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Starting The Game Activation Code [crack]

Starting The Game Activation Code [crack]

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About This Game

Starting the Game is a game about a non-experienced end user who is trying to download and play a game.

List of features:

  • Fully narrated by a native English speaker
  • Steam achievements
  • Gaming/tech/IT memes
  • Simulation of various OS's
  • Terrible design

Can you survive being a computer newbie and will you actually get to play a game?
Let's see... d859598525

Title: Starting The Game
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Online Vision, Divertic
Garage Games
Release Date: 8 May, 2018


  • OS: 32bit XP+
  • Processor: Core 2 Solo, 1.3Ghz (Penryn)
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 32mb VRAM+
  • Storage: 100 MB available space


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It's totally unplayable. You never know if its really frozen or you still need to click or do something. Maybe good idea, even crappy graphic could be ok here. But its too buggy.. Really simple but funny game with achievements.. state of the art game, why cant all triple a titles be like this?. What the hell did I just buy?. 7/10 tumours got enough cancer cells to feed entire Africa. well.... if you want to play this game, go to you tube and watch a 10 minute video.. then you basically played it... plenty of chieves for 50 cents on sale I guess. extremely boring
- graphics
- voice
- bugs
- everything..... meme 6/9 would bang. I used to believe that God is dead; for we have killed him. That there is simply no meaning to exist. That alike to a horde of parasites, we will continue to consume and destroy. Rejoice! For I was wrong! This creation, this singular ray of hope for mankind, this is our salvation and inspiration! With this, a mere peasant can become cultured! With this, one can see a glimpse of utopia! I can see humanity on mars and achieving so much more than petty destruction! Now go forth my brothers and sisters, indulge in one of the indisputablely finest, greatest and holiest work of art mankind has ever witnessed!

Please, review the game:
Hey! If you have played through the game, id like to ask you for a review of it as I need feedback, any, even negative is very appreciated.. Rust Parody Update:
Hey everyone! An update was released fixing a known bug and new content was added - Rust parody - Rant! You can check it out or keep it for later, when more content comes so you can play it for longer than a couple of minutes.

Also I would like to ask if you could leave a review on the Store page, because if you do, we might eventually add Steam trading cards later on.. Looking to fix a couple issues, comment please:
Hey I wanted to ask is everything alright in the current version of the game?
I need to fix as many bugs this week as i wont be able to do so in the next 3 weeks. Early access, feedback and updates:
Hello, thanks to all beta players for the feedback! We fixed over 15 bugs since the first version and the game should now be completely bug-free!
Also we released 4 major content updates, and we are going to continue with doing so every day until the release, and once a month after it is released - depends. This is a singleplayer game, so we will see.
Thanks again for all the feedback that you gave us - this is the most important thing.

Divertic out
If anything isnt working, post a comment.
Currently we are working on new store pics and achievement fixes because there seems to be an error with two of them.. Minesweeper! Content Drop 28/5 × PLEASE REVIEW THE GAME:
Yes! Czech narrations are close! Expect them in around a week.
Sadly... some translations have been cancelled, which means there will only be Polish, Turkish, Russian and French added - mostlikely no other languages.

Addditionaly we would like to kindly ask you if you could maybe (Looks at you with cute puppy eyes) review the game :ScreamBox: it will help us a ton - we will know what you dislike and what we can fix and perhaps we will be even able to add trading cards later on - who knows?

Divertic out :)
. Next Content Drop:
So I've teased or announced a lot of updates for the game while not having anything ready, which is not a problem, I already have a lot of them ready as of now, but i worked on them randomly, just what i felt like updating so instead of more small updates there is going to be one content drop with a lot being added.

Including developer commentary.

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