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Hack_me 2 Free Download

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About This Game

The next part of hack_me is already in Steam.

hack_me 2 is a story about hacker-beginner, who is going to confront to ne 5d3b920ae0

Title: hack_me 2
Genre: Indie, Simulation
EasyWays Team
Indovers Studio
Release Date: 11 Mar, 2017


  • OS: Windows Vista SP2 or higher
  • Processor: 1GHz Processor
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM


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Hi I Recomend Getting This Game Its Got Some Few Buggs And Its Challenging And Sometimes (this is a hint) Commands dont go were expected! Im On Lvl 7 Is Fun And A Cool Game Enjoy And Its Cheap!. They use real sites and the 2nd mission site was down and seems to have been down for a while.. the game uses a real browser to load realistic sites for the game. unfortunately, it seems the publisher no longer funds the websites to keep them up, and the websites no longer load, giving the 404 not found, and a godaddy page saying the site "isnt allowing cashparking", making the game unplayable.. Pros: +You can choose your own background and have a music player +Slightly better than the first one Cons: -The translation is painful -Bugs. so. many. bugs. -There's not really a story as far as I know? -The "puzzles" are boring and not challenging at all Not worth any money.. Game is pretty fun until you reach the second mission and there exists a game breaking glitch where the website you are supposed to visite is forever down for maintenance. Someone complained to a dev and he got mad. Dude, you released a broken game and charged people for it, don't act like au2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665 You're the u2665u2665u2665u2665ing u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665.. 10/10 Im hacked Microsoft,and right now a gun is pointing at me, please help 1110101 1110010 100000 1101101 1101111 1101101 100000 1100111 1100001 1111001. In this time better than 1st chapter.

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