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Hiveswap Friendsim - Volume Fourteen Serial Number

Hiveswap Friendsim - Volume Fourteen Serial Number

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Ah, another week, another volume of Hiveswap Friendsim. It’s a way of life now, honestly. This steady ramble through the dramatic horrors of the alien countryside, whe 5d3b920ae0

Title: Hiveswap Friendsim - Volume Fourteen
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation
What Pumpkin Games, Inc.
What Pumpkin Games, Inc.
Release Date:


  • OS: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: 1.66 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics:</</p>


hiveswap friendsim volume 14 release date. hiveswap friendsim volume 14. hiveswap friendsim volume 14 release date. hiveswap friendsim volume 14

This was so interesting -- this worldbuilding, whoa!! It was really neat seeing the clown afterlife??? That bit in particular I was really invested in, and. Oh no, Karako. D: poor kid.!!!. THis volume cleansed my soul and heart from all impurities of a burdened life 14/10 better than expected!. "You're filthy." It was in this moment that I realized I was hot for the janitor, in the lesbian kind of way. Also, clown kid is cool kid.. "You're filthy." It was in this moment that I realized I was hot for the janitor, in the lesbian kind of way. Also, clown kid is cool kid.. Honk honk and clean up your act. I gotta be real this chapter was. not as good. I feel like it messes with the pre-established lore of homestuck. - (MAJOR SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER AND HOMESTUCK BELOW) - For starters, Karako. He is absolutely adorable, but the ending where he dies doesn't really make sense. The Dark Carnival was a fabrication made by Doc Scratch to get the purplebloods to further Lord English's goals. Washington D.C. was briefly renamed Dark Circus in the Alpha-kid timeline, and Vriska and Meenah eventually wandered into a dream bubble OF a carnival that they mused mighta been the place, but they almost immediately realize that's probably not the case and it's just some rando abandoned carnival (with a tatoo parlor). I mean yeah it was kinda funny but. eh. Secondly, It's weird that sea-dwellers are that strong. It's been stated before that Equis's strength is relatively unique to him. But the writing repeats at least 3 times in the space of maybe 5 minutes, "Damn, they're so tough." One guy literally get's gored by some sort of little shop of horrors plant knock-off and he just walks it off. It retroactively claims Polypa told you they were tough but, in her chapter, it was pretty implied that she just snuck up and ganked a guy, and any difficulty was in that sea-dwellers are well guarded and influential VIP's. Feferi got shot clean through and she DIED, and she's higher on the hemospectrum than they are. Granted it was a little different but. still. Finally Marsti. I just. do not get what they're going for. She seems to imply she just cleans to clean but the second she sees Folykl it's like she's almost turned on. She seems genuinely fed up with you and your lack of awareness all the way to the end of the "good" route but is suddenly smiling with you like you're pals anyways. It almost feels like it's treating you as borderline unintentionally racist to lowbloods based off of assumptions you make so yeah, guilt-tripping. Fun. The character designs and songs were great, as were the backgrounds. As far as art goes this chapter did maintain the quality. And, granted, I get the adventures of the MSPA reader are absolutely non-canon, and friendsim is here to tide the fanbase over until the next installment of the main game, but I was always under the impression the worldbuilding was accurate. Like everyone interested in the deeper dynamics of Alternian culture could finally get a peak. It feels like either A- This is newly developed canon and we have to live with it, or B- I'm overthinking it. Which judging by the size of this review is quite possibly the case but we're 14 volumes in and this is the first hint of acanonness I've noticed. Still eagerly awaiting the next one but coming off the last installment this chapter was a bit of a let down.. With each volume the Friendsims dig deeper into alternia's lore, the narrative becomes more itneresting, more of its darkness is touched, and more and more questions are asked about the individual whom we are experiencing this series through. And the question of whether or not this is as loosely canonical to the main game becomes ever harder to answer.. Marsti > Karako

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