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Title: Project: Gorgon
Genre: Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Early Access
Elder Game, LLC
Elder Game, LLC
Release Date: 12 Mar, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO 2.4 GHz /


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This game is truly amazing. It's unfortunate that it's not polished yet and many will judge it negatively while it is still in early access. But for those of us that appreciate devs that put their heart and soul into making something special and whom respect us gamers that have been playing mmo's since the late 90s, it is a diamond in the rough. I've played almost every modern mmorpg. I've spent countless hours in WOW, GW 1 & 2, ESO, FFXI, EVE and many more and this is by far the most enjoyable experience I've had since my days in Asheron's Call. I haven't even scratched the surface of this game and I look I forward to the time I will surely put into it. Don't hesitate, support these devs and come grow with this amazing community and have an absolutely rich and enjoyable experience. Millennials need not apply. This is not an all flash and no substance game. It is the exact opposite.. This game has a lot of heart beyond the rough edges. I'm glad I stuck with it and took the patience to read the text and get immersed, hope it continues to be updated.. All I can say is wow! The mechanics of this game is amazing. It really does bring back the days when MMO's truly shined. It takes away the cookie cutter class restrictions, and it allows the individual to really enjoy the game. To me it makes me feel like the world is alive and larger than life. I haven't been able to stop playing and have enjoyed every second of it. I cannot wait to see what future updates the creators will make in addition to the vast stuff that is already there.. What can I say, this game is fun, has a great community, involved in game devs/guides who create events as do the community.and the game is, ahh, scarily addictive. This is, however, a more mature mmo - npcs do cuss and make R-rated references from time to time. I speak from playing over 400 hours.which is insane for me since I bought this game just this FEBRUARY! Remember, the game is still in development: Yes, the graphics are pretty dated (as in over 10 years old type, graphics would have been a non-issue in early 2000's). But gameplay is pretty fluid, whether in its combat, crafting, or gathering. The devs who made this game have experience in major MMOs from the past and it shows in this game. There are a ridiculous number of skills - most of them non-combat. Combat skills you equip two at a time, but can opt to mix match almost any 2 at a time as you wish and you level up each skill tree independently, e.g. if you choose shield and sword they have their own skill trees levels. Choose fire magic and say necromancy and you then level those up independently. Loot is catered for the skills your character equips. So using the above example, you will about 90% of the time generate sword/shield loot if you equip those skills; but if you equip different skills the loot you gather then is rolled to work with those skills. And there are many unique things they do with the skills. For example, you can actually level up in death (from dying), iocaone resistance (a nod to Princess Bride fans) and the psychology skill (a combat skill) actually has you hurl insults or other things to damage your opponent (causing "death by shame"). The gameworld isnt very large in terms of number of zones right now, but each zone is fairly large. You have your dungeons, crypts, caves, etc, etc to explore and enjoy loot. There isnt much in the way of story or "quests" - dont expect a WoW game which is heavily quest-oriented. This game is much more like EQ was in terms of quests, where you maybe do something for some npcs here and there, - but in terms of a direct connective story, it is still in progress. This game is much more about developing your character, getting stronger, enjoying events and the company of other players as you run dungeons or the "daily" dungeon event, There is grinding, which is not just about getting more xp, but also for getting the gear you want. End game right now isn't like say WoW with raids or anything like that. Basically, at the highest level area, for the end game there is one major dungeon that requires a group and gives extremely good loot. What you will likely do once you feel your original character is maxxed out is then simply choose a new play style and see if its more powerful than what you just experienced, help other players, and get involved in the staff sponsored events. So if you like the type of game I described, give it a go! At a minimum try the demo (it is free) and see if you get hooked, like me.

Update Notes: November 3, 2018 : This is a small bug-fix update. The Halloween event is NOT over yet -- it will run through the middle of the week (Wednesday or Thursday). Fixed navigation issues with the boardwalks in Serbule and Anagoge Island Fixed bugs that prevented the thick green "queued ability" overlay from showing up on a queued ability Fixed bug where the faces of some male elves were lighter-colored than their bodies Fixed bug with human and elf female eyelashes (they looked creepy in some light conditions) Tried to work around weird behavior with Windows 10 firewall: if you log out or disconnect due to being AFK too long, the firewall would sometimes decide the game wasn't allowed to use the internet anymore and constantly break any connections to the server, requiring you to restart the game to log back in. The cause of this is unknown (Microsoft does not document much of anything about how their firewall app works or why), but we've made some changes based on hunches and we'll see if it helps. Worked around Unity 2017 bug that caused the lowest graphics tiers (Bad, Abysmal, and Retro-Terrible) to be less efficient than they should be Partially worked around a Unity engine bug involving shadows (where performance gets worse at certain times of day when facing certain directions outdoors). This is a partial fix, meaning the issue persists but is reduced. There is a side-effect, though: interactive elements such as monsters, NPCs, signs, lamps, chairs, etc., are no longer lit by the sun or moon. Usually this is completely unnoticeable, but sometimes it can be really surreal: "why is that lamppost not casting a shadow?!" If it's distressing, you can disable this fix by opening Settings and adding EntityShadows to the special-settings box. (There are better ways to address this problem in bleeding-edge versions of Unity, so we anticipate that this workaround is temporary.) We'd like players to test out a new experimental graphics feature: spherical culling. To enable it, open the Settings window in-game and add SphereCull to the Special Settings window. Normally the game uses frustum culling, meaning anything that's not right in front of the camera isn't rendered. This is theoretically optimal: why render stuff that's not on the screen? But it has side-effects. One problem is that when you spin around in a circle, a lot of art assets have to be swapped in and out of video memory, which can cause framerate to drop momentarily. Spherical culling means everything in a circle around you is rendered. This may have a lower framerate overall, but it will greatly reduce "turning lag".. Update Notes: June 8, 2018 : This is primarily a bug-fix update. It includes important server-side bug-fixes, plus other fixes and improvements that happened to be ready to go.. Update Notes: December 5, 2018 : This is a quick touch-up to last week's update. Inventory window: did not show the special overlays shown on top of quest items and broken hardcore items. Practical Summoning: manually typing a number did not always correctly change the number summoned. Recipe Sorting: the "Sort by Times Used" option did not work in some situations Inventory window: showed incorrect status messages in the chat history when locking/unlocking a folder. Fixed the level requirement on about two dozen work orders. These work orders' rewards are unchanged, only the level requirement was incorrect. Fixed physics bug that could cause oversized monsters to fall through the world Miscellaneous very minor data tweaks. Discuss this update on our forum! []. Update Notes: September 21, 2018 : Red Wing Casino. RoboWorlD tactics v 1.2.0 : list of changes:. Dev Blog: June 18, 2018 : Hi guys! The next update is coming in just a few days. I've been focusing pretty heavily on the update, but I had some time today, so I wanted to give you a status update. Remember, this is a dev-blog. It's not an official announcement about future changes, it's just me talking about what I'm doing and thinking. I like to share my current plans, but these plans change often. Speaking of which.. Update Notes: May 27, 2018 : This is a hotfix update to fix some bugs in Friday's major update. (A "hotfix" is just our term for any update that doesn't require you to download a new game client.) "Bleeder Shiv" incorrectly boosted direct Poison damage by +500%. It was supposed to be a flat +5 boost. But while fixing the bug it was revised so that it no longer does any direct poison boost, instead it boosts indirect poison a bit more. Note: the previous patch notes were incorrect; you DO earn extra XP for re-exploring Eltibule, but this is "phantom XP" that will disappear in a later update (when we make the Cartography skill do something meaningful). Fixed data bug that prevented bard+priest gear from being generated. Righteous Flame specified that it restored 0 Body Heat (which is true, but it doesn't need to tell you that). The max-enchanted recipes for some items had the wrong prerequisites. This included: Crafted Cloth Shirts, Camouflaged Shirts, Cow Barding, Snail Coats, Bard Gloves, Crafted Winter Boots, and Spring Fairy Pants. Fire Rats had the wrong internal settings. They now have fiery attacks, fire resistance, and if tamed they don't turn into a normal rat. (Previously-tamed rats are unchanged.) Gloria Stonecurl was not appropriately peeved by the presence of necromancy pets. Some weapons could not be augmented (this is fixed retroactively for existing weapons): Mutterer's Katar, Flask of Chills, Pounding Cestus. The recipe "Amazing Cloth Pants (Max-Enchanted)" created max-enchanted Great Cloth Pants instead. The recipe to install Dirk augments required Fire Dust instead of Fish Scales, which is what off-hand weapons are supposed to use for some reason. Added the missing augmentation-installation recipes for bardic lutes and horns. The various recipes for Bard Leggings generated lower-level gear effects than intended. (This cant be fixed retroactively; existing items are unchanged.) Previously, pets could attack monsters that were 'mezzed' if at least half the mezz duration had elapsed (the same time in which players can break the mezz). Now pets never directly attack mezzed or feared targets. Note that as a side effect, this means you cannot order your pet to attack a mezzed or feared enemy; pets now consider them "invalid targets". Fixed a bug that prevented monsters in some areas from fighting. (Fixed in an earlier reboot.) We'll have a bunch more bug fixes in a full client update soon.. Update Notes: April 7, 2018 : This update contains a smorgasbord of optimizations, bug fixes, and new content.

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