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Stackems is fast paced puzzle game where the goal is to fill an entire level with different shaped blocks as they slowly drop in different shapes. Play single player to try 5d3b920ae0

Title: Stackems
Genre: Casual, Indie, Early Access
Gomen Gaming
Gomen Gaming
Release Date: 27 Nov, 2018


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0.8.5 : Hello again, friends! Our work on another large update, numbered 0.8.5. has finally reached its end and we are ready to upload it for your enjoyment! What has been done this time? Well, like we said in the announcement, we are continuing to liven up the locations with new characters, some of which arent just ready to tell you their stories, but also ask for your help in various side-quests. A huge work has been done with the crafting system - we added new recipes for not only firearms but meds as well. Lots of hours were spent behind the stage, where we again tinkered with some of the mechanics to further balance out the game. Also, we have made clothes change possible - you can finally get rid of that sweater for something more fitting your playstyle! Change log: - Locations filled with 60+ new characters (look for them in Krasnoznamenny, Peregon, Fogelevka and some other places) - New crafting recipes. Not just for firearms, but also for medicine and armor; - 20 new quests and juicy solutions to some of the old ones, including Dans quest line, Kostya the Yobs quest line and more; - Change your clothes! - New visuals for character on the global map; - New visual effects such as cloud shadows on the ground, fog on location borders, etc; - A large portion of sounds remastered, new sound effects added, footstep noises now depend on terrain; - New demo global map; - New location - The Container Yard; - Rebalanced the perks; - Rebalanced trade, also some wares turn to money in time; - Rebalanced and improved AI; - New follower commands (point to target, or move to location); - Various bugs fixed As always, we will spend the next few days hot-fixing new issues, if there will be such.. Update 0.6.6 : Hey guys! Like promised - here's the fresh update! Thank you very much for the long wait. We hope the amount of work we done this time won't disappoint. Now, without further delays, the change log: We'll start off with the changes to gameplay everyone will notice just by spending time in game (some of the changes, sadly enough will be visible if you start a new game): - 10 new quests; - 26 new characters; - 10 character traits, that can be picked upon creating your character (more to come later); - New modes: from Easy to Iron Man; - New weapons, including the legendary AS VAL and a crossbow; - New ammo types; - Two new companions for your character. Finding one of them, though, won't be a walk in the park. - New items - from perfumes to helmets; - New crafting recipes - you can also make firearms now, no need to start your tinkering career with knives and hand to hand combat. Huge amounts of work were also done in the background. You might not notice these changes quickly, but it is thanks to them you can really immerse yourself into our game world: - Updated most models; - Added new sounds; - Added new cinematic video; - Added new animations for friends and foes; - New AI - the NPCs now use team work, to find the best way for an attack. Now if an NPC is blocking another NPC's shooting path - it will seriously change the aiming formula, so they will try to avoid such situations; - Global map improved, fog of war added; - Mini-map corrected; - Save-load menu improved; - Game balance fully improved: from items and rewards to weapons and random encounters; - New icons added for characters, followers, new items, etc. - Many, many, many, many, many bugs fixed.. ATOM RPG Update #4 : Hey-hey-hey, guys! New update on our Kickstarter page! Feel free to send us your questions! Read more.. Announcement 0.7.5 : Hey, guys! It's almost the end of the month, so we decided to share our plans with you all! This time, a lot of new content awaits you. For example: - New encounters - New NPCs (30+) - 3 New locations - New craftable weapons - New balance modifications - New cutscene features will be implemented - New cinematics introducing new locations We'll finally populate Peregon. We will also continue the main quest line. Also, after listening to your suggestions, we modified the interface. Items will now be in two rows. We also made changes in the visual depiction of items - they now correctly light up when on the ground. A new secret ability was also added for the player. You now get to interact with animals more! In other words, we're working close to our limits! Since this update is going to be one of the biggest in our game's history, it will take a little more time than average. New content will come out on July 10th.. 1.1 The Dead City Update cinematic trailer : Hey guys! Here's a cinematic trailer we made for the upcoming Dead City Update. Only two days to go.. Patch - 0.6.0e : - New movement system (now the hero picks the fastest way to reach the destination). - All bodies in the same cell now have joint inventory. - Otradnoye now has a couple of new little features. - Now items like weapons and armour will stay on the body if you don't take them. - Fixed the 'knock over' mechanic. - Fixed the balance of the hand to hand combat. - Added min. requirements for the weapons. - Fixed animation for the knife fight. - AP is now shown in the weapon descriptions. - Added a new recipe and a subsequential item. - Added a new alternative to catch a 'gold fish'. - Fixed many bugs with the bullets. - A 'Continue' buton is added to the main menu. - Fixed the wares balance. - Now you can use a shovel as a weapon! - Fixed the effect of Aprophenum. - Fixed a bug with a reward from the bandit leader. - Fixed bugs in the caves beneath the Roaring forest. - Fixed the bug with hero sometimes getting stuck in the scenery. - New sounds for the ciggy. - Added exp for a successful crafting. - Added new weapon (SKS). - Show the weight of the items in inventory during Barter and looting. - Fixed the bug with lockpicking. - Added new animations. - All new items now go first in the inventory. - You can see the chance of a krit. attack when you create your character. - Fixed the army knife balance. - Left Shift now makes the map skroll faster. The new patch will come out with the new update in the next year.. 19 December - Release! : Greetings, friends! Its time to make a very important announcement! After a year of work spent in Early Access we can finally name the release date for ATOM RPG! Its going to be the 19th of december , 2018, when well finish polishing the game mechanics, testing of new content, error fixing, and will finalize the main questline of the game. The fact that were releasing the game, though, does not mean that were stopping development. ATOM is still going to receive a lot of free additional content way after the release date. Now, a quick summary of the things youll be getting in 1.0 : We added a third global map that was needed to finish the games main storyline. Its a place called the Dead city - a forgotten, mutant-ridden metropolis that was destroyed by nuclear warheads. After this place was finished, we loved it so much, were currently planning on expanding it in future updates! Hope youll enjoy it too! We added new NPCs and quests. An ability to roam the Wastes in a car of your own! New dungeons including an experimental-AI-run secret Bunker. New traits available on character creation. New cinematic that will show off how you impacted the Wasteland. And last, but not least As we the developers, and you, the players, already know, this game we dreamt of creating for all those years, would never be possible without your trust. This is why we decided to add a bonus veterans kit for all who bought and played ATOM while it was still Early Access. Thank you for believing in us. Now then, were off to make the final preparations. Feel free to ask any questions.. 1.07 : Hello, friends! Tonight, we offer you our newest patch, numbered 1.07. We worked on it for quite a while, so we really hope you will like what it brings to the game. Here is the log of the main changes: Reworked random encounters, changed fight balance. WIP. Added new map - ATOM base - and tutorial. Fixed car bugs. Stock renew on save-load fixed. Circus location bugs fixed, now quests are correctly given out and failed. VIL-A fixed. Xander P-603 fixed. Informer fixed. Castle leaders quest line fixed, consequences added to different approaches. Peregons government quest fixed, now you can correctly dispose of every leader. You can now get to the ship in Krasnoznamenny while playing the Chaos route. Minor bug fixes in all major settlements. Typos and weird phrasing fixed in parts of the translation. WIP. New recipe books for crafting. Better optimization of the game. Companions AI improved. Thank you for sticking with us. Now, were off to make the big update which will include new locations and quests.

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