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Hack_me 2 Full Crack [hack]

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About This Game

The next part of hack_me is already in Steam.

hack_me 2 is a story about hacker-beginner, who is going to confront to new World Order, where is no place for personal secrets. In this game you'll see, how real-life hackers work. You'll learn how to use command prompt, SQL-injectors, remote control utilities and brute-force software. An log cleaner, of course.


*More apps, utilities and commands
*References to movies, games and real life
*More realistic hacking
*Nonlinear plot
*Web-Browser with in-game Internet
*Original soundtrack
*Music player with support of user tracks 7aa9394dea

Title: hack_me 2
Genre: Indie, Simulation
EasyWays Team
Indovers Studio
Release Date: 11 Mar, 2017


  • OS: Windows Vista SP2 or higher
  • Processor: 1GHz Processor
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX Compatible
  • Storage: 1 GB available space


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After playing this game, i felt like Mr Robot! Plus, game some improvements since the first one.

~ 7\/10. In this time better than 1st chapter... Would like to go back to the game when i know what to do, i ve been drowning in this mess trying to figure out what to do then i got stuck the checkpoints are useless because they leave you right there where you don t want to be. Got to the point with "something went wrong try again" when you just speed thru he pop ups on the screen you are fkd and at this point i can t go any further. This game seriously needs some organization to it.. 10\/10
Im hacked Microsoft,and right now a gun is pointing at me, please help

1110101 1110010 100000 1101101 1101111 1101101 100000 1100111 1100001 1111001<\/span><\/span>. Pros:
+You can choose your own background and have a music player
+Slightly better than the first one

-The translation is painful
-Bugs. so. many. bugs.
-There's not really a story as far as I know?
-The "puzzles" are boring and not challenging at all

Not worth any money.
just dont buy it. Alright, hack_me 2 looked like my style of game, and on sale you can't beat the price. I played up until the 3rd mission where I accidentally skipped on of the dialogue boxes (my mouse is finicky). You wouldn't think it is a big deal, but it really is. You can't go back to look at previous dialogues or anything of the sort. I was left confused and trying to figure it out. This game could be really good if the developers put some more time and effort into the game. Another thing, the developers do not seem to care too much about there customers since I haven't seen any acknoledgements from them that the game is a broken (or any other notes from the devs. They don't even release patch notes.). I wish that I could recommend this game. I really do, but there are just so many problems with it that I can't. From the game itself to the developers, it just needs help.

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