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About This Game

IMPORTANT! Development of Sellsword VR is on hold right now!

Please see our Community Page for details.

Sellsword VR is a Virtual Reality Action RPG for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift+Touch.

Join the Mercenary's Guild in search of fame and fortune. In your adventures, you'll explore dark caves, search forgotten temples for rare artifacts, and defeat treacherous enemies. Realistic melee combat allows you to fully immerse yourself in glorious battle. Complete missions to earn experience and gold, and unlock powerful weapons and abilities to help you defeat your enemies. Don't just watch the adventure - LIVE IT.

We are an Early Access title! Please look at our forums BEFORE YOU BUY to see what's currently in the game, and what we are working on. Nobody likes disappointment!


For several generations, the King's Guard has kept vigilant watch over the kingdom, resulting in the longest period of peace ever known. The people no longer worry about security or threats from monsters or man, free to pursue their passions rather than learn swordplay and magic. All was peaceful - but peace rarely lasts forever. Monsters are sighted on the edge of town. Fields of grain go barren with no explanation. Traders leave town to procure supplies, never to be heard from again.

The King's Guard is nowhere to be found. Have they forsaken the people? Why do they let these fearsome threats roam unchecked?

The people, desperate for aid, have nowhere to turn. Few remember a time before the King's Guard. Rumors tell of a Mercenary's Guild that was once home to powerful mages, fearsome warriors, clever rogues - all champions of battle who could be relied upon to accomplish any task - for a fee, of course. Long abandoned in an era of peace, the guild's fabled home now serves as a tavern for weary travelers. The old barkeep, always keen to share old stories and legends, recants tales of adventure and glorious battle to anyone willing to listen. Most think his stories are fables; yet another clever ruse to keep mead and coin flowing in the old place.

One morning, there was an unusual bustle of activity in the town square. A cryptic message, on what looked to be ancient parchment, had been posted prominently in the town square. The guild had returned, and was actively recruiting.


  • Realistic VR Combat - swing, stab, parry, block - no hand wiggling swordplay here!
  • How you fight matters! Your movements and techniques determine attack strength.
  • Enemies and weapons both have multiple strike zones.
  • Enemies react to your attacks with dynamic, physics-based animations - trip, grab, and shove them!
  • Fully interactive environments - objects catch on fire, break, and can even be used as weapons against enemies!
  • Dungeons filled with puzzles, traps, and enemies.
  • Customizable stats allow you to build your character your way.
  • MISSION MODE: A quick play mode for instant action, while still earning Gold and XP.
  • STORY MODE (coming soon): Compelling RPG story elements, complex missions, and more unlockables!

Title: Sellsword VR
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access
Emerald Beast Studios
Emerald Beast Studios
Release Date: 29 Sep, 2017


The game is quite rough around the edges, it has a long way to go if it is to compete with the likes of Gorn or even Swordmaster VR.

Very interesting concept\/enhancement for the games when it's farther along... but as of this writing it has playability problems that make things a bit difficult to play with.

I'm looking forward to the fixes in later versions. It looks like a lot of fun, but I would advise waiting... just in case.

Nice atmosphere, well designed graphics.
Reasonably good sounds too.

Cons: (I'm sure the developer will address all of this in later patches.)
Although the game claims "Anything can be used as a weapon" (At least in early areas), not much is. Enemies do not drop weapons, and nothing is within reach.
Movement once the game is started does not seem to work.
Collision physics are a bit wonky. Things that should hit don't, things that shouldn't do. Wind up flailing randomly because it makes very little sense. (Which works??)
When "Hit" they use the FPS cliche of surrounding the view with red, but the way it's implemented shrinks the vision down to a basketball after the first hit making it very annoying and difficult to see. Since there's no healing\/regen, after that 1st hit, you're stuck with the deminished view permanently.
Game over screen may say you've won, or lost, incorrectly.
. Wait until it gets more updates.. Less than an hour of content. One update since Sept. Too expensive.. Less than an hour of content. One update since Sept. Too expensive.. Wait until it gets more updates.. Wait until it gets more updates.

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