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About This Game

Lif, The Animal MMO

Live your life as an animal in its natural setting in this multiplayer game. Hunt, graze or forage in the undergrowth for food, drink from the lakes, you can even swim! Fight and kill or chat and make friends, even forge families together (yes, you can have babies!)

Ever dreamed of prowling the plains of Africa as a lion, soaring as en eagle over Tundra, scuttling as a lizard over a Saharan dune, or what it would be like surviving as a tasty rabbit in a woodland of hungry animals?

Well now you can. Lif is a unique animal multiplayer game, where you and other players can choose your animal and enter the worlds of Lif. Different environments, different animals- you must survive, hunt, eat, drink, rest, scavenge, attack, defend, chat and even breed and have families with other players in this simulation of nature's Life.

Update Added: Tundra, Desert levels and loads new animals!! b4d347fde0

Title: Lif
Genre: Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Simulation
Imigea Ltd
Release Date: 21 Jan, 2016


  • OS: Windows Vista/7/8
  • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz or Higher / AMD 3Ghz or Higher
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia 8600 / Radeon equivalent (2009 era)
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


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The game was never very good to begin with, to be honest, but I did have hopes for it and wanted to support Gamevial for all the old memories. Well, now some stuff's gone down and the servers are gone entirely.. Sad. Can't be enjoyed in the slightest anymore.. This game is far from any kind of animal simulation. The game designers give you very little animal specific features. The AI all act the same. Meaning there is little difference between how a croc behaves and a lion.

I was a deer killed by another deer

I was a baboon stuck in a tree with two crocs at the bottom who were trying to get up the tree. There was no water anywhere near these crocs as they rarely leave water unless it to migrate to another water source. The crocs qwere fast all the time. Cros are fast when they strike, but cannot maintain that level of speed for long.

Though I only paid $2. My time is mopre precious. This is an example of game designers taking an awesome idea and mnaking a mess out of it. In retrospective they are selliong the game off the idea and not actually designing a simulation game.

The game designers need to watch national geographic.. The controls are barely explained and are very difficult to use. The bars within the game that run out after a certain amount of time aren't explained either - you have to guess what it all is. I'm guessing the first bar is overall health, the green is food, and the blue is thirst? Not sure. Not even the main menu has many words signifying what the symbols mean (like for multiplayer, single player, control help, etc). The game is very glitchy, too, and doesn't live up to all expectations. It was funny for the 1.7 hours of play time, but not something I'd consistently play over the course of months or even a year or two. Fighting is difficult, finding food is difficult if you're not a meat eater, and the designs are pretty bad in general - the animations glitch and what happens on your screen doesn't happen on the other person's.. I will admit, I'm glad they finally updated it. The game actually looks a lot better and I like all the different animals. Though, there are a ton of flaws and gameplay is not very different. It is still buggy and the animals that chase you are impossible to deal with. It fustrates me that they did not change these things. Also, I looked everywhere and I can't find anything about the "practice secrets". They do not work at all...really all they do is place things like grass and food but they do not let you use them at all.....overall..I do love that they updated it and brought it back but...I am very disappointed that the game developers didn't really change anything but the look and the amount of animals.....everything else is pretty much the same. Still buggy, Still needs improvements. I will not recommended until this game is better improved.. This was a really great game and it's really sad to see it go. I wish that there was a way that I could help. This game had so much potential and the only bad thing about the game was a certain group of KOS (Kill On Sight) people. If they had not of come and litterally killed the entire game, I don't think the game would've been in the state it is now. If there is anyway too get this game back up, someone out there has got to try. I think the clever idea would be to ban the IP of the toxic players like Tornappart and his gang, and other people who say they're "Playing the game" I mean sure, I could understand it if there was no food anywhere, but food respawns litterally everywhere. Another simple soulution for food problems, be something that eats grass then turn back into whatever you were before. I swear

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