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Pro Basketball Manager 2016 Torrent Download [key]

Pro Basketball Manager 2016 Torrent Download [key]

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About This Game

Pro Basketball Manager 2016 is a comprehensive and realistic basketball management game. Take control of your favorite club and lead it to the summit of the biggest leagues in the world. It is up to you to manage your club: from training to transfers, taking in such aspects as finances and team goals, and not forgetting your direct instructions during matches!


In Pro Basketball Manager 2016, you can choose to start your career at the head of a well known team such as Los Angeles or New York, but you can also choose to coach a college team or, indeed, a team from anywhere in the world. The choice is yours! In addition to training your own club you can wear two hats at the same time and train a national team!


From the US college championships to the renowned national American league, through the European leagues, but also African, or Asian, numerous competitions are playable in Pro Basketball Manager 2016. In addition to the national competitions available to your club you can also compete in international competitions!


Each league has its own rules and these have been faithfully reproduced in Pro Basketball Manager 2016. Your bosses fix your seasonal goals, which you can even set higher!
The recruitment process applied to your team will differ completely according to the league in which you play. If you run a non-professional team, in which the players are not paid, you must convince players to join your side by showing real interest in them. Whereas in the North American league, you will have to handle all the complexity of contracts, exceptions to avoid paying the luxury tax, not to mention trades or the draft. Finally, in the other leagues you will have to manage the buying of players, loans or free agents, taking care not to exceed the payroll allocated to your team for the season.


Send your scouts to check out players around the world through an in-depth scouting system. Train your players collectively, but also individually in order to get the best results. Improve your club's finances by improving your arena... many possibilities are open to you to make your club the most famous on the planet!


Once your team is prepared, you can attack the season and play all matches live! You can choose to watch the matches in 2D or 3D; check the condition of each of your players; make substitutions and even adjust your strategy at any time during the match. You are, thus, able to change your defense or offense tactics, and also to change the next play that will be made by your players!


Pro Basketball Manager 2016 allows you to greatly deepen your experience as a coach by letting you create your own plays, which you can then use live during matches. Set your imagination free, it's you the play master! If you are taking your first steps as a manager, you can also get help from an assistant who will handle the most complex tasks for you.


Each player has his own personality and his own affinities with such and such a player or club. This will influence his desires and his mood and, as manager, you must find a happy medium.


Be it individual players or teams, you have a whole range of statistics at your finger tips that allow you to manage your progress. You can thus check on the mental or physical state of your players, evaluate your own career, or even look back through the archives on each match, both for your team or another. A comparison tool even allows you to instantly compare two players.


The game interface reflects your team and adopts its colors! You can also customize your coach profile: name, age, nationality, image, etc.


Check out your stats, such as your total number of victories or the list of your achievements. And thanks to an online ladder, discover how you are ranked against other Pro Basketball Manager 2016 players.


Pro Basketball Manager 2016 includes a database editor that allows you to change the names of teams and players throughout the game, letting you create your own universe. You can also download the databases of other players from around the world and use them for your own matches. 1075eedd30

Title: Pro Basketball Manager 2016
Genre: Simulation, Sports
Cyanide Studio, Umix Studios
Bigben Interactive
Release Date: 14 Jan, 2016


I love the idea behind this game.
the problem with this game is it isnt alot of fun, unless you are a super hardcore basketball nerd you will not like this game. there is so much potential but it feels like it is missing something.

Games go for too long.
plays are hard to design.
seems so long and drawn out.

unless you are basketball obsessed this isnt for you. As someone who loves basketball i gotta say this game is awful there are no positives and some in excusable cons. Im 100% sure that the NBA is the most used league and its impossible to play in it. 1. there is no way to see your record or the standings around the league 2. this is the worst part of the game when you coach in the NBA there is no free agency at all or there is no list of free agents and all the big name players resign with there original team so you have to build your team throught the draft and thats it. A basketball management game that we all needed.. I have to agree the bad reviews might have been written too fast. The game is a very good basketball management game. It's a finished product and is updated frequently by the Devs. The Devs are also very active on the main game forum, taking suggestions and helping people out with issues - nice to see!

The price is great for what you get, and the option to buy the US only version which excludes all leagues minus the NBA + NCAA is GREAT! This means if you only want to play NBA buy the US Edition for half the price.

The game has a lot of potential. Yes some of the UI needs fixing as finding some options takes a few clicks but it's all being noted down on their forum follwing player feedback.

If you are looking for a good and very in depth basketball sim then don't be worried to purchase this game.. I really wanted to like this game, I promise i did. Having played the 2015 version and seeing much potential in it I bought this years hopeful for the best.

Well it is not as easy as last years in which I always started a career with a team and I was losing no trophy every year, this years I can say it is impossible to keep your job. All budget income comes from the arena when at the same moment you are losing money to the point you owe to everyone that has laces in his shoes.

Then it's that bug thing. Damn that bug thing. I never got to play 2 forking games in the forking row.

The new features in the contracts are nice because now I cannot sign KAWHI FORKING LEONARD to Olympiacos for 150,000 a week. I saw that there are jerseys in the 2017 version and I was kinda happy because maybe it will help with the finances.

Recruitment. Hmm, recruitment was a thing this year in colleges because well nobody in the forking world wanted to attend THE ARIZONA FORKING WILDCATS. If i had a to makethe choice of whether to attend that school or remain a free agent I would even pay them so they would not change their mind.

Another problem is that you can not make your own set plays. It is impossible. Screens do not work and an open shot has the same possibilities to go in as a really good contested shot.

I would enjoy the game much more if it didn't crash like a drunk Jason Kidd!

GOOD LUCK IN FUTURE INSTALLMENTS. It's a great simulation game, but it gets boring very quick and it needs a better tutorial for non basketball players!. Good game.

I love the club managment aspect: Fixing the ticket prices in the arena, the price of beers etc. Great!

The basketball side is great too.. I like Basketball, I love the game. Simple as that, as there is no other game out there that comes that close to Football Manager.
My only BIG issue with this game is that the 2D presentation is toooo small!!!
It wouldn't hurt nor would it be that difficult to make it double the size! My eyes hurt, seriously!

No, I wont watch the games in 3D because it is crap and I enjoy a simulated game better in a 2D view mode!. Really enjoying this game so far. A lot of love and passion was put into it, you can tell. Roster dessolate leagues need to be updated, but other than that, 5 stars for a basketball sim.

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