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Shadows In The Darkness Patch

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About This Game

Shadows in the Darkness is an intense, cooperative roguelite, letting players venture down into the depths of mysterious dungeons to eradicate the darkness 5d3b920ae0

Title: Shadows in the Darkness
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access
Release Date: 19 Oct, 2017


  • OS: Windows 8
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics:


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A simple game (early access); and very rogue-like for those who played rogue back in the 80's. Worth playing. In short - I really like it; but have only made it to the 1st boss a few times (I do not game often). It is harder at first, but if you plan to die and test how things work, it makes later runs easier. General discription - Pick up items, use sword and/or wand to slay enemies. The enemies are not bright, but it works. The real bonus to this game is the game development. On the first weekend release, players left the developers comments and they were implimented by the end of the weekend. I have left a long list which included far fututre suggestions - these were all implemented in 1 week. I will not hold the developer to that short of time line; but most other games when I and the community leave comments on critial errors; they go unattended for a year+, or ignored. So thank you to the developers for listening and responding quickly to improve the game (I.E. Caring about players, their ideass, and the gtame itself).. Single player seems like a decent 5 dollar pick up but multiplayer seems completely broken.. No update in almost 5 months. Appears dead.. I cant even play the game properly because of a bug where everything i pick up shakes around. It doesnt show a health bar or even tell you how to use potions or these random scrolls you find. The fighting could be a lot better, it doesnt feel like my hits register and blocking is more of a luck thing. Look to 'Vanishing Realms' for good combat. The walking animations seem kind of bugged for the goblin where it looks like hes walking with his feet too close together to where it clips through eachother. The model for the mages with one eye dont really fit next to the more complex goblin model, i hope they udate that in the future to where they have a robe or at leat a 3-D eye rather than a slapped on 2-D one. The particle effects and sounds for the magic could be better and its hard to block them when youre close, to the point where they just get cheap shots at you. At this point in time it'd be better off as a free-to-play so dont buy it for $20 unless you want to support the developers. I really hope in the future they fix some of these issues, i cant even get past the first level with a sword shaking everywhere.. Great game that captures the dungeon crawler feel in VR. It's simple with no overly complicated systems to clutter your play experience, yet it can be difficult enough (when played on higher difficulties) to give a satisfying challenge. This is NOT one of the many VR games where you teleport to locations, stand still and kill all the enemies charging at you. Trackpad locomotion is used to navigate the dungeon, strafe/dodge enemy attacks and sneak up behind enemies for a first strike.. Really fun game. Combat just feels right, dungeon crawl and randomized enough. Love the way you enchant your weapons. Graphics are bare but in VR I much prefer smooth over intricate . helps with the immersion IMHO However the game REALLY needs; Map button? Seriously, how is this not there or am I missing it? Stats button? Don't know what my health is unless it's close to death.. No update in almost 5 months. Appears dead.. Single player seems like a decent 5 dollar pick up but multiplayer seems completely broken.. Looks like another good addition to VR collection.

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