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Title: Selknam Defense
Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Release Date: 25 Jul, 2014


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I don't like the mechanics of the game. It's a td where I can't maze, and the soldiers I place out move without me asking them. I'm not even gonna take time to elaborate this, it's just a very plain experience. Also, the connection to Selknam is vague at best.. Really fun game! its simple in mechanics but it happens to be quite a challenge! Recommended!. First Try on Selknam Defense! Updates will be posted boldy in the respective part of the review The video can be found here: I'll start off by saying that the tag "mobile port", would it be still available, would fit here quite nicely. At least this game feels like one. The options menu only consists of fullscreen(on/off) and sliders for sfx and music. After a quick tutorial, you'll be released into the wilds of this game. One thing that is quite nice in my opinion is that there are 3 different input devices available for you to navigate and put down units(controller, mouse and the keyboard). Speaking of the controller, one thing that is detrimental though is that you can't accellerate the the game with the controller alone. Especially considering that this game first went live on the LG smart TV, you might think that this game was built with you sitting on the couch and playing it with the controller in mind. Anyways, one thing I started to notice is that melee characters are not standing still. This good as well as bad at the same time. Because of that you can attack ranged enemies with melee characters, but at the same time, if you've placed the healer one square behind your melee warrior, it gets out of healing range. Secondly the game introduces a suicide bomber enemy relatively early in the game. By the way it has to be said that the enemy variety in this game is acceptable, but let's get back to the bomber. The bomber runs towards your units, and if you build your defense lines as I do(melee upfront, ranged/heals at the back), you will loose a lot of manpower this way. Since I didn't find a way to tell my unit to back off and let the ranged units do the job, my melee lines get obliterated by one enemy unit. (Maybe a misplay by myself, but I will look into it again later) Update: As this fellow pointed out in a comment on my video, you are able to reposition your own units, which is not shown in the tutorial or the game at any time. This way the damage suicide bomber units would do can be reduced greatly. At any rate, it should be included in the tutorial that you can reposition your units, which adds a bit of strategical depth to the game itself. Apart from all of that I'd like to say that the game does what it does quite good, but that is all. It is not that the game is bad, it is not good either and what kills it for me is that this game has nothing that sets it apart from the rest of the free tower defense games out there. This makes it nigh on impossible to recommend this game. If I google tower defense, I get to choose a overwhelming amount of free flash games that do pretty much the same as this game. I could even download Starcraft II for free and browse the arcade for tower defense games. With that said, we come to the tl:dr. Is the game worth it? I have to say, no. It is not worth the 10u20ac and I would even say even with 50% it is not worth it. The sheer amount of other free towerdefense games out there simply show that you might consider Selknam Defense just yet another towerdefense game and nothing more than that.. Really fun game! its simple in mechanics but it happens to be quite a challenge! Recommended!. This is a quick and fun tower defense style game. As other reviewers have said it's not really one of great depth and once you've got the hang of spamming archers then most levels are straightforward. This is also a simple game to get "perfect game" with 15 do-able achievements and a useful guide to getting them all is on the community page. Took me under 4 hours play time to complete and get perfect game. My one annoyance with this game is the game board doesn't quite fit on one screen and the scrolling is clunky.. I bought this game when it was on sale for $1, and I still feel like I over-paid for this game. I don't necessarily have a problem with tower games being formulaic, as that is largely inescapable. However, there is little to no imagination expressed in this game at all. Movement is slow, animations poor, art extremely basic, and story? Non-existent (regardless of the claims of 'altering history' in the game description). Even if entirely free, this game is not a worthwhile use of your time. There are a large variety of tower games available on flash-game sites that are far more engrossing and imaginative than this (i.e. the Gemcraft series, or the Protector series). I regret purchasing this game.. It's cheap, it's got awesome characters, map design and tilesets. I just wished it was worked on some more or that a sequel came out with a bit more polish. If you want a cheap TD game to waste a few hours on it's ok, but it could have been so much more. I'd love more in-game stats and popup info and explanations I'd appreciate the ability to turn the camera somewhat as some tiles are hard to reach/view Some more options and screen-sizes would be good It's fun but not enough for me i'm afraid.. The game is OK at best, could be a lot better though. Pros: -Simple graphics, tutorial, and interface help beginner tower defense players learn quickly. -Fun, simple gameplay, with some strategic depth. -Great difficulty curve that forces change of strategy on later levels. -Many units are generally well-balanced and useful in their own way. -Decent value game if you spend $6 or less. -Family-friendly. Cons: -Low replay value; game is beatable in a few hours, nothing else really to do other than survival mode and minimal achievements. -Suicide bomber enemies are OP. I would understand if all units die from bombers in one hit except for tanks, but even low-level tank units get killed by them in one hit. Only max-upgraded tanks can survive one blast, but with almost no HP left. Enemy suicide bomber damage should be reduced a bit so that level 1, 2, and 3 tank units can take more than one bomber hit, but no more than two, before death. -Basic archer units should do a bit more damage. -No way to see specific enemy stats, or how your unit buffs are affecting unit stats. -When building units, no name indicators are given when choosing what unit to place. There needs to be names shown when mousing over the units, so that you can distinguish between each unit without incorrectly selecting the wrong unit to build. -General bugs ruin gameplay: enemy units go right through defences when they shouldn't in certain levels, sometimes certain areas that you should be able to place units on become unbuildable during gameplay, bad melee AI makes them move to areas that you don't want them to move and attack units that you don't want them to. -Limited music variety becomes tiresome to listen to. -Unit placement voices are annoying. -Barebones storyline and graphics. Overall, 6/10. There are many better tower defense games out there (Dungeon Defence, Plants vs. Zombies, etc), but I would recommend this for family gamers, if you're looking for a budget TD game, if you're a huge TD game enthusist or if you're a TD beginner. Otherwise, look elsewhere.. I don't like the mechanics of the game. It's a td where I can't maze, and the soldiers I place out move without me asking them. I'm not even gonna take time to elaborate this, it's just a very plain experience. Also, the connection to Selknam is vague at best.. Really fun game! its simple in mechanics but it happens to be quite a challenge! Recommended!

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