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"This game will be bigger than Skyrim!” - Bill Corbett, Rifftrax/Mystery Science Theatre 3000

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Title: MANOS
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
FreakZone Games
FreakZone Games
Release Date: 30 Jul, 2015


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One of my favourite iPhone games is now on Steam! The mixture of cult horror films and retro NES gameplay is excellent, and the gamepad support is really great after playing it on a touch screen.. I recommend the "MANOS" game to old-school MST3K fans (like myself) who are also fans of old-school action platformer games (like myself). If you check both boxes, you'll love this. However, I feel that if you are just an MST3K fan or just a platformer fan, you will be disappointed. The former may be disappointed because platformers can be very frustrating and repetitive die-fests. The latter may be disappointed because this is a pretty brief platformer. Still, there are references both to old MST3K movies and old platformers as well, so perhaps there are enough jokes to go around. On the other *hand*, if you are just a fan of "MANOS", then please seek help. A few random notes: - Movie Hobgoblins were the most lethargic puppets in existence. I guess they got a speed buff to avoid copyright issues. /s - Getting to play as Torgo was surprisingly fun. He was clearly the superior leading man. Nice "jiggle"-physics too. - The drunk smooching couple deserved their own driving level, constantly threatening to run Mike or Torgo off the road.. A pretty short game, based on one of the worst movies of all time. Can be finished in about half an hour. It's an 8-bit style platformer, at least with some variety in its level design and one extra level based on another horrible movie, namely Plan 9 from Outer Space. Very faithful presentation of scenes from Manos, but it's all very basic. Only recommended for fans of FreakZone's other games and Mystery Science Theater 3000.. gt;Start game >Controls are laughably bad >Arrow key movement instead of WASD >Open options to change keybinds >No option to do that >Quit game. quot;The Master would approve!" - Torgo I'm a big fan of this game. Each level is themed around a different classic bad movie, which is awesome! The only thing that could be done to improve the game would be for the game to be riffed by the MST3K crew.. I like the graphics, but the only thing there bad, is that, it was running less than 30 fps when i first bought and played it, but i have no idea, why can't you buy this game anymore, if you'd ever wanted to! So please tell me, what to do, to buy this game and play it in 60 fps, ok?. 5min of this game Manos is a 2d platformer (think mario) You have a gun with unlimited ammo and there is also a shot gun that can be found that shoots 3 Shots but if you get hit its back to the revolver. Its basic platform stuff. shot enemies, jump obstacles/pits, and fight a boss at the end of each level. there is also a shooter board where you fly a plane also a few side scrolling boards and a vertical scroller. There is a hand of Manos on each level to find and if you get them all at the end you'll say something different and your family will be there. The difficulty only effect item drops so you'll get less health the harder the setting and on nightmare you'll get no health, 1ups, or shotguns. You can also unlock Targo if you beat the game once and he plays the same as the other guy, with the same story but he has no cut scenes and Mike will show up in place of Targo.

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