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Hit Tank PRO


Title: Hit Tank PRO
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Strategy
Bacq Stellan
Release Date: 2 Dec, 2015


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No point to the game.. This is a hard one, I like the game and is actually fun to play, it lacks controller support which should be mandatory for this kind of game. The main menu it's terrible, you mouse over anything and it'll be selected. The actual game is very fun to play but no score whatsoever, no goals to reach. I think the game has lots of potential but it needs something else to grab the players. I recommend it AT a lower price, it is not worth what is asked at this stage.. NICHT KAUFEN 1. Musik 2. 1. Level und schon kein Bock mehr. 3. Schlechte Grafik 4. .. I recently played this game, and made a video for my Youtube Channel about it. (Link Down below for the video) I was given the opportunity to try this game because the developer reached out to me. I personally enjoy puzzle games that make you use your mind a little bit. I found it to be a good game to play when you have a short amount of time. The length of the game seems really fair for the price. It is not a perfect game, but it is a game you can enjoy.. Top down tank shooter with easy to use controls . Instructions aren't 100% (i think the game dev is a non English speaker) but you can figure it out quite quickly just by playing. Perfect little game if you want some casual fun for a short time . But be warned ,the difficultly increases the more you progress. Though It's satisfying to get one up on the incoming enemies :) Easily worth the asking price i thought as the game is well made for what it is. I did notice one problem (i think ),i was playing with the arrow keys and on the next mission the keys went to wasd. Hope that small issue can be fixed in an update.. First I have to admit that I bought this with other 9 random keys and some games were good so I didn't wasted my money.. Bought it, played it for 9 minute and then promptly uninstalled it.. At start is really easy but in the long run it become challenging.. There's some warning about things which I'll get out of the way. A) movement controls chronically reset (barring the challenge mode which is a series of missions) B) An enemy tank in later levels goes and leaves the screen potentially. But I would reccomend it as it's a cheap amusing thing to do when you have a few minutes. I can't say this is must get for the time being.. I would recommend this game to people who have a nothing do in spare time or just looking for a good tank game to play.

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