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Outskirts Ativador Download [License]

Outskirts Ativador Download [License]

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About This Game

Outskirts is a colorful 360° bullet-hell with beautiful vector based art, interactive music and a deep combo system. Drive your ship through your foes and make your path to the leaderboard!

Outskirts throws you in a circular and enemy-flooded board. Unlike other well-known shoot ‘em ups, there’s no scrolling in the game, everything evolves around the center of the screen. Three colors are dominating the battlefield: wear one of them to be immuned against bullets of the same element. Switch between them and put down your foes to gain power and unleash powerful weapons. Killing enemies in the proper order will make you achieve a combo and gain bonus points or bonus score multiplier. You can also do a combo of combos, which will unlock a true hidden power.

  • Play with the depth of the map to manage waves of enemies.
  • Circular battlefield.
  • A colour system to absorb enemy bullets and optimize your damages.
  • Deep and rewarding combo system.
  • Interactive music.
  • Addictive.
  • No randomness.
  • Easy to play, hard to master.

Title: Outskirts
Genre: Action, Indie
Rezo Zero
Rezo Zero
Release Date: 20 Sep, 2017


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Outskirt is a simple but deep shoot'em up. It is a mix between between Ikaruga and Super Hexagon : move in a circle, shoot in the center, absord the bullets of your color, shoot the ennemies of other colors and switch from color to color while trying to increase your multiplicator. That is the theory, but in reality, you are going to loose while the relaxing music is taunting you, you are going to tilt, but you are going to keep playing :\/. Gotta get those sweet points.

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