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Title: Sneaky Sneaky
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Naiad Entertainment LLC
Naiad Entertainment LLC
Release Date: 12 Nov, 2014


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Controls can be a bit faulty but the game itself is ok. I beat it in three hours, but it's probably feasible to beat it in under two. Sneak around, finish areas, collect gold, buy items, rinse and repeat. I'd recommend it if you got it for a $1 like me.. This game doesn't support keyboard or controller input. It feels like an iPad game ported to Windows as cheaply as possible with no respect for PC gamers except as a revenue source. The actual gameplay isn't bad if you overlook the need to use a mouse to control it though.. This was a cutesy game. It was very easy and very short. I took me about two hours. There was not really any puzzles. The enemy movements were easily figured out. And the ending was lacking. like altogether lacking. There wasn't one. Only worth it for $.99.. I got this game for my wife. She has difficulty with controllers and controlling games in general. While eveyrone else was running the track in mario carte she would be the one going the wrong way stuck against a tree stump. This game was was able to play. Abolutley loved it. It's short, sweet, and fun. What's not to like.. I've only put a little over an hour into it so far, but I'm pleased with the game. Decent music, charming art design, interesting gameplay. The tile thing has been done before but that doesn't make it less entertaining. The stealth kills were satisfying for me and the combat was pretty unforgiving sometimes, which encourages careful and stealthy gameplay. Seems like a good game for like $5, so why not get it? Maybe an 7/10, I don't think I'll be replaying it every time I get some freetime, but I might boot it up once in a while. Would consider buying a sequel of some sort.. Easy and boring game. Not challenging at all. Finished it in 2 hours. If it wasn't on sale (2$), I would have never bought it, . . . But seriously. I have finished the game and completed almost every achivement. It took me aproximatly only 3.5 hours. And that's one of the cons. The game is really short. It isn't really hard of a puzzle game, but it will take you some retries to complete some levels and if you are going for the "gold star" on everything it will take even more retries, but that is the meaning. Gameplay: The game is very simple. You move your character around/hide and try to avoid getting "Detected". You will need to kill the enemies before they kill you or if you think everything out and "time" perfectly you will kill everyone without getting damaged. It is possible to avoid every enemy and complete the level (but that is very boring!). After completing a level you will get a certain amount of exp (determines on how good you completed the level). You use the exp to level up you character. There are not many possibilities to level up your character, only 4 things you can level up and it is kind off boring. But since the game is short it is okay, you wont need many charcter upgrades. Levels are not so long. It will take you aproximatly 5-8 min to complete a level (it depends on how far you are in the game). One level is build up of many (5-12) "scenes" and the design of the scenes in 1 level are the same. Levels vary a little from each other, but it's only when you enter a new region that they change design the most. There are 3 regions, Impwood (6 levels), Cursed Canyon (5 levels) and Summer Canyon (5 levels). Impwood got the forest design, with a lot of trees and bushes, Cursed Canyon got sand and skeletons, while Summer Canyon is in a kingdom/city. Game design: It is simple, just as the game. It is not as pretty as games like "Bastion" or "Braid". But since the game was so cheap, the design is "okay". Conclusion: Simple game, not a hard puzzle game, it will take you some retries to complete the levels. The game is short (3-5 hours, depends on how fast you do it). All computers can run it.. Sneaky Sneaky is a casual and charming stealth game with rpg elements. The game isn't overly difficult, once you learn how things work you should easily get the top ranking on most stages on your first attempt. The RPG elements aren't overly deep and by the end you'll have lvled up everything. Lastly on the negatives the game is very short. I completed the game, gathered the collectables, and went back to get a gold ranking on every stage and came in at 3.3h of gameplay. So its a pretty brief experience. Aside from the negatives though i had a great time playing through the game and now that the developers have lowered the cost to $5 I'd say its certainly worth picking up for a fun night of sneaky sneaky action. Hopefully the developers will add on some more content down the road.. If not for the ammount of stages. this game would be a 10/10. Sneaky Sneaky is a stealth game with a cartoon-ish art style. In the game, you have to get back a sack of gems that is taken away from you on the start, There are 17 Stages, and Three "Scenarios", Respectively, The Woods, The Canyon (Desert) and The City, each one presents different enemies and different mechanics. The main character (Your character) has 4 Different "Skills": - Health : Ammount of hearts (Most enemies deal 1 Heart of damage, Some deal 0.5, some deal 1.5 and some deal more.) - Melee Damage : Damage with the sword (You have to be on the tile next to the enemy to meele him) - Ranged Damage : Bow (You have to manually aim) - Walking Distance : Ammount of tiles you can walk using one (Of three) "Charges" while in "Combat Mode". Each time you level up you can add one point to each of them (12 levels total), Health has 5 Possible upgrades, Melee has 2, Ranged has 2 and Walking has 2. There is a shop where you can buy, Health potions, Ham (bait), Mana potion (Fills your "Charges" while in combat mode), Hammer (lets you break rocks), Sleepy potion (You add them to arrows and you can make your enemies sleep instead of killing/harming them) and The barrel (You "wear" a barrel and you are completely sneaky for one stage.) Cons of the game : - Short - 17 Stages, While they are all "Easy" if you dont care about maxing out the points. - The game doesnt force you to use all mechanics. - I personally only used The bow, sword, health potion and ham. If you are very good (And full of patience) you can finish all stages flawlessly with only a bow and sword. Pros: - Its fun to try and beat all stages 100%. - + Achievments - The gameplay can get intense if youre almost getting caugh. - Lots of different paths to get to the ending. - Lots of different enemies and mechanics - The art is fun, which makes you be able to play the game for an indefinite ammount of time without tiring of it. - Some posters have some fun jokes - "The right to brag." , "20 Mins of backrub", etc - Variety of enemies - Price - I only stumbled across 1 bug Conclusion: I recommend the game to people who like to 100% everything, as it is fun and due to the art style, you can play it for a long time. It is cheap and provides you with at least 3 Hours of fun! I'd say that even peolpe who dont like puzzle games should buy it, to be honest. Sound/Music : 9/10 - Funky and matches the game. Creates a mood. Art : 10/10 - The art style matches the game perfectly, Everything is colorful so it doesnt tire your eyes. Enjoyability : 8.5 / 10 - If there were more stages, this game would be flawless. Overall : 9/10 Suggestions: - Add scoreboards so we can compare our scores for each stage to other people! Would incentivate lots of people to buy due to the competitivity! - Add Bonus points due to time (The less time, the more extra points) - Release more stages! - Add map editors, so we can create our own stages and share with people on an in-game hub! Props to the devs.. It's a hard decision for me to say that I don't recommend this game - but in the end I believe the cons outweigh the pros. Pros - Fun Battle System - Often multiple ways to complete a level - Different ways of dealing with enemies - Some humor throughout - Decent Level Up System Cons - I beat this in 2 hours - there were only like approx. 15 levels - wayyy too short for a game of this sort - I would have loved for there to be at least double the amount of levels if not triple - Not that many items to choose from and some aren't very helpful anyways - Minor level interaction I.E. The only place to hide is in piles of hay or grass and only barrels, trees, rocks and jars are breakable - Easy to screw up - I suppose if you are the patient sort this one might not be an issue but I found that quite often when I go to move my character he somehow ends up in the enemies line of sight despite my delibarite effort to keep him hidden - Almost no story at all - plus (in my opinion) the ending is really bad - Prices for upgrades in the store are far too expensive based on how much gold you gain per level and how few levels there are - and the upgrades aren't that helpful anyways - Lack of variety in general - only 3 different area types that you explore through and the several levels for each area type all feel about the same - Far too easy - Most Enemies can be easily taken out with an arrow from afar before they can react and then you can restock on arrows basically anytime you want my destroying trees or barrels - not to mention anytime you die you can hit a retry button that lets you start over from the enterance of the room you died in with no demerit - Unneccesary score system - I suppose since the exp is linked to the score system it's kind of important but they didnt need to put one in - or at the very least - I felt no pressure to get a high score because whether you do or not you are going to get a good chunck of experience points that will almost always level you up - Repetitive music that is the same for every level you play through Verdict: In the end I didn't hate the 2 hours I spent playing this game but unless it is on a really good sale and you don't have any other games to play than I wouldn't recommend getting this game.

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