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Rock 'n' Roll Space Patrol Action Is Go! In Hindi 720p

Rock 'n' Roll Space Patrol Action Is Go! In Hindi 720p ->->->->

Original Title: Rock 'n' Roll Space Patrol Action Is Go!

Genge: Action,Comedy,Music,Sci-Fi
















































The Planetary Outposts in Space Sector 219A have one by one fallen prey to a baffling infection. Inhabitants have given up their scientific and knowledge gathering initiatives and have instead resorted to mindless rampant consumerism & corporatised servitude culminating in the terrible and mega-ultra-destructive "Mighters March". Super Silver Base Alpha has sent their top space agent, Bronco Cedar, to investigate the latest outbreak on Outpost 11. Now he's gone missing, so as a last resort they've sent Buck Fiesta, their B-list agent with an itchy trigger finger and a chronic case of sarcasim, to sort things out. Along the way he'll enlist help from Zen master teleporter, The Red Arrow, obtain vital information from Agent Unknown, and confront an army of Temporal Ninjas led by the sassy evil mastermind of icebox fusion, Dr. Spider Jones. It will take 2 times the action, 2 times the special effects, and 2 times the rock 'n' roll to win the day.
Rock and Roll Baby... NOT! This movie, if you call something that is only 60 minutes a movie was something amazing. Amazingly bad. I can't believe Troma distributed this. This is a group of outcasts, nerds, hanging out one summer in MO and making a movie. I mean the star, Big fat black shirted guy with large man boobs carries around a plastic toy gun and a child's tape recorder. The other star looks like some wash out from a bad 80's hair band. They try to be funny but its the kind of humor even computer geeks would groan at. Making a car a spaceship, with drawn paper props, and don't forget the ninjas. All dressed in different colors but all the same guy. OOOO You almost fooled me!!! It looks like Jim Bultas, the director, writer, cameraman, visual effects, etc. basically everything needs to get his head examined. He must have blackmailed somebody to get the money to make this film. Oh the villain, Dr. Spider, looks like his lunch money was just stolen because he walks around in a child's Dracula cape the whole movie slouched and frowning, standing in front of very bad CG looking into a freezer. Even Losers would say "Damn he is a true looser." The dialog sounds like something the Star Trek writers would throw away because it makes no sense. I would rather watch my own crap spinning around the toilet for an hour that watch this again. They should use it for torture at Guantanamo Bay, I would talk after only 5 minutes. Oh did I mention this was a very bad flick, avoid at all costs unless you need toilet paper
If movies like Schizopolis, This Is Spinal Tap, and Dolemite make you smile and if your a fan of classic rock, cheesy Moog synths, and anything to do with ninjas then this movie is for you. Sun Ra was half right when he said "Space Is The Place". "Absurdity Is Your First Priority" when you watch this movie. Every frame was crafted with loving care to be a B movie exploitation regurgitation cult classic.

Dr. Spider Jones is onto something big with his Icebox Fusion. It will take more than just Buck Fiesta with his enormously large communicator and his Stress Reduction pills to win the day. Perhaps The Red Arrow and Agent Unknown might be enough to tip the balance and save Outpost 11 from Dr. Spider Jones and his army of half baked Temporal Ninjas.

Sci-fi fans with a sense of humor should come home to roost with this one. Just remember, it's all for love.


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