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Inner Voices Portable

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About This Game

Tune yourself to the voices lurking in the head of John Blake - the torme 5d3b920ae0

Title: Inner Voices
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Sigma Games
Fat Dog Games
Release Date: 10 May, 2017


  • OS: Windows 7 or better
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD, 2,4Ghz or faster
  • Memory: 4 GB RA


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Looks interesting - would love to play it, but impossible. Using Vive Pro, I found myself rising above the floor and out of the bounds of what appeared to be the game area, then struggled to be able to move around, and when that worked it seemed as though I was tiny in relation to my surroundings. Three reboots and you're out. I'm getting a refund.. Inner Voices is not a horror game. I guess, thirller is better word to describe it. Some screamers in the game are more like easter eggs (ones of many) than really important part of the athmosphere. Discovering of the John Blake's interior is not scary. The game based on making feeling of anxiety, confussion and mystery. Confussion, both John's and gamer's. Story is nice and not quite predictable. In fact, it's very ingenious. Sounds are great, and music gives me the creeps. However voice acting is at best "not bad", but John's voice is worst problem. Many times it just killed my immersion. The game looks good, but I'm disappointed by poor physics (motionless drawers are really pain) and elements like curtains, which acts like a wall. Oh, and cutscenes u2013 seriously, cutscene looks fantastic, and show how great Inner Voices potential should be with bigger and more wealthy team. And how this potenitial was unused. But the most important part of Inner Voices are doors and random-generated locations. Creators made lots of various rooms and even more events happening randomly. When after a few hours playing you think you know the game inside out, suddenly a new, unexpected event can happen. This mechanics still has some bugs, but it's really, really fun to find all events and easter eggs.. Good one! It is my first review, so as an one eyed unicorn I just want to talk about feelings. And it was scary. I like the way game build the tension.. I have enjoyed playing this game. Very interesting and satisfying mysteries to solve, really loving Lovecraft feeling.. Looks interesting - would love to play it, but impossible. Using Vive Pro, I found myself rising above the floor and out of the bounds of what appeared to be the game area, then struggled to be able to move around, and when that worked it seemed as though I was tiny in relation to my surroundings. Three reboots and you're out. I'm getting a refund.. This game is interesting. It was kind of hard to figure out at first. It does not really lead it's story that well in my opinion. It did have a couple good jumpscares but I think there is more to the game than I go to. If you like horror games check it out. I would recommend giving it a shot. I had fun when I played it. I just felt there could be more done with it. The link to my let's play is below.. This game is grasping my attention. I will say the voice acting seems like its lacking emotion. BUT! here's me getting scared.. This is one of those games I really, really wish I could recommend. The atmosphere and the concept are excellent. The voice acting is borderline dialed-in/untrained (it may actually be), but that's forgiveable. "The Being" looks pretty bad, especially when you aren't interacting with it. It wouldn't have taken much effort to go a different direction with him/it, even if it were nothing more than a floating, wispy orb. There are some very clever implementations in the environment, but it's mostly fluff. There's very little that can be interacted with. Those objects with which you can interact is almost a chore, requiring you to pick up your mouse and move it more than a couple of times to get a full rotation out of the object you're holding. (I have the mouse sensitivity turned all the way up.) When you choose to open a door, you can see it determine and apply the next room prefab, as the textures pop in around the door. This is pretty immersion breaking. There are games that do this kind of thing very well, such as "Layers of Fear". If I attempt to play the game at my monitor's native resolution (1920x1080), the game goes balls out nutso, tearing and flickering. This isn't a problem, as it looks good on the next step down. Lastly, in my 30 minutes of play time, I had a hard crash and a hard lock, the latter of which forced me to reboot my entire machine as it wouldn't let go of my display and the task manager was behind it. Despite the reviews indicating that this isn't a jump scare game, the couple of scary moments that I've had so far were, in fact, jump scares. Well executed, I suppose, but jump scares don't scare me, so I wasn't impressed. In all, I'd like to know where the story with Mr. Blake goes. But my initial impression is that this is a gimmicky, buggy key-finding simulator. I'll try to continue playing with task manager open on the other monitor, just in case. But so far, it's a far cry from impressive or even enjoyable. ** UPDATE ** Unfortunately, my opinion has not changed for the better. I no longer wish I could recommend the game. You're randomly opening doors with no direction and no reason. Don't like the room you're in? Turn around and open the same door again for one of about a dozen prefabbed rooms. I've missed jump scares because they happen off camera. There are some unusual design decisions. (A chair stops you from moving forward until you pick it up and drop it, then you can kick it all over the place. A donut on the floor that you can't pick up stops you from moving forward.) About half of the time when you open a door, it takes you back to the church where you're told that the journal is updated. (Spoiler: It isn't.) There's no persistence in the rooms, so if you change something and somehow find your way back to it, it's like you were never there. I just. I can't with this game anymore.. Looks interesting - would love to play it, but impossible. Using Vive Pro, I found myself rising above the floor and out of the bounds of what appeared to be the game area, then struggled to be able to move around, and when that worked it seemed as though I was tiny in relation to my surroundings. Three reboots and you're out. I'm getting a refund.

Rad Rodgers - Radical Edition The Red Solstice 2: Survivors Teaser unleashed! : Dear people of The Red Solstice, after months of hard work, shaping The Red Solstice 2 into a game we are all proud of, we are very excited to present you a little slice of what we have acomplished so far. Moments ago we have uploaded our first teaser trailer for the game. It should give you a bit of the feeling we are going for. We hope you like it. Here are also some screenshots of the systems that are being worked on: Armory is of course where you customize your marine's equipment and weapons before sending him into action. This time arround you'll have much broader scope of customization options. You'll be able to pick different firing modes for your weapons, choose to pick more passive abilities at the expense of some active skills, pick one very powerful system instead of few weaker ones, or perhaps just leave more room for ammo, explosives and other items. You'll probably die anyway, but at least you can give some monster a bit of indigestion with the right setup. Strategy layer is a new feature in The Red Solstice 2. It allows you to choose your missions and play in a more campaign like way, capturing and loosing teritory, securing resources, and joining up with your friends in order to crack those hard missions. You are fighting for entire planet now. We are starting to do regular mini updates on our progress on Facebook, so if you want to be updated regularly, join us at: or come chat with us at discord: Join us and give us your feedback and suggestions so we can shape this game into a masterpiece.. Big update! : Dear community, we have some bad news and some good news. Let's start with the bad. Solstice Chronicles: Survivors is no more. We killed it, cut it to pieces and fed it to a pit of angry zombies we keep just for such occasions. But there are good news also, bear with us for a bit longer. When we started working on the Solstice Chronicles: Survivors it was because the community asked for a multiplayer mode in the Solstice Chronicles: MIA and we were unable to provide that with the original game. It was supposed to be a standalone multiplayer game built upon the expanded MIA framework featuring more open gameplay similar to the survival mode. Guided by our previous experience with the Unreal Engine and some great new talent we were lucky enough to acquire, we started peeling back layers of old code, improving old assets, playing with new gameplay elements, and the more we worked, the more we liked what we saw and more ambitious we got. But the more we worked, more often we got wow, this is so The Red Solstice moments. The turning point happened when we started experimenting with the controlls as we felt the pure twin stick scheme just did not feel right in a big open map. It felt somehow static and tiring and someone half jokingly suggested we try the The Red Solstice like RTS type controls. We actually tried it, and after a few days of intense discussions and multiple further rounds of testing we decided it was actually much better. It was then we finally said, This is The Red Solstice 2!. So it is our great pleasure to officially announce that we are now working on a full fledged sequel called The Red Solstice 2: Survivors. It is a tactics oriented shooter game made for multiplayer squad tactics but fully playable in solo mode. Basically all that The Red Solstice offered, but improved by years of experience our team has gained, combined with the perks of a modern Unreal 4 engine.

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