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Himeko Sutori Ativador Download [hack]

Himeko Sutori Ativador Download [hack]

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About This Game

An unprovoked attack on a minor noble house sparks a fire that will engulf kingdoms. Aya, the youngest daughter of House Furukawa, must find her way amid crumbling alliances and her family's questionable decisions. The war rages on after its original aim becomes impossible and the innocent begin to lose their way. If there is still a victory to be achieved, you the player must fight for it.

Lead House Furukawa's few remaining loyal soldiers into battle. Forge new alliances and rally new troops. Train your human troops in 20 unique character classes and fill your ranks with wolves, fairies, the undead, and your own mechanical creations, each with their own character classes. Equip them all with hundreds of different items in limitless combinations. Craft powerful new weapons to give them an edge in battle. Organize your troops into lances, relying on your captains' leadership abilities and your troops' affinities to maximize their effectiveness in battle. Order your lances in tactical turn-based combat to defeat your enemies in epic battles with hundreds of unique characters on each side.

Travel across a huge world, spanning forests, deserts, caves, mountains, and the dangerous Shadowlands. Meet unique, diverse, and interesting characters who may help you on your way--or stab you in the back.

And all this is just one possible adventure to be had in Himeko Sutori. With the included campaign editor, you can make an infinite number of possible stories. Use the powerful Kismet visual scripting tool to set up your campaign without writing a single line of code. Or for the advanced modder, make entirely new games using Himeko Sutori as the base for your development. Then share your campaigns for others to experience.

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Title: Himeko Sutori
Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early Access
Rockwell Studios, LLC
Rockwell Studios, LLC
Release Date: 30 Jan, 2019


  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 500 series, ATI Radeon HD 5000 series
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 9 GB available space


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UI is a bit clunky, but once you get used to it this game is a lot of fun. Can't wait to see how this game progresses in the future, Its going in an amazing direction.. Only one thing to say, better than Final Fantasy Tactics.. So it's good but could be better.

The main satisfaction of this game is leveling up your characters and making your lances.

On the battlefield, you don't control individual characters. Instead, you assign them outside of battle to "lances" which essentially act a single unit on the field of battle.

A lance might contain a mage, a warrior, and a healer type. And when you attack or defend, each of those characters will do their jobs. You can specialize and make an all melee lance, all ranged attack lance, etc., but I've found in general it's best to make all of them have a few melee, few ranged, and some sort of healer.

The game is very very grindy and the combat is decent. It gets a bit repetitive and is not super tactical. In fact it is extremely easy. As long as you take a bit of time to level your party on the armies scattered across each map, you will never have any trouble.

And if you enjoy this game, that is what you will do, because that's where the satisfaction comes from. Because of the plethora of characters and classes at your disposal, you basically get to level someone (often multiple units) up after each battle. And leveling them and outfitting them is the fun part of the game.

The story is not good. It's very linear. Each area has the tried and true "Are you sure you want to continue? You won't be able to come back" trope. The main characters are annoying. They talk about how God is on their side constantly. At one point one of the protagonists made everyone stop so they could say a prayer. Very early in the game you have to catch a bandit - when you meet him he explains that he is against the monarchy and just wants to give some wealth to the downtrodden people, and says you are the bad guy. And your protagonist say you aren't because God wants you to rule everyone basically. I was kind of with the bandit.

The game has a crafting system but it doesn't do a great job of steering you into using it too often. For instance, I have tons of mats for certain items (and unit summons) but don't have the recipes. And you have to find certain nodes to make the items\/units, which are not always readily available. This could be streamlined a bit. There are usually ingredients you get from battles, like iron ore, but then you might also need coal, which you buy from vendors, at which point you go ok, this is getting tedious, I'll just buy all my gear.

*Despite all this, YES I recommend it! The grinding and leveling and gearing up your units is very satisfying.*

I hope the devs iron out and streamline some of the issues (there are some UI and QoL tweaks that would go a long way which I didn't get into - plus make the crafting system better). I doubt the story will get any better, but I can live with that.. This game is fun and unique. It reminds me of classic strategy games like ogre battle or soul nomad & the world eaters. If you like jp style strategy game, you gonna love this game. But It still in early access so the content still limited and have lots of bugs too. It may take some time untill it get full release.. It’s not often that an indie game manages to achieve greatness, but this time it did. The storyline of the game needs a tad more depth, (as of now) but this game has a lot going for it.

>Deep RPG elements

The roleplaying features of this game are actually deeper than most CRPGS you’ll run across. Multiple classes with unique gear, and skills your characters can learn all in a system which makes sense for a strategy RPG. Think XCOM, but much deeper.

>Interesting storyline

As this is an early access game, the story needs a lot of fleshing out still, but that’s to be expected in such an ambitious project. The characters have some unique personality quirks, and despite the fact that this game is still early in development, it already feels like there is a deeper sub text to the story, which I personally am dying to explore.

>Enjoyable visuals

In many ways, the game is reminiscent of some of the older final fantasy games. All pixel graphics, and it’s nothing fancy, but you know full well what you’re looking at and there’s a lot of nostalgic appeal to this. For instance, watching a scrimmage unfold while waiting for your lance’s mage to unleash absolute havoc in his/her distinguishable blue robes is unbelievably satisfying.

>Enjoyable to master

Often times games are so complex that by the time you’ve learned to use all of the features, you’ve lost interest in the game. This is not the case with Himeko Sutori. All of the systems such as crafting are indeed deep, but it’s nothing that’s just frustrating to use. Once you learn how things work, it’s very easy to spend hours delving into things such as crafting, or balancing a lance out properly.

>You care about the characters

In a lot of ways, Himeko Sutori reminds me of Fire Emblem, or the aforementioned Xcom. You do start to really care about the characters and this gives battles a real feeling of tangible relevance. It’s not just that “wow, my young adventure girl died, that sucks,” it’s “wow Hiroki died…♥♥♥♥♥♥ I’ve had her since early in the game, and she’s turned the tide of many battles.”

>Roster depth

You can do a lot in Himeko Sutori. Want a lance with nothing, but waifus? No problem. Yeap you can do that. Want one with nothing, but slimes? Yeap, you can do that too. The game gives you many ways to play, which is really nice especially considering how most games today have a few dominate play styles which you’re almost forced to stick to.


The game isn’t that horribly complex, and the developers have been highly cooperative with moders. You can likely expect to see a mod for pretty much anything you want by the time the game is complete. Just look at the Steam discussions for the game. Normally when a moder brings something up, the devs are right there to address it.

The negatives.
Keep in mind that this is still an EA game, so many of these problems will likely be addressed by the time you read this.


The game’s UI can be a bit of a mess at times. It can be quite difficult sometimes to actually outfit your characters with the right gear.


Some classes are just outright better than others. For instance, I cannot see why you’d ever make an “illusionist” character. The non-DPS or healer characters just seem like they don’t pull their own weight. This is of course ignoring the skills they learn while in those classes, which are often very useful, but as it stands right now, you’ll most likely treat these positions as trainee positions. I’ll give an example for this. I kept the fairy you get at the start of the game in her “saboteur like class,” just purely so she could raise her leadership stat via the “control” skill. As soon as she was a solid option for a lance commander, I switched her over to a DPS class.

>It helps to have a map…

Half the time you can’t find where you’re suppose to be going because the areas are massive, and you can’t just scroll around over the world view to where everything is. This leaves you lost, and confused half of the time.

All in all, this game is great. If it wasn’t an indie game, I’d say it was worth a solid 8/10. Given the fact that it is not only an indie game, but one still in development, I have to give it a 10/10. I’m honestly thinking about deleting my save, and restarting just purely because I want to relive the IMCOMPLETE game I’ve already played. I can only imagine how great this game will be, when it finally gets to the polishing stage.

. UI is a bit clunky, but once you get used to it this game is a lot of fun. Can't wait to see how this game progresses in the future, Its going in an amazing direction.. Ever wanted to play an old school, turn based tactics game but felt limited by the small teams you are allowed to use? In this game, you can build a whole army of 2d-sprite soldiers organized into small units. They can level up, wear gear, change classes and develop skills. They can also suffer permadeath so you need to manage them carefully!

The world is all done in nice sharp 3d graphics that work and look nice even at 4k resolution. There is an intriguing story to carry you along in your army building adventure. You can wander the world maps, fighting and looting to you heart's content.

As for it being early access, the developer seems to have given themselves a manageable project with reasonable goals so I doubt there is much to worry about. There is enough game to have quite a bit of fun already.. The closest comparison I can come up with here would be Ogre Battle from way back in the day or Last Remnant from a decade ago. Still in early access and it shows in places with some bugs here and there but nothing preventing a solid play through of the early access content with minimal disruptions. Definitely worth the modest cost investment. I've gotten a solid 20 hours out of the game so @ roughly $1/hr that's a pretty good return on investment.

--Unique take on the tactical RPGs that hasn't been done in quite some time.
--Combat is enjoyable and building out your lances and all the individual characters is enjoyable as well.
--Fair amount of class variety for you to build out your armies with.

--Learning curve for new units is pretty steep and having to babysit them as they slog up to a usable level is a bit tedious.
--Lance management gets a bit clunky as the unit counts go up and eventually you can recruit armies that are simply too much for the enemies in early access to handle.
--Crafting system is a great idea but the rarity of the components and the relative differences in the damage outputs between crafted vs. sold/dropped gear just aren't worth it.
--Crafting components are also too rare to make generating non-human armies viable which cuts down on the unit variety. Download] [portable]
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