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Hindi Horizon In The Middle Of Nowhere Free Download

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Original Title: Horizon In The Middle Of Nowhere

Genge: Animation,Action,Comedy,Fantasy,Sci-Fi



















































My inflated ego assumes that what few people who checked out this page remember my previous review and, by extension, how I said I hated this anime but felt I was missing something.

Well, either I still am or I have accurately assessed this speed-freaked show for the confusing pile of ADHD that it is.

I tried an experiment where after gathering some clue as to what was going on I tuned out for a minute. When I came back, I was totally lost again. I kid you not, I have NEVER seen a show, anime or otherwise, move at such a break-neck pace. It doesn't take time to establish characters, or if it does I missed it in the face of the 20 million things going on.

Try to make sense of this: there's a girl named Horizon who isn't the real Horizon but looks just like her who is a princess in a land floating in the sky only it's an airship and this is one of twelve such lands that may or may not also be airships that now has to take her own life because the lord of this airship died before something could get resolved and now Horizon is made to take responsibility even though everyone feels she shouldn't and this lord had a blade called Slicing Dragonfly, I THINK. Even then, I'm not sure that's entirely correct but that's what I was able to gather before giving up.

Look, I'm all for mystery. Half the stuff I write feeds the audience scraps at a time before bringing them all together in a huge, bombastic climax, all the while keeping them in the dark with misdirection. This anime misinterprets this as being incoherent and giving the audience nothing to focus on, which does not work in its favor.

A good sense of this show's problems can be gleaned from looking at its Wikipedia page. On it, we see that there are 27 named characters from the main good guy faction ALONE, each with a character profile that sometimes is only a sentence long discounting any information about their battle techniques. ALL of these characters appear in the anime, get no introduction, and are hardly given any significant screen time, let alone dialog. And really, this is the other big problem with this anime: it has 20 million characters to complement its 20 million plot points, and even though there is a titular character she gets little to no focus as of Episode 8. The only character I kind of got to know was this lord guy whose name I didn't catch but had Slicing Dragonfly as his weapon, and the only reason I know he was a lord was because I was paying attention when they shat out yet another piece of micro-exposition that I could've easily missed and, like most of the other micro-exposition, will probably never be mentioned again.

So, of course, they killed him off lickety-split. It's the anime doesn't WANT me to know what it's doing, and that's basically what defines Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere: a confused, jumbled mess of interesting ideas that are all fighting tooth-and-nail for mere seconds of screen time. It feels like it could've been an interesting story if it had just taken half an episode to develop SOMETHING coherent, be it character or plot-related.

And, you know, NOT killed this development off right away.

The one entertaining line I remember from this entire anime is, "Politicians help people," and, just for that, I give it a second star. Oh yeah, there's a romantic subplot between not-Horizon and some pervy teenager whose face annoys me. ADD IT TO THE MIX, WHY DON'TCHA!


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