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About This Game

T-Kara Puzzles is a unique match-4 puzzle game, filled with fun variations and exciting challenges!

T-Kara has three different main categories.
Based on several intriguing goals, with solvable puzzles and increasing difficulty.  

Comes in three varieties where survival is in the essence. Choose between "Direct hit", "Limited Moves" and "Time Attack". Survive as long as possible and gather scores by beating challenging obstacles. 

Relax and try to create a specific image by getting the blocks in the right place. The game has several picture puzzles with increasing difficulty. This game mode is quite a challenge and takes some technique. Depending on personality, you will most likely either hate or love it! 
T-Kara Puzzles is the perfect game whenever you want to clear your mind or just pass some time. When leaving a game mode, your progress will be saved and you can easily resume wherever you left. b4d347fde0

Title: T-Kara Puzzles
Genre: Casual, Indie
Release Date: 1 Jun, 2016

English,Portuguese,Simplified Chinese,Swedish

Great game!!!!
It was on my wishlist for awhile and then it went on sale this week!!!!
Excellent matching game. The more you play the better you get!!
Nice graphics and runs smoothly.
A great thinking game on the puzzles!
The game includes different game play, modes and timed and untimed play.
For $1.79 it was a great deal!
I highly recommend this game! I wish I bought it sooner!
:-). nice game \ud83d\udc96. I really don't know why this game has been overlooked as much as it has. Excellent match 3 (or match 4 in this case) that has several different modes and some tricky achivements. Would love to get active in the challenge style multiplayer.

Overall it's gotta be a solid 7\/10. This game is fun and it has me hooked. I now stay up way too late trying to finish challenges or picture puzzles! I wake up with my laptop on my chest and start playing again!

So much variety and different things to achieve in the many variations, as well as 2 daily challenges I feel that this game will hold my interest for a very long time.

I highly recommend to anyone who is a fan of challenges and match 3 or 4 games!. This is a good puzzle game cross between connect four and tetris game but more complex.

It has a wide variation of game play and is relaxing and challenging at the same time.

It is the game to play when you don't want to play a game for a long time.

It is good value for the price. I think it is worth more than the asking price.. Is is worth the buy.

Buy it now!

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