in the game for building and upgrading as well seem to be poorly balanced. I had max workers on all areas to collect as much wood as possible and I was still constantly running out of wood, while having large stock piles of food, stone and gold (as well as other resources). This could have been an easy fix by allowing more than one worker to collect resources from the mill, instead I had to constantly micromanage the workers to have one collecting while another was delivering. As much as that might seem like it ads some difficulty or complexity, for me it just seemed tedious and takes away from the fun of these types of games. To sum it all up, The Promised Land is 3$ more on steam, but you'll get a lot more out of that game compared to this one. If you are looking for a short, casual, indie resource collection, strategy game, I would suggest The Promised Land over this game. If you already have The Promised Land and you are looking for something very similar or better, skip this game entirely as I just didn't find it be near the quality or fun that The Promised Land was.. An easy, very casual resource management game with no time limits. Basically the player builds a city for their zombies friends by setting the zombies to work, gathering food, farming, cutting wood, quarrying stone, and collecting gems and money. The point is upgrade everything, when everything is upgraded the game "ends". There are a few quests that need to be done such as helping a witch or growing a tree. It is a bit involved since to make money one needs to use the laboratory, workshop, and kitchen. And while managing all that the main warehouse gets attacked periodically by flying pigs, shining knights and grim reapers who steal the food. The player must defend the main warehouse by clicking on the thieves until all have been defeated. (Flying red pigs with a black mane that remind me of Monty Python's flying pigs.) Best thing about this game besides the lack of any time limits, is that it is more or less an open type world where the player controls who and what is being done. Plus the town square can be built however the player choses by buying street lamps, paving stones, fountain, and benches. A simple easy game for when one wants a break from time/resource management games with timed linear fixed campaign levels.. This game is exactly what it says on the tin. A sim game, you build your town. You start with a small area, and get larger, get more people, need more materials, make more is a logical progression. It is also very short. Once you get the town built, the game is over. There is very little challenge, very little just go from point A to point B. So why do I reccomend it? Well, it is also very cute. The artwork is good, the characters are cute, even the town looks cute. The gameplay was also smooth. Things worked the way I thought they would the first time through, there were no crashes or hang up. My daughter also loved it and while she can't beat it in a couple hourss like I did, she doesn't care. So no, this game is not for the hardcore gamers, but it was a fun ride, and one that my daughter will enjoy a lot longer that I will.. It is a casual version of a city-building genre with predetermined buildings placements and almost none negative events to take care of. And the art design is great and coherent in the "cutesy-undead" style. Downsides being, that it has only one map, which eliminates repetition of high-player-agency early game, where most city-planning happens, unlike later-game fine-tuning. And considering that all placements are uncustomizable it's better that way. You can chain games in this sub-genre one after another, pretending that you play different levels, while having new aesthetics every time. And the problem with the mid-game is that even with all upgrades, resource gathering is too slow and you just waiting with nothing else (like fighting fires, crime or epidemics) to do. Next is the story u2014 you are just start doing stuff and don't know why, nor do you know who or what attacks your town. Speaking of which, defense is not only mechanically pointless, but even lacks any feedback, like your godhand throwing lightnings or something into enemies. It kind of works with UWS UHD Surround, but GUI scaling hides important parts of the map from the player, so it's better to just play it windowed. Overall it's a one nice and pleasant feelgood playing session of several hours with podcasts or youtube videos on second (fifth) screen.. A cute little village building game. You collect resources, assign your villagers jobs, & build different buildings to unlock different abilities. Has a little bit of a Halloween type theme to it since your villagers are zombie-looking people and you wield magic. Seems to be a tablet game come to the PC, but without all the annoying "wait 12 hours for this building to finish" stuff. I cleared it in one sitting & it took about 4 1/2 hours. Most of that time was sitting around waiting for resources. I don't think it is worth the $4 price tag, but if you see it on sale, do pick it up because it was enjoyable, especially if you like games like this.

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