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Texas, Adios Full Movie Download In Hindi Hd

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Original Title: Texas, Adios

Genge: Action,Western














































The tough gun-man Burt Sullivan (Franco Nero) leaves his job as a town sheriff to go to Mexico to find the man, Cisco, who killed his father many years ago. He and his younger brother arrive in a small town where everybody is afraid of Cisco who has become the local landowner. But there is a secret. It turns out that Cisco is the father of Burt's younger brother and Cisco are craving for respect from his "son". Burt Sullivan joins forces with the local townspeople to stop and bring Cisco back to his punishment in Texas.
A Texan sheriff and his younger brother travel across the frontier into Mexico to confront the man who killed their father.
Like almost every Western starring Franco Nero after Sergio Corbucci's 1966 masterpiece "Django", "Texas, Addio" was marketed as a Django-sequel in Germany and Austria. Although it has neither anything to do with Django, nor is it anywhere near "Django" in it's value as one of the genre's highlights, Texas Addio is still a good Spaghetti Western. Besides the great Franco Nero it features typical Spaghetti Western supporting actors like Luigi Pistilli, Livio Lorenzon and Gino Pernice. When It comes to Ferdinando Baldi's Westerns, however, I would personally recommend "Blindman" way over "Texas Addio".

Along with his younger brother Jim, Burt Sullivan, a former Sheriff in Texas, leaves to Mexico to search and capture his father's murderer, Cisco Delgado, and bring him to justice...alive. Cisco, however, has in the meantime become a powerful landowner and crime boss.

Franco Nero has once said that out of all the Westerns he played in, "Texas Addio" is the only one that could also be an American Western. This is kinda true, on the one hand, since Nero's character Burt Sullivan is not the typical anti-hero, but a man who is looking to bring his father's murderer to justice alive, rather than just taking revenge. On the other hand some characters, like the grouchy and cynical Alcalde Miguel, played by Livio Lorenzo, are very typical Spaghetti-characters. Franco Nero's performance is great as always, many of the supporting actors are very good too. All things considered, "Texas Addio" is a fairly good Spaghetti Western, not one of the genre's highlights, but definitely worth watching. Sold (in Germany) as "Django 2", because it starred Franco Nero, many people expected another masterpiece such as Corbucci's original "Django", which "Texas Addio" certainly isn't. But compared to the average spaghetti western it still is a well made revenge story that will entertain most watchers. If they enjoy a bunch of cliches, like the lonely hero riding into the dying sun at the end of the movie...

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