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Major Stryker Cheat

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About This Game

Major Stryker is the first Apogee game with "triple-parallax scrolling", adding to the illusion of depth and danger. Your mission is to pilot a high-powered, armo 5d3b920ae0

Title: Major Stryker
Genre: Action
3D Realms (Apogee Software)
3D Realms (Apogee Software)
Release Date: 23 Jan, 1993


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Major Stryker is an extremely mediocre shoot them up arcade game. In 80s games like 1943: the Battle of Midway and Tiger Heli did it a lot better than this at 90s. Do not buy this one if you don't search nostalgic way back to childhood days when you played this one.. old game, but ok. old game, but ok. It's a very fun MS-DOS Classic game to play since I was Child. As for the Storyline, it's painlessly simple: Earth Survives WW3 with most of humanity dead & plauged by a lack of Resources. Then an Alien Race known as the Kretons jump to Earth using a Wormhold and plans to conquer it as if things weren't bad enough. So the call goes out to Major Harrison Stryker, a hero of the Recent World War who takes a Special Attack Starship into the Wormhole to destroy the Kreton Homeworlds on the other side. The Problem is that the Kretons have also taken Human Hostages and you need to free them by ramming into their Holding Cells using your ship since they're immune to Weapon Fire. With a Total of 24 Levels: 12 Stages & 12 Boss Battles, you'll be blasting the Kretons to Atoms again and again.. Your ship's hitbox is massive, larger than the ship itself. This game didn't age well in the slightest. Slow, clunky, unnecessarily difficult, no fun.. It's an MS-DOS classic. EGA Graphics, Adlib music, Soundblaster sound effects. All the classic look and sound of the era. Also relatively short, as is typical for games of the time. An episode can be finished in around an hour if you don't get killed too often. Apogee did the right thing by releasing it using DOSBox, though I can't say the same for the fact they took the approach of stretching the picture rather than presenting in its native aspect ratio. Fortunately, it's something that can easily be fixed with a simple edit of a config file. Still, if you like vertical-scrolling shooters, it's worth playing and isn't too hard. I played through episode 2 on Easy difficulty with keyboard-only input before writing this review and had 32 lives by the time I got to the end-of-episode boss (and lost three over the course of the fight).

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