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About This Game

A beanstalk of unimaginable size has grown up overnight - discover what awaits at the top.....

Jack Spriggan is a VR platformer set in a fantasy world. You'll climb, swing and jump up a towering beanstalk with the help of magical items found along the way. Every reach will bring you higher and higher into the clouds, towards a thundering menace. Swing a sword. Fight giant creatures. Climb into the sky. Hurl yourself across the void and then make enormous magical leaps by jumping in real life. Jack Spriggan features a novel jump mechanic that translates real life jumps into impossible leaps in game.

Designed to provide a breathtakingly beautiful setting with full-body action mechanics, and featuring a gorgeous day-night cycle, enchanting music, and frantic chases, Jack Spriggan will transport you to a world where fables become real. 7aa9394dea

Title: Jack Spriggan
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: 9 Jun, 2017


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel i5-4690
  • Memory: 8 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia 970
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1 GB available space


I am only 1.5 hours in and felt this game deserved a review and a good one at that :) I am thrilled with the ambience, the core game mechanics and the obvious care taken in bringing this familiar fantasy tale to life with a refreshing spark of creativity. The soundtrack is lovely but not overpowering and despite a few rough edges in game play (some inexact grip\/hop mechanics and slightly clunky early combat) this game is addictingly enjoyable. I can't wait to reach the top but I will avoid any spoilers. If you are looking for a fairly polished and physical adventure game that doesnt feel like just another "demoey" collection of assets, this is a great buy at full price!

Soooo not disappointed!!!. Some of the movement can be ackward, but overall a fun game.. Ok the lack of reviews on this game is just sad so I had to write one, I really enjoyed this game even with its current flaws (Devs are working on that). This game for me was like jumping into one of my favorite story books Jack and the beanstalk and it was amazing! So of course based on the story this will be a climbing game but not all the time cause their is also some action as well. You will obtain a sword to be able to fight off creatures on your way up along with other tools to help you on your adventure. The climbing in this game is close to climby which is a good thing in my opinion, just be prepaired to get a good workout in this game. For me it was a blast from start to finish I could not stop until i made it to the top and when I did I was not dissapointed they really put effort into the scale of things so you really get the feeling of how small you are compaired to a giant. Thier is only 1 beanstalk that I have played so far and the devs have more content planed, it was a great time none the less you really should give it a chance if you enjoyed the story of jack and the beanstalk of just climbing games lol. One last thing if you have a fear of heights or not this game will make your feet tingle a few times cause the scenery is beautiful and you will get caught up in it and make you feel like you really are high up!. GEEZ LOUISE, This would be an exceptional adventure, were it only the first 30 min or so of the initial way up the bean stalk or if the final parts of the game were improved. The final half of the game felt like a chore due to the jumping mechanic not always activating correctly or under\/over estimating the small jump movement that would cause accidental falls from the edge of platforms on the way around and down the bean stalk.

It is epic as hell when you just stop to take it all in and you're being chased by the giant but then proceeding down is frustrating when you are sent all the way to the last checkpoint because you accidentally grabbed onto your weapon instead of a vine (placing weapons on the players back would really help this) or a big leap just doesn't work properly and you have to go to the last checkpoint that's way the hell up top.

Either way, it was a great experience and I hope these things are addressed, though I realize the game has been out a while and not many other people have played it. Even with its flaws, it's still a unique, visually fantastic and worthwhile play through that I recommend to anyone looking for an adrenaline inducing, high-stakes, climbing Mount Everest experience in a grand fairy tale setting.

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