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About This Game

Optika is a puzzle game where you control light with 14 different optic devices to complete levels.
Be ingenious and lead the right color to the Receivers with the 5d3b920ae0

Title: Optika
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Release Date: 26 Aug, 2016

English,French,German,Simplified Chinese,Russian,Dutch,Polish

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I started playing this with my 6 year old daughter to teach her about light. This a great puzzle game with simple, yet very pleasant visuals. The controls are well designed and well explained in a series of tutorials.. Very fun and addictive game! :). Conclusion first: Gorgeous looking game with interesting game mechanics but really lacking in good puzzle designs. Still fun to pick up for a couple of bucks. The details: I'll start off with the bad part of the game: level/puzzle designs. There are maybe a dozen of puzzles that will really make you think. But the rest are either just try/tweak some stuff until you manage to hit the target(s), or just plain so simple you only need to change a few things around to beat it. In one instance (about 3/4 of the game) there's actually a level where you needn't do anything, and it just solves itself (and I don't believe that to be by design!). The levels are grouped together in several packs, but there isn't any theme going on and the difficulty is all over the place. The controls are also a bit wonky, but not so bad that it is ever really frustrating, although your mileage may vary. The sound effects can be a bit annoying, but there is an option in the menu to change the volume. As for the good stuff, I'm a sucker for the bright neon lighting effects which makes the game in my opinion absolutely gorgeous. The music is really good too, although it can get a bit repetitive in the long run. There are some very fun puzzles to solve. My favorites were the ones with attractors and/or repulsors where you can create intricate patters. The lenses are fun too to fill your screen with bright colors! I still recommend it because it's quite fun and relaxing. Especially if you have kids this may be a great game for them to play with since most puzzles are quite easy. I got it for a couple of bucks and even tho I finished it in about 3 hours, I feel it was worth my money.. Optika is a casual physics-based puzzle game that's fun and colorful throughout. The gameplay mechanics are interesting, albeit not well explained by the tutorial. There's a lot of levels here, but the game is unfortunately easy and the game doesn't demand that you understand its mechanics completely in order to complete the puzzles. In this way, the game encourages experimentation that makes it easy to see everything Optika has to offer; on the other hand, it makes solving the puzzles less satisfying in places. Still, for $5, Optika is worth your time and money. The soundtrack is fantastic and the vibe of the game is both soothing and cheerful. Would recommend.. Looks slightly stupid. Not good artworks. Dont like.. This is a well polished game, with interesting machancis and beautiful animations. The characters telling the story on the other hand feel a bit like an afterthought thrown over a good base. For the price this is a great puzzle game with just a few rough edges.. One of the very few who enjoy a challenge? Play it!. great puzzle game that based on real physics, on real optics science: you play with lasers, mirrors, prism, lenses; you rule photons making the lights turn on: levels seem to be endless and you need to be very precise on some levels, or photons won't obey you.. Truly a beautiful experience.

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