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PAPERVILLE PANIC VR Ativador Download [Patch]

PAPERVILLE PANIC VR Ativador Download [Patch]

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About This Game

As the fire departments newest firefighting recruit, it's up to you to save Paperville in this all-new FPS.

Built exclusively for VR fight fires, shoot water pistols, blast water shotguns, power water gattling guns, battle bosses and axe and smash your way through buildings.

Paperville is proof that anyone has what it takes to be a hero, as long as safety and saving lives aren’t priorities. A tongue-in-cheek look into the world of firefighting, in a town filled with strange critters, odd personalities and secrets to discover.

Guided by a less-than-stellar fire department, you must help restore Paperville to its former glory.

  • Explore the living, breathing town, from beach to balcony to bedroom, and get to know the people of Paperville.
  • Save the townspeople from imminent danger - and from themselves.
  • Atmospheric music helps set the scene as you traverse smokey spaces filled with fire.
  • Use a number of different weapons to tackle the problems in front of you.
  • Shoot, smash, pull, deduce, and lift your way through missions and be the hero Paperville never deserved.


Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Release Date: 19 Sep, 2018


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The style is fun, the gameplay is... also quite fun.
The dry humor guiding you through the mission is good aswell. sometimes a bit cheesy. but i like cheese

Here a small video for people who like to see it with their own eyes: I enjoyed the game I have a few gripes about the controls but other than that I have no other complaints was certainly worth the full price to me.. Grabbing this game ended up being a welcome late-night distraction after a longer day at work.

It's short, as many Unity VR titles are, yet sweet, as many indie VR shooters are. The small selection of levels each offer distinct scenarios centering on a different weapon. Gunplay feels great and, as always, I wish there was more of it.

As a silly America, I love how Australian the game is in its outrageous dialogue. It's easy to tell that the team behind Paperville Panic had a good time crafting the game.

It should also be noted that this game is surprisingly vulgar and features many crude innuendos. It's all fun and games, but I'm still concerned about the kid-friendly cardboard/paper visuals reeling in a younger audience.

I really suggest playing the demo. While it spoils some of the best bits of the game, it's a riot and fits into a short session that’s worth experiencing or even sharing with friends locally.

G'donya Ultimerse.. My Initial Thoughts:
I loved the concept, the aesthetics and the immersion which is why I am giving this a recommendation. However, I did experience some ground breaking issues playing on the Oculus Rift. To refill the water pistol featured for fighting the fires I had to jump into th games menu each time. This was a major problem for me on reaching the 1st Boss. I have told the devs about my issues and I have faith they will be sorted.
Below is my 1st impressions gameplay!

Oculus Rift + Touch // GTX 1060 (6GB) Gameplay: The game is heaps of fun. Love the characters and world building. Although I am new to VR it was a wonderful experience and challenging for me. Teleporting didn't make me feel sick compared to some other VR titles.. I enjoyed the game I have a few gripes about the controls but other than that I have no other complaints was certainly worth the full price to me.. is a lot of fun, but there are a lot of bugs still like how it didn't save.. Seems like a fun idea but lacks execution. I had difficuilty with the teleportation. Sometimes it didn't seem to work, and when it did work it made me feel a little sick. It uses teleportation style movement, which is fine, but it zooms you there instead of blanking the screen and teleporting you there. For some reason that just bothers my stomach. It may just be me, or that I was distracted by the movement, but I also had a bit of a hard time knowing where I was supposed to go next, and the announcer in the game is not impressed. My boyfriend came in the room and asked me why an Australian man was yelling at me so much lol. Fun little game from what I've tried so far. I'm going to wait for more updates before diving in again, but so far it's well done!. I enjoyed the game I have a few gripes about the controls but other than that I have no other complaints was certainly worth the full price to me.

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