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Nuts!: The Battle Of The Bulge Download] [License]

Nuts!: The Battle Of The Bulge Download] [License]

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About This Game

Nuts!: The Battle of the Bulge is a Decision Games card game that recreates the famous World War Two battle (16-31 Dec 1944) in which the German Army mounted a surprise attack on the thin U.S. forces deployed in the Ardennes region hoping to breakthrough to the English Channel and split the allied forces.


In the game you control either the German or the U.S. and British forces. You play using cards that represent the brigades, regiments and battalions which fought in the battle. Each unit is rated for it’s strength in infantry, armor, artillery and cohesion. You move and fight with the combat cards to eliminate the opponent’s cards and achieve or thwart a strategic breakthrough.

Terrain cards represent the significant geography of the battle, such as Bastogne, Ellsborn Ridge and the Meuse River, which served to hinder or speed the German attack. There are also Event cards that represent all the situations that arose during the battle including events such as German commandos misdirecting traffic, mass surrenders and panics, air strikes and even Patton’s prayer for clear weather!

Key Features:

  • Playable as both the U.S. and German sides vs. AI.
  • Play the full map or the North or South individually.
  • Randomised or Predefined game setup.
  • 300 cards featuring units, terrain and events.
  • Authentic WW2 images.
  • Weather & terrain effects.
  • Supply lines, cohesion checks and town encirclement.
  • Faithful recreation of the original card game.
  • Full game rules included.

Title: Nuts!: The Battle of the Bulge
Genre: Strategy
HexWar Games
HexWar Games
Release Date: 12 Feb, 2016


I would suggest starting at the "How to Play" section. great strategy game with lots of decision making that can effect the outcome of the game. Between you and me, the negative reviews that will eventually show up , You have to really consider the mechanics of attacking, moving defending.... Hey, if this game was a person I would try to marry it *note for those of you with minds ruined by video games, that is a joke, I wouldn't try to marry the game,........... just date it for a while*.. Add * The interface is only complex until you have tried it a few times, once you do a couple play throughs you will pick this up with ease.. i'm on my 3rd game. first 2 were the north scenario. read the rules. interface is effecient. game is fun.

first game played as US. lost mainly because i didn't draw any unit cards. i had a lot of event type cards.
traffic jam, blow bridges etc. but didn't draw many units.

second game also as US. got some units and blew 2 bridges. caused some traffic jams and had an easy
time winning.

a lot of strategy, decisions. so far so good. playing US south now.. the price in my opinion is too high.. but when you look past that, it's a fun game.. easy to learn
. this game is alot like chess and is a big do you want to take a risk or not type game
as the usa your trying to hold off germany until reinforces get there
as germany your trying to get to the other side of the map before then
makes it a very enteresting card game with defrent towns and units
as for the others talking about bugs i have played 3.8 hours and not seen a single one
thats not to say there are though but i have not noticed any
this game also might be hard to pick up and play but once you get the hang of it its really fun. It's so riddled with bugs that it's literally unplayable.. Bugs, that's it.

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