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Slizer Battle Management System Password

Slizer Battle Management System Password

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About This Game

[BLACK SCREEN BUG: Windowed mode ([Alt]+[Enter]) fixes black screens for Windows 10 users]
Single player, sci-fi, minimalist Real Time Tactics game simi 5d3b920ae0

Title: Slizer Battle Management System
Genre: Free to Play, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 7 May, 2018


  • OS: XP
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512 MB


slizer battle management system gameplay. slizer battle management system

v1.19b2 Released : Small patch, doesn't fix any of the problems that have been reported.. SBMS v1.19b23 Released : Version v1.19b23 has been released. Patch highlights are: Planning Room: PAV, SL Shield, Beam Cannon fixed not updating availability when deleting a unit. Mission 20 allied units now attack their nearest enemy at the start Major issue where deleting a unit equipped with a PAV, SL Shield, or beam cannon would keep the number of used equipment the same, so deleting two units would permanently set that equipment to being unavailable until you left the Planning Room. I can't believe I never finished that and didn't notice. Or that anyone else didn't know. I also noticed in mission 20 that the allied Princeps units were just sitting there, so I ordered them to help that poor Venator.. SBMS v1.19b9 Released : Version v1.19b9 has been released. Patch highlights are: Navigation Room now has data on more locations Fixed bug on using ships Added limited colour blind mode Fighter sprite highlight fixed being offset I think this will be the last version for a while, while I work on the sequel to incorporate big improvements. I know exactly what to do for it so it should be ready early next year, price has not yet been determined. If you have a suggested price, please tell me. There will be more missions released eventually, just not yet. Thank you to everyone who helped improve the game, and to everyone who enjoyed it.. SBMS v1.19b12 Released : Version v1.19b12 has been released. Patch highlights are: Fixed some missions crashing the game Added two missions to the end of the campaign (21 and 22) Minor improvements to missions 20, 13 Sorry for the slow updates. This one isn't a big patch, just fixes some errors and adds 2 missions. Next patch fixes how some missions aftr 22 don't have the Planning phase. Other than fixes, the game is ready for full release.. SBMS v1.19b21 Released : Version v1.19b21 has been released. Patch highlights are: Mission 18 bugs fixed, made easier to understand and complete Newer sound files are now in the sounds list, so their volume can be changed Starmaker's starburst ability fixed crashing the game if it was still turning while the target died Witty remark.. SBMS v1.19b16 Released : Version v1.19b16 has been released. Patch highlights are: Mission 22 now has the proper "Rush" AI, scram and beam cannons now spread out so they don't hit each other, fixed campaign end text not disppearing unless you restarted the game Mission 21 has the starting location moved to be out of danger Zooming now keeps the screen centered Mission 10 ending requirements made easier Wow that new zoom looks much more like a proper game would have.

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