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Original Title: Leave It To Takeshi!

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Fantasy









































Continuing on their journey through the Shinnou region, our Heroes come across the last hurdle to be crossed before they arrive in Kurogane City, home of the Kurogane Gym and Satoshi's first Shinnou Gym battle. Suddenly, they come across an injured Konohana who has been displaced from its family and home. Our heroes then vow to help heal the wounded Pokémon, and return the scared Konohana to the old tree, which is also home to a group of Konohana, Taneboh and Dirteng. But the Rocket-Dan has other ideas for the lost Konohana, and attempts to catch it to give to the Boss. At the same time, they accidently trap Takeshi in the process, so they hold him captive as well. Takeshi's quick thinking and culinary skills get him out of that jam, and his caged Usohachi puts forth a Herculean effort, freeing both Usohachi and Konohana from their cage. And in the process, Usohachi evolves into Usokkie. After rejoining our Heroes, Takeshi decides to take on the Rocket-Dan by himself, with the aid of his newly evolved Usokkie. But after some fierce fighting, Satoshi and Pikachu join in as well and the Rocket-Dan is sent packing, allowing our Heroes, with the aid of one of Konohana's Dirteng friends, to safely return Konohana to his home in the old tree. Now Satoshi and his friends can continue over the mountain and on to Satoshi's Kurogane Gym Battle.
The group encounters a Nuzzleaf that's been separated from its friends and family. Brock volunteers to return it to where it belongs.

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