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Rogue Party Free Download [PC]

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About This Game

Every game is different from the potions available in chests to the orientation of levels and bosses. Chest and enemy spawn points and quantities are randomized for every level as well.

Rogue Party brings the anticipation of random dungeon crawling to the next level with a highly interactive multiplayer experience. Work together by using potions on one another, exploiting enemy weaknesses and building your equipment to complement the team.

Or go it alone, taking on the Dungeon of Doom all by yourself.

"Drop in, Drop Out" multiplayer features mean that your friends can join at any time during the first level of the game and, if anyone quits, the adventure can continue unaffected.

Every door could lead to a mundane hallway, epic room full of loot or a soul crushing boss. b4d347fde0

Title: Rogue Party
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Chris Antoni
Chris Antoni
Release Date: 14 Sep, 2018


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Another great game of the "Blocked and Loaded" series perfectly executed. Awaiting next masterpiece from the creators soon

Launch Week - Thank You Everyone! New Items Coming Soon:
Hello Everyone,

Thank you for such a great launch week. We've read every comment, every review and have been checking out the screenshots that you've been sharing. We're pleased that the game has such an overwhelming response in its first week and must thank every single one of you for your support. It's been awesome!

We're a little over 24 hours away from the launch week discount ending, so if you haven't picked it up, you've got just a little over 24 hours to nab the extra 10% discount.

We're still working on new content for the game and we've got a couple of teasers for you

Imminent patch. New Track Piece, Workers and a Merry Go Round!:

Hello everybody!

Today's Tracks update includes a lot of bug fixes and the addition of a couple of new objects and new passenger types. Over the coming months we are working on several new additions and features for Tracks: The Train Set Game. Once we have more details, we'll make sure to share them with you in a future announcement. But for now, let's go through today's additions.

The Turntable Track Piece. NEW UPDATE NOW LIVE | Controller Support, Skydivers and Scuba Divers - New Items:
Hello everyone,

We're delighted to announce that a brand new update is now live for Tracks! Tons of new objects have been added, including charming helicopters, planes and bikes - plus controller support is finally here!

Check out the brand new trailer we've made to mark the occasion:

:HealUp: Full Controller Support. Tracks Releases in Early Access:
Hello everyone!

Tracks is now available to buy in Early Access. We'd like to thank everyone who played the game during its humble beginnings on when it started as an entry into a game jam.

This is our first stop on our journey in development and we hope that many of you will hop aboard and provide us with feedback, suggestions and even share your crazy tracks!

Over the next few weeks we will be working hard on implementing new features and polishing what we already have. One of the fun tools we're working on at the moment is the booster, it assists in increasing the speed of your train, but in the hands of maniacs it can propel the train at ludicrous speeds. Check out the gif below

If you spot any issues, or have any suggestions do let us know in the forums. We hope you all have fun and we appreciate all of your support in helping us make this game!. Winter (Update) Is Coming... 15th December:
Hi everyone!

We have a new update which will launch on the 15th December at 9:00AM PST. This is the Winter update and will include a variety of new objects as well as some other features and bug fixes. We're going to go into much more detail with a pretty lengthy post tomorrow. But we have a brand new trailer for you to check out right now.

The Soundtrack to Tracks will also be out at the exact same time as the update. If you want to listen to the gentle piano pieces while not playing the game. Check out the page here:

. Patch - 17th November 2017:
  • Changes:. Night Time Update - Fireworks, Music Notes and Jack o' Lanterns:

    Hello everyone,

    Today marks the release of the Night Time update.

    We have quite a lot to share, including a new trailer which shows some of the new additions in today's update. A full changelog can be found below.

    Along with some completely new objects, this update also adds a collection of night time alternatives, existing objects which change when you're in the new night themed environment set below a twinkling starry sky.

    Of course, the Night Time update comes at a rather fitting time, Halloween is right around the corner! Unfortunately, while one of the biggest requests we receive is for seasonal updates, we felt that since the base game is still so in need of content, it wasn't the best use of time working on a whole host of objects which would go 'out of season' for most of the year. Perhaps we will create something special for next Halloween!

    That said, we have not forgotten Halloween entirely. You will be able to place Jack o' Lanterns which emit a spooky orange glow!

    The Music notes have also launched, we still need to refine some of the userbility to make them easier to place, edit and move. But right now you can already make some pretty fun musical pieces.

    In today's update we've included an example map that contains our rendition of Clair de Lune, a very famous classical piece. This is just to give you a small taste to show you what is possible with the music notes.

    If you create any music with this feature, do share it with us! We bet that there are going to be some truly astounding tracks made with this feature and can't wait to see and hear them!

    Speaking of music. The soothing soundtrack for Tracks has been expanded with 12 more minutes of new music. We hope you enjoy it! Bonus points to anyone who can recreate our musicians work using the bell system! So meta!

    Additionally, tomorrow will be our one month anniversary in Early Access. We'd like to thank everyone who has purchased the game, left feedback, offered suggestions and wrote some truly lovely reviews sharing their childhood memories and even writing about how their own children are enjoying the game. It has been a wonderful experience and we appreciate the support. Thank You!

    Night Time Update Change Log. New Objects, Passenger Mode GamePlay And Playable At EGX 2017:

    Hello Everyone!

    We are a little under three weeks away from the release of Tracks: The Train Set Game in Early Access. Today we have a new video to share with you featuring game play of a new work in progress game mode, the passenger game mode. Check it out below:

    We hope you enjoy the video, but remember to add Tracks to your wishlist to stay up to date with all news on the game. We aren't very far now and can't wait for you to play it very soon.

    Though if you happen to be in the UK and attending EGX 2017, Tracks will be playable at the Excalibur Games stand. Do pop over and play the game! More info on EGX 2017 below:

    EGX 2017[]
    . Update - 1st February 2018:

    Firstly I want to say thanks for all the support the game has gotten so far, the last few months have been great and I'm sure the following year (and beyond) will be full of wonderful things!

    In order for Tracks to continue getting better, sometimes I have to postpone fancy new features to think about the long term good of the game. Since the Christmas update I've been hard at work upgrading Tracks to the latest version of the Unreal engine.

    This often isn't a straight forward process and comes with all manner of new issues to work through, but it's worth doing because of all the new features it offers me, which in turn allows me to make Tracks the best game it can be for all of you.

    So best case scenario is this update working just like the previous version. If you experience any new issues, please let me know in the forums. There may be some teething problems so patience and forum bug reports are greatly appreciated as always.

    In the unlikely event that you do experience serious issues running the game after this update, you can go back to the previous version by right clicking the game in your steam library > Properties > Betas tab > and enter previousversion into the text box and click Check Code while I work on fixing it.. Update - 5th March 2018:

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