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Original Title: The Bow-Wow Affair

Genge: Action,Adventure,Crime

































A relative of Waverly's is being threatened if he doesn't sell shares in a company at a fraction of their value. Kuryakin is assigned to the affair, where his knowledge of gypsies proves useful. Solo, recuperating from a knee injury, provides limited assistance.
This episode literally goes to the dogs as investors of a certain stock are threatened if they don't sell their stocks. One such victim, who winds up dead, is Lester Baldwin, a look-alike cousin of Alexander Waverley, Leo G. Carroll.

Ilya goes to protect Sue Oliver- Baldwin's niece from the ferocious dogs who bring bodily harm to those investors refusing to sell their stock.

This is all well and good, but the episode soon turns into one of the dogs constantly in pursuit of Ilya and the niece. Making it more uninteresting is the appearance of Pat Harrington as an authority on dogs, who with his foreign accent, makes the discussion of the beasts more dull.

Napoleon is sidelined in this episode by an apparent strained leg. How lucky can you get? THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. – The Bow-Wow Affair – 1965

This is the 20th episode of 1964 to 1968 spy series, THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. The series ran for a total of 105 episodes. The first season was filmed in black and white with the remainder shot in colour. Robert Vaughn plays agent Napoleon Solo while David McCallum plays Illya Kuryakin. Leo G Carroll plays Mister Waverly, the boss of the secret agency known as U.N.C.L.E. (United Network Command for Law & Enforcement) Their main enemy is THRUSH, an organization out to take over the planet.

In this one, UNCLE agent David McCallum is sent to guard a cousin of UNCLE boss, Leo G. Carroll. It seems that some criminal types are after the man to sell certain stocks far below their value. They threaten death if the man does not comply. McCallum takes up residence in the house. Also on guard is a huge dog that sleeps at the foot of the master's bed.

Several hours after everyone hits the hay for some shut eye. A series of screams and barks come from the room of Carroll's cousin. McCallum and the man's aide, Susan Oliver, break in. They find the man chewed to bits by is so called best friend.

The next day, at UNCLE headquarters, everyone is going over the possible clues. It also turns out that several other people, who happen to own the same stock, have been attacked by dogs. There is also some clues that point to a Gypsy gang as the ones behind the deeds. It seems the Gypsy types have some way of controlling the dogs, and forcing them to attack their owners.

UNCLE hunts up the lair of the gang and pay it a visit. They take along a bottle of fox urine, supplied by canine expert, Pat Harrington. It will drive the dogs batty.

Needless to say there is a need for the fox juice as the villain types set the hounds after McCallum and Miss Oliver. The fox juice does the trick and the dogs all now go after the "right" people. Agent Vaughn now shows with a heavily armed group of UNCLE agents to round up the crooks.

A most enjoyable episode which has Leo G Carroll playing a double role, as UNCLE boss Waverly, and his cousin.

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