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About This Game

Incandescent is a fast paced action arcade game that scales the difficulty to your skill level. The goal is simple, pilot your ship and defend yourself against waves of uni 5d3b920ae0

Title: Incandescent
Genre: Action, Indie
Stephen Crabb
Stephen Crabb
Release Date: 30 Jun, 2015


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That's a nooice game boi.. I got in the top ten on the leaderboard but when I put in my 3 initials (or tried to) it was just bugging out and putting in the wrong letters. I am the NYA on the leaderboard. I think its sixth place. But nobody will know its me except for the people who see this. Also, the controls are terrible. It might just be my mouse, though it works great on every other game, but it just goes where it wants and doesnt do what I tell it to do. For example, there are enemies behind me, so I move my mouse to get them, but my shots in the game don't do what the mouse is saying. I even got this game for 75% off (I got a steam coupon from getting a badge) and I'm not satisfied. This game is not worth any money.. Want to kill 10-20 minutes but don't know what to play. . .. That's a nooice game boi.. Incandescent is a simply little shooter game. It's fun for the price it is, although it probably won't be entertaining for more than 30 or so minutes unless you're really into the genre. As an aside though, it could use some extra polish when it comes to controls. Basic movement is simple, Anything else is hard to figure out when the game only shows gamepad control prompts.. It's a pretty good game,I got it mainly because it reminded me of asteroids and I love that game so I figured I'd love this to,so I deicded to buy it. The game is pretty fun you fight wave after wave as you work to get a high score,it's seriously like the old arcade games you'd find in arcades where you enter 3 letters at the end once you got a top 10 highscore,it's pretty amazing I love the oldschool feel of this game. There's not much to exactly say about this game that you can't see from the video or the screenshots, I wish this game had a co-op mode where you play with someone else to see who can get the higher score playing on seperate maps and once the first person run out of lives the game ends and who ever has the highest score wins. I don't know it just sound like a fun idea for a future update to me. Other than that for the price of the game and for what it really is,I would recommend this to a friend most likely. Mainly to a friend that loves oldschool styled games.. eh the game is easy boring and somewhat buggy i constantly kept running into ships that would suddenly spawn right in front of me the gameplay is boring and theres almost nothing to it even for a 2$ game not really more then a crappy time waster 3/10. This is a very simple twin stick shooter. It does not have a lot of depth, but what it does it does alright. Pros: - Good music - Starts out very easy. This is important because you are not automatically dead while you work out how to play. I am terrible at this game, and yet the easy early waves still had me progressing farther than I had any right to. - various weapon powerups are fun - Has a reasonable level of polish - Overall I liked the sound effects, with the exception of the constant sound of the gun firing. Cons: - The biggest issue for me was too many colors that were used multiple times making it hard for threats to stand out. Every enemy I destroyed turned into lots of colored sparks. Colored sparks that blended right in with the loads of enemy shot sparks and my own bullet sparks. In the end half the time progressing seemed to be just a matter of always moving and pure luck. - I played on a mouse and keyboard setup, and the controls were serviceable but not great. I suspect this game needs a controller to be the most fun. - Seemed to be little to no reason not to constantly fire. Should have had an auto-fire toggle somewhere. - Beating bosses didn't get you any special reward. I felt like killing the bosses should have gotten you a powerup or extra life or something. As it was they were just a slightly larger enemy with a lot of life. - The scrolling does not work in the player's favor. The whole game is just played in a box. But the box doesn't fill the screen. You need to get pretty close to the edge of the screen before the view scrolls in that direction, giving you a small field of view as you move forward and leading to cheap deaths. I debated on this one, but in the end for me despite all of the cons I enjoyed the game (probably because it starts out so easy). A decent, cheap casual twin stick shooter.

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