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About This Game

Build amazing 3d vehicles from simple buggies to complex work machinery! In this space themed building game you get to solve increasingly challenging remote-operated missions, as you climb the corporational ladder and unlock new planets.

The building mode is intuitive and unrestricted. There’s only a few carefully designed basic parts, and by combining them it’s possible to do all kinds of mechanical systems: steering, hydraulics, suspension systems, to name a few.

The missions begin by teleporting to the destination. Once there you have to either collect and bring back supply boxes, or travel to a different telepad in a challenging terrain. There might also be man-made obstacles on the way that you have to either destroy or get past somehow.

• 3d building mode with 10 different parts/materials
• Rover Gallery, in which you can save your designs for future use
• Career mode with 2 planets and 16 missions (more to come!)
• Sandbox mode with rockets and white environment (ideal for stylish screencasts)

This game is in Early Access, which means it’s still a bit rough around the edges, and there might be some bugs or incomplete features. By buying the game and giving valuable feedback you’ll be helping us greatly to get this game ready!


Title: Rover Builder
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Hatfuls Games
Hatfuls Games
Release Date: 14 Sep, 2017


  • OS: Windows Vista or 7
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro M600M
  • Storage: 3 GB available space


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VERY VERY VERY NICE - Only need more option for custom angles 15 to 15 instead of 45 for example... more stages... maybe a option to put non motorized wheels with motors... after roverbuilder on android 1 and 2... this one is also very very and more nice :) nice price for this state !
. can somebody tell me how to rotate the camara different angels in build mode i only will let me face towards the front and not the sides or back plz. I definitely enjoy playing this game; it lets me unleash my inner engineer. I have had a lot of fun building unnecessarily complicated rovers. Despite having only a handful of parts (or maybe because of it), Rover Builder is a deceptively challenging game.

However, there are a few bugs\/issues that I have found rather detracting. Fixing these will greatly improve the game.
- Bearings don't always load correctly when the simulation starts. Sometimes they disappear and sometimes steel beams coming off of the bearings are in the wrong orientation. In order to fix this, I have to go back to the builder, delete the bearings, and reinsert them. Sometimes even that doesn't work.
- Steering boxes can also disappear when the simulation starts. When this happens, they can't be replaced in the exact same spot in the builder.
- The simulation is noticably slower when you have larger rovers or multiple rovers at once.

I also have a few suggestions that I think would make this game a bit better.
- Increase the stiffness on steel beams and joints. It would make it easier to build steering and suspension systems.
- Make the stiffness of springs and pistons adjustable.
- Increase the stiffness of the steering box.

Overall, a very fun game. It has some bugs and quirks, but I am optimistic they will be fixed soon.. The game definitly has it's issues, but the dev team have already fixed a bunch of them and are working on even more updates. Rover Builder has changed a lot in just a few weeks. Improved camera controls, more key shortcuts (they can be customized in the game launcher, by the way), and a massive bug where parts could be placed into other parts are just a few things fixed as of writing this review.. Good game. Would be better if you could up the strength of the parts or if you could enable a "God Mode" in sandbox. I'm quite an ambitious builder and like the idea of "One creation can do all" but as soon as all my creations dropped, they exploded. Might as well just call it glass not steel :D. Also being able to set a spring to either compression or extension could be another awesome feature otherwise a spring is basically the same as a link. Other then those, Great first impressions. I was worried this would just be a copy of scrap mechanic but no. They basically took everything that didn't work\/was missing from scrap mechanic and made a whole game.. awesome game, such potential, think space-age beseige

rage-prevention aside, highly recommended and i thoroughly look forward to this game soaring up in popularity within the engineery type geeks :D

good points:
awesome potential, easy to use, space age :D,
can build pretty much all the basic engineering concepts behind nearly all plant machinery with the limited things you can use - it's up to you to build or learn to build the mechanics involved in say, a crane, this quality makes the game more awesome so please don't add too much "drag-and-drop" things :D this way people will learn more about what it takes to make a piece of machinery

bad points:
floppy rovers! :D the wheels appear to be glued on using melted rubber-gloves, the beams weigh an absolute ton but also seem to be light as hell? (doesn't have the "feel" you expect) (wierd i know, i figure again, it's just a case of floppy joints, the rover doesn't actually weigh that much)

UI bugs sometimes
windowed mode gaming is restricted to odd resolutions (borderless please! :D)
sometimes random things dissapear or get selected, camera is drunk sometimes

don't let these bad points put you off buying, i'm certain they will all be fixed in time :D keep up the good work devs! :D

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