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Homefront: The Revolution - Beyond The Walls Addons

Homefront: The Revolution - Beyond The Walls Addons

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The second American Revolution has been crushed by the KPA occupation forces, and Philadelphia - last stronghold of the Resistance - is about to fall.

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Title: Homefront: The Revolution - Beyond the Walls
Genre: Action, Adventure
Dambuster Studios
Deep Silver
Release Date: 8 Mar, 2


  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 all x64
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4570T (2.9 GHz) or equivalent or AMD FX-6100 (3.3 GHz) or equivalent/p>


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This was better than the main game itself! Sadly the whole game was not like this.. This DLC was way beyond my expectation! From the beautiful environment, to the incredible storytelling sequences, I was delighted to play this dlc the most. You seriously need to buy this DLC in order to get the conclusion of Ethan Brady story (Although I did want him to speak in the main campaign to make his character more appealing) and get a grasp of what the world of America is like beyond the walls of this dystopia. The music was also terrific and really shine the peaceful atmosphere of beyond the walls. This small studio outdid themselves in this DLC.. My only complain is that it is short for what it's priced at. Its very fast pased and to the point, with a pretty sad ending.. So the DLC was fun I will say that but it is also another linear mission. Took me about 1.5 hours to 2 hours to beat it. Pros -It was a fun mission with varied objectives -The landscape was beautiful -The map layouts were interesting and very tactical (since I played it on deathwish I noticed they were designed well) Cons -Short -Same enemies -same weapons If you like the story, which I do, you will enjoy it and see why this is their last DLC for Homefront the Revolution (which I'm sad that this is the last DLC). I got this through the expansion pass which DOES give you the DLC for free. I didn't see the price but I'd say the price is a bit much for 1-2 hours of gameplay. TL;DR If you are a true fan of the game you'll enjoy it though short. If you were expecting tons of new locations you probably won't. My first negative review of the Homefront: The Revolution game.. Very short but good.. Beyond the Walls is a strong closing chapter to a game that had a less than stellar start in life; while Homefront: The Revolution gained a reputation for being notoriously buggy and glitchy due to the horrible state it launched in, BtW is nicely polished and well-thought out. The story picks some time after the Aftermath DLC, with a kick in the teeth for players as all your efforts are for naught since the KPA have all but retaken everything you single-handedly conquered during the main game . Returning character Parrish receives a message from outside the city, and protagonist Ethan Brady (with returning coarse voice) has to go out into the Pennsylvania countryside to get in contact with the source of the mysterious transmission. Pros + The environments are beautiful as grey war-torn Philly is left behind for the rural countryside, including abandoned farms, swaths of greenery between rock outcroppings, some subterranean surprises, and a load of mud + The mud provides a simple yet somewhat amusing gameplay mechanic as Brady is significantly slowed down by it (there's an Achievement attached to this) + Compared to the previous two DLC offerings, BtW is very meaty, easily clocking in at double the time it took to finish the Voice of Freedom and Aftermath + This is partly due to the more open level design; while players are still more or less railroaded down a linear path, there are a number of areas that allow for exploration and different angles of approach to enemy encounters + Speaking of enemy encounters, BtW has the best firefights of the entire game at a run-down diner and at a farm during the climax + You are given access to all guns and attachments from the full game and can switch them up regularly at caches (two things that were missing in the other DLCs) + Ten journals and a lone rubber ducky make for a decent number of collectibles, with some of them well-hidden Cons - The main drawback here are a number of story elements, namely the game destroying all your previous effort in conquering Philadelphia with a line of text in the opening and Brady dying at the end in the dumbest case of Unplanned Manual Detonation slash Heroic Sacrifice ever , while also leaving a sequel hook with little extra explanation. - As mentioned in the pros, this DLC is more open-ended than the previous two, but still fairly linear. Open world connoisseurs, look elsewhere for your fill. - There is nothing here that you haven't really seen before in Homefront; the environments are nice, but for how long it took to ship this DLC (some ten months since the base game launched) you would have expected a new weapon or two. - Enemy variety is dirt poor, with the same old KPA mooks thrown at you (some gas troops make an appearance in an area they have no reason to be in) - While longer than the previous DLC packages, don't expect Homefront's last hurrah to last more than an afternoon Ultimately, do the pros outweigh the cons? I would argue that they do; while the story kicks you in the **** mid-dinner and leaves you to pick up the cheque, the environments, set pieces, and overall gameplay make up for it and the other minor grievances one can point out. If you enjoyed the full game and/or the other DLC, you will definitely enjoy this one, although you may want to wait for either a permanent reduction in price or a sale (as the 13 Euros it costs as launch is definitely too pricey). If you're reading this review to determine whether or not to buy the game+season pass bundle (like I did) over just the base game in a sale, I implore you to get the former; BtW on its own more than justifies the small increase in price for the pass. In hindsight, Dambuster Studios have gotten a lot of slack (a part of which was well-deserved), but they have shown their competency with Beyond the Walls, delivering a good bite-sized epilogue to Homefront. While it is definitely early days, I hope to see another game from their hand in the near future.. I loved the main game, but to me this DLC is too short. I expected a (smaller) open world wich I could explore, but instead I was given only one linear mission with very few depth. +Nice graphics -Boring -Short If you want to pick it up, do so in a sale. You're not missing out on anything without it. You could literally just watch a playtrough of it and have the same experience.. This is not a DLC. this is the Demo for a what could have been a pretty nice dlc. i mean, i read the reviews that said it was short. But this is just stupidly short. its like one mission , i thought you would have some open world to discover. a few farms, and stuff to drive between, but its about the size of a cod map. and they (the characters you are helping) are constantly nagging you. it will drive you insane, that is the 1 good thing i guess.. Final chapter of this game. Linear gameplay. No open world. Recommended if you want to know how the story ends.. This dlc gives a proper ending to our protagonist, recommend to everyone who played the main game and liked it. This feels like the ending that should have been in the main game, great and beautiful locations as well.

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