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Original Title: Taken 3

Genge: Action,Thriller













































Bryan Mills, the former covert operative, tries to have a normal relationship with his daughter, Kim. And he tries to help his ex-wife, Lenore who's on the fence if she wants to remain married to her husband Stuart. Later he gets a text from her telling him she needs to talk to him. When he gets to his apartment he finds Lenore dead. The police arrive and were about to arrest him but he gets away. An inspector who investigates, doesn't fully believe Mills is guilty but decides to do things by the book and tries to find him and bring him in. He talks to Kim and Stuart; Kim doesn't believe he killed her mother while Stuart doesn't exactly say he's innocent. Bryan finds evidence and then makes sure the inspector gets it. The inspector decides to keep tabs on Kim. Mills turns to his friends to help him. He eventually learns that Stuart might know more than he is saying.
Thinking he is finally at peace with his past and his new-found relationship with family, Bryan Mills finds himself chased now by his own government, trying to solve a murder he has been framed of, and protecting the only one he has left, his daughter.
The last episode of the saga "Taken" directed by Olivier Megaton who also realized the second film. I liked the early pursuit race, even if it was rather simple, it made the movie cool from the start. I've been waiting since the beginning of the saga for an adventure with Bryan's mates, unfortunately, it is only 30 minutes from the end and it takes too much direction of an Impossible Mission Force ... One of my regrets is that at times it's not credible, either for the car scene, even if we have an explanation or even the plane at the end, It's too much. Not bad to conclude (I hope) the saga, a 6/10. Taken, the end ?
Well as with all things, the sputtering and uneven "Taken" franchise comes to an end with its slightly better but still lacklustre third instalment.

I liked the first "Taken" movie very much. It just felt right, looked right and was done right. Liam Neeson revived the action genre in a way, after it lagging for quite a few years. He also almost single-handedly started a new sub-genre of actioners which I would call the "Euro-actioner"..."From Paris With Love", "3 Days To Kill" and Neeson's own "Taken" follow-up "Unknown" (which I thought was a quite effective thriller). There are others but I won't bother to mention them.

The first "Taken" movie was possessed of a very entertaining urgency and emanated a kind of crazy kinetic energy, the acting, the set-up, the action sequences and Neeson himself and his on-screen presence.

In the first movie I could also root for Neeson, a father looking for his child and dealing with and disposing of anyone who got in his way or anyone who wronged his daughter. I guess parents can recognize that visceral reaction when there is any threat to their children's safety...the protective parental instinct and the lengths they would go to, to exact revenge on the people who would harm their children.

In contrast "Taken 2" was a entirely unnecessary sequel, lazily directed, produced and filmed. Though the plot of the movie did try to make some sense, it was also full of holes and one preposterous set-up after another. I did not enjoy it at all, except perhaps for showing how beautiful of a city Istanbul is...maybe it would have worked better as a tourism promo!

"Taken 3" is a marginally better film and under the circumstances a fitting conclusion. But for all its lofty goals, the movie also seems strangely stilted and quiet. Its as if after the "Taken 2" experience, the team behind the franchise was somewhat timid and unsure how to proceed.

Though linked to the previous two movies in the franchise, "Taken 3" is almost like a stand-alone movie in some ways. That is not something necessarily positive.

Personally I liked Liam Neeson a lot more in the quite underrated and overlooked crime-drama, "A Walk Among The Tombstones", which came out in the fall of 2014. That movie was mistakenly marketed with Neeson in yet another "high-octane action flick"...which it was not...

Neeson is not the problem here. He never was. I like him, I like his acting and the dedication to all his roles. The problem lies in the fact that "Taken" should never, ever have been stretched for this long.

In a movie industry seemingly suffering from sequelitis, and hellbent on squeezing every nickel of profit from any movie that is remotely original or substantive, it was almost inevitable that "Taken" would be exploited in the very same way.

So "Taken 3" is not an awful movie, and it is a decent way to end the franchise, but it is not so much a cinematic it is a whimper! Taken 3 is exactly what one might anticipate from an unnecessary sequel in a mediocre franchise.
Taken 3 is the third movie in the Taken series, preceded by Taken (2008) (2008) and Taken 2 (2012) (2012), all three of which are based on original scripts by French filmmaker Luc Besson and American screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen. Lenore's life is taken. Bryan's reputation and innocence is taken by being framed for murdering Lenore. And Kim's parents are taken from her by murder and law enforcement therefore making her lost without her family. Lennie's second husband Stuart enlisted the Russian mobsters to whom he owed money to murder her so that he could get her hefty life insurance policy. Besides a few censored dialogues, retouched blood trails in faces and on body parts strike the eye. And in the grand finale, it gets really obscure—as cinemagoers surely have noticed. Other than that, most of the differences regard story elements which make the longest installment of the entire franchise even longer.
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