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About This Game

SuperLuminauts is a local-multiplayer space dogfighter where your missiles leave trails in time. With the tight controls of an arcade shooter, and the deep mechanics of no other, soon you'll be flying, thinking, and blowing up your friends like a true SuperLuminaut.

  • 2-4 Player Couch Chaos

    To turn your laptop or living room into a space-time arena, all you need is a keyboard & mouse and another person you don't mind being temporary mortal enemies with. To maximize competitive shouting/gloating, you'll need 2 or more controllers for four players.
  • Superluminal Trails

    Missiles don't just launch, they trail and richochet and shatter and cascade in a web of space-time. Keep your wits about you and adapt your tactics, or jump headfirst and enjoy the show.
  • A Sci-Fi Rainbow of Ships

    Though all vehicles are outfitted with the same specs, we all know the coolest ship with the coolest paint job is going to win.
  • 3 New Ways to Play

    We've scoured the universe of infinite game-modes and we thought these were the most fun ways to demolish the fabric of space-time, and involved the fewest subatomic-combustions and/or lizard-people uprisings.

    • Dive

      Your trails make the map: each round you dive and spiral deeper into the lattice you build.
    • Chaotic Anomaly

      Rapid-fire rounds in a shifting arena where trails accelerate after each bounce and insta-kill.
    • Galactic Tour

      Build a tour from 25 maps, whether it be a 3-round grudge match or a journey across the galaxy and back.

Title: SuperLuminauts
Genre: Action, Indie
Release Date: 31 Aug, 2017


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