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About This Game

Robo Puzzle Smash is an intensely addictive competitive puzzle game that will test your wits and skill against your opponent in a high-energy, block bashin 5d3b920ae0

Title: Robo Puzzle Smash
Genre: Indie
Release Date: 15 Nov, 2018


robo puzzle smash

I can puzzle better than you! Several unique fighters, various maps to play on, local and online multiplayer, what more could you ask of for?! This game is exactly as it sells itself, it's a puzzle fighter with a literal twist!. Ive been waiting for this game for over a year now and its really well made. i love the mechanics of spinning the blocks around. Anyone who loves puzzle games should give this a try.. Played the early release they had set up Too Many Games a year ago and it is still as good. If you are a fan of any puzzle game try it out especailly capcoms puzzle fighter.. Disclosure, I did the background lighting, rendering and color. Picked this up on my own since I like competitive puzzle type games. I really like this. It's a neat take on the puzzle genre that I want to spend more time with and could definitely see as a regular arcade setup or on something like Switch. There's more depth to clearing it over something like Super Puzzle Fighter that takes some time to get good at, but that's what's enjoyable about it. It captures that fighting game feel in that respect. I look forward to digging more into it with other people, and I hope a player base stays with it.. Excellent arcade puzzling gameplay! Played through the Arcade Mode (aka Story Mode) on Easy quickly, but the higher difficulties really step it up for a tense challenge. Each character has a very different feel, especially in different matchups. The only con is the mechanics of sending stuff to the opponent are not super clear (if you're not familiar with Puzzle Fighter) and there is no manual, but it's not necessary to understand the details to smash some robo puzzles.

Robo Puzzle Smash launches November 15th : Robo Puzzle Smash launches November 15th Finally, after what seems like forever, we've set a launch date for Robo Puzzle Smash! Get ready to smash your way through your opponents in arcade story mode or take your game online and brawl across the world.. Robo Puzzle Smash Soundtrack Available : Robo Puzzle Smash's Original Soundtrack is now available: Groove out the the smooth sounds of Robo Puzzle Smash any time.. We're going to Game-A-Con in Atlantic City : If you're in or near Atlantic City stop by and see us! We'll be bringing Robo Puzzle Smash to Game-A-Con October 19 - 21, 2018.. Robo Puzzle Smash at Too Many Games: June 21-23, 2019 : We're bringing Robo Puzzle Smash back to Too Many Games June 21-23.. Robo Puzzle Smash at Too Many Games 6/22 - 6/24 : We'll be showing off (a nearly complete) Robo Puzzle Smash at Too Many Games in Oaks, PA. If you're in the neighborhood come by and play a round! We'll be hosting a tournament with prizes too.

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