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Original Title: Steel Harbinger

Genge: Action,Sci-Fi






































Late 21st century apocalyptic war-torn Earth has been invaded by alien pods that turn people into deadly alien drones. Humanity's last hope is Miranda Bowen, who's body has been infected by a pod, but her mind is still in control.
During the 21st century, trade wars between Canada, the US and Mexico have turned the North American continent into a war zone. Canadian warplanes have even dropped a nuclear bomb on the White House, Mexico has regained Texas and Kansas is now trying to become the new capital of the war-torn United States. In 2069 without warning alien pods begin falling from the sky all over the world. They shoot tentacles and either kill any living thing near them, both human and animal, or infect them and turn them into alien drones that function as mindless killing machine with mechanical parts and built in arsenal of weapons such as machine guns. This insidious invasion is sure to eradicate humanity and most of life on Earth in no time. However, one pod remains inactive after falling on Earth. The current US government captures it and takes it to a guarded facility to research it. The head researcher is Dr. Bowen. His easygoing daughter Miranda is with him there since it's the only safe place left. However, the pod activates as soon as she gets near it, attacks her with its tentacles and starts turning her into a drone. Horrified Dr. Bowen manages to cut off the tentacle before she's fully turned. She becomes Steel Harbinger, a scantily clad deadly alien drone, whose mind and humanity are still mostly intact. The alien drones attack the facility, but her father is teleported in time to the US government's Alaskan base and she's left to take care of the drones and find a way to activate a satellite that might protect Earth from the pods as well as find a way to get to the Moon, where Canadian government has been developing a superweapon that might be able to take out the alien ship that's sending the pods. This top-down shooter has a fairly simple gameplay. Use Miranda's arsenal to eradicate the enemy forces, which are mostly drones, and save scattered humans on each of the maps, while pursuing some simple objective. However, she must avoid salt water, which is deadly to the alien DNA that she now shares.

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