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About This Game

Jump, dodge and explore in the search for your Owlfriend, who has been kidnapped by Wizzord: the magic space frog!

  • A silly platform adventure inspired by classic ZX Spectrum games like Jet Set Willy!
  • 225 rooms of non-linear exploration!
  • Trivia questions to solve!

Search through Wizzord's castle, avoid nasty enemies, find the keys and save your Owlfriend! a09c17d780

Title: LaserCat
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Daniel McFarline
Daniel McFarline
Release Date: 26 Jan, 2012


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+Fun platformer
+Funny humor
+charming retro feel

-can get tiresome. It's a pretty fun platforming game. It's simple and easy.

You find keys in this 'fortress' and you get asked a trivia question when you collect it. Then you gotta bring it to a checkpoint without dying to collect it.

The biggest complaint is that on moving platforms you cannot jump. I don't know if this was intended or not, if it is then they need to make it known in-game or fix it. I think they'll fix that issue though.

If you have a dollar and want something easy and dumb, go for it.

Edit: He totes did fix the issue. Beat the game, totally worth the money. It's like a budget VVVVV or how many ♥♥♥♥ing V's there are. Not as good but a fifth of the price.. I first came across this game as an Xbox Live Indie game; it's a fun couple of hours of jet set willy / manic miner style play, with some trivia questions and quirky humour thrown in :). This game is awesome and super cute!!! I was looking for a game like this :3 Great job \u2665. A really excellent game I first played on Xbox Live Indie Games. It's a fun little platformer that is fairly simple for the most part but without ever being boring, and even the trickier parts manage to tread that fine line between challenging and frustrating. The quiz questions and writing are genuinely funny too. So glad to finally see it on Steam as it's always fun to have a reason to give it another playthough!. Very nice little retro adventure platformer! It's not particularly hard if you're from the NES era, but it still has its challenges. Recommended if you like platformers at all and feel like smiling.. Decent game, albeit a little easy and monotonous. Worth the money, but not by much. Didn't really have as much fun on it as I would have liked, but for a $1, you can't really complain.. This game is worth the money. Did a playthrough, and if you like retrolooking platformers, with some easy puzzle\/quiz elelements, do consider this. Worth it even at full price (i bought it on sale).

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