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Original Title: Iron Eagle IV

Genge: Action,Drama



















































While Chappy Sinclair is saddled with a bunch of misfits and delinquents for his flight school, he turns to his protégé Doug Masters to assist him in rounding the into shape for an important competition. During their training, they stumble upon a group of subversive U.S. Air Force officers who are dealing in toxic waste as a sideline.
Movie is watchable. It isn't Gone With the Wind or even Top Gun, but it is fun.

That's all of my review of the movie

I recommend that all of the negative reviews be tossed because the content proves that none of them watched the movie. Did all of ya'll (Yeah, I'm from Dixie) get together and decide to pan this movie as an addition to your pointless evening?

You can't spell either.

Get a life.

BTW I was an Air Force officer and a flier. The enlisted guy can call me Sir or Colonel. Louis Gossett Jr returns to the well one more time as Chappy Sinclair who goes to Doug Masters (Played by Jason Cadieux who is in for Jason Gedrick who wisely declined) to teach a new band of recruits however this time they discover corrupt air force pilots who deal in toxic waste. This is a series that just keeps getting worse with each subsequent entry, this one however doesn't have any of the zip or even the action to make this even worth seeing on cable. Iron Eagle IV is directed with such indifference that the dogfights come off as if we were watching a playstation 2 game played by two lobotomized teenagers. It is horrendous to watch and Gossett Jr who has made his share of turkeys seems to have bottomed out here. And I saw Cover-Up, Firewalker, Aces:Iron Eagle III, Toy Soldiers and Jaws 3D. What is mysterious about Louis Gossett Jr is that he seems to be like Christopher Walken in his quest to do anything as long as he's working. As I look at his post Oscar win. Some of his better movies include Iron Eagle, The Punisher and The Principal. Considering that the latter two movies have him co-starring with Dolph Lundgren and James Belushi it is indeed something to say that three guilty pleasure action flicks are in the running for his better work. Of course Enemy Mine and Diggstown remain his best post-Oscar win work.

* out of 4-(Bad)

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