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About This Game

Bringing classic arcade games such as Boulder Dash and Dig Dug into the 21st century, Quarries Of Scred is an unapologetically brutal, retro-inspired arcade game designed to see just how far you’ll go to risk your bounty.

You are Bob, who is a bad man. For reasons unknown, Bob must work the quarry to pay off his debts. Collect dirt, diamonds and other valuables but avoid causing the rocks to fall on to your head or to block the path back up. You’ll question your sanity as you dive deeper into the quarry, hoping to return with a larger reward and praying you will not be killed at the hands of a falling rock or the creatures dwelling within. Die, as you surely will, and a new quarry is generated, with a new trove of treasures and dangers.


A Procedural death trap is a happy death trap:
A new and unique quarry awaits you every time.

Daily Quarry:
Each day a new standardised quarry will open up. Compete against fellow gamers to be Top Bob.

Authentically Retro:
Harking back to the early 80’s, play in EGA, CGA or Monogreen graphics styles as well as multiple sprite set variations from contributing guest artists.

Multiple Game Modes:
See how much you can earn before you die in Normal, Darkness, Blink and 60 & 120 Second Challenge modes.

Sweet gear:
Why pay off your debt when you can spend all your new riches on lasers and gravity inverters. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Quarries of Scred
Genre: Action, Indie
Hammerspace Games
Surprise Attack
Release Date: 22 Apr, 2015


quarries of scred. quarries of scred

Quarries is a modern take on games like Boulder Dash. It's more than a repeat of those games with modern graphics. It's a modern design applied to those games. Quarries is to Boulder Dash what Shovel Knight is to Megaman.. Like unforgiving retro arcade games? Then you will like this.

Don't like unforgiving retro arcade games? This isn't likely to change your mind.. My first experience with QoS was at PAX AUS back in 2014. Setup in an arcade machine, this ZZT looking, Boulderdash inspired game kicked my♥♥♥♥♥that hard I had to sit down.

After getting over the embarassment, I had another go, and another, and another... Turns out, this is quite the awesome little title and well worth a look if you dig tough, but rewarding games.

(And ignore my played time. have spent far, far more time with this after buying it on originally!). i love old school games, games like Dig Dug, Boulder Dash all time game,
it sure is hard game take me back playing Quarries of scred

Well worth the money,

. As your body is crushed under a boulder your last thoughts are "well i guess i have time for one more game". Failed the daily Scred within 10 seconds and it was all my own fault. 10/10.

The randomly generated Quarries will keep you coming back for more punishment and the Daily Screds will have you nervously inching deeper in the quest of a higher score.

I highly recommend this game, I've played an absolute tonne of it prior to it's Steam release and I'm looking forward to playing even more now it's released!. What you see is what you get :) If this is what you are looking for then you found it :D Very old school game, can bring you some nostalgia as well as rage quit because it is brutally hard :). Be destroyed by your own greed clouding your judgement and pre-planning. Great game to play, it's either over really fast or becomes insanely tense.. find all the doritoes to win the game

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